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The ages for the Titans are 18-20, and Tokyo never happened (therefore, Rob/Star are not a couple).

Also, a small paraphrased (or more just part of) line from a comic strip I came across. Let's play "Where's Wally" and scope it out.


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"Robiiiin." Beast Boy jumped over the couch and next to Robin, a large grin plastered on his face.

Robin put down his newspaper – where he was reading an article over the 'hip villain hangouts' – and looked over at Beast Boy with a raised eyebrow. "Yes?"

He looked around innocently, fidgeting like a child until his eyes landed back on Robin, his legs stretched out in front of him. "Um, well I was just wondering…" He looked down.

Robin sighed, irritated, and crossed his arms as he turned back. "What, Beast Boy."

He looked back at Robin, looking up at him and batting his eyelashes. "If Raven and I could go to the comic invention. Before you make your decision, it only comes once a year!" His eyes widened and he threw his arms out at the last statement.

Robin blinked behind his mask, perplexed. "Raven's going to a comic convention?"

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his neck, glancing around. "Well…she doesn't know it yet."

Robin snorted with a smirk and grabbed his newspaper again, opening it back up. "Good luck with that."

Beast Boy dropped on the ground in front of him and clasped his hands together in a begging position. "Please please please pleeeeease!"

Robin closed the paper again and looked down at him with a stoic expression. "It's Friday, aka our busiest day."

He hopped back up next to him, his hands folded and put to his chest, going back to the eyelash fluttering and his voice high. "Oh Robin, may I please go to the convention of comics?"

Robin turned to him then, his paper falling from his hands, giving him a look. "What the Hell?"

"Well, you always give in to Starfire so I figured if I acted…" He shrugged. He turned back to him as if it never happened, gripping onto his arm. "Please!"

Robin frowned. "I do not always give into Starfire."

Beast Boy sobered and looked at him with disbelief.

Robin threw his hands out, his eyebrows going above his mask. "I don't!"

Beast Boy cleared his throat, his voice going high again. "Robin, even though it is our day of busiest, may I go to the mall of shopping?" His voice then turned low, his brow furrowing. "Of course Starfire, I would never deny your beautiful self anything."

Robin glared at him. "I do not do that! And did you just call her beautiful?"

Beast Boy shrugged. "Well, she does look like a golden goddess. Ya know, maybe if she had less clothes on-"

"Beast Boy, if you even think about finishing that sentence I will kill you. Plus, you really think I'm going to let you go after that?"

His eyes widened. "Wait! I'm sorry! She's your golden goddess! Plus, that totally shows that you like her. Besides, I have Raven." He crossed his arms, nose up in the air.

Robin raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "Uh-huh…how about this: If you can manage to get Raven to go with you, you can go."

Beast Boy jumped up in the air, fist pumping. "Yeah!" He bounced off to the door. "You just wait; she'll totally go with me!"

When he disappeared out the door, Robin shook his head and opened his paper again.


He gripped his paper and turned to face the voice, but when he caught sight of Starfire his grip lightened and he looked up with a smile. "Hey Star, what's up?"

She glanced at the door, and then looked back at him. "Why was Beast Boy making with the haste?"

Robin waved it off with a smile. "He's planning on getting Raven to go with him at the latest comic convention."

She giggled and walked around the couch to sit beside him. "I believe the phrase is 'yes right?'"

Robin had to laugh at that. "Yeah right, Star. Point is, I told him that if he could get her to go then he could go."

Starfire cocked her head, her brow furrowing. "But this is the unlikely, is it not?"

He nodded. "It's the busiest day for crime. Mind tricks." He pointed to his skull with a smirk.

Starfire nodded once in understanding, a smile on her face. "I believe I understand."

The two sat in silence, not quite sure what to bring up for conversation. Robin began to read the paper again to try and ease the silence, and Starfire laid her hands in her lap, staring around randomly. Her eyes landed on the remote that was sitting on the armrest and she glanced over at Robin. "Robin, may I watch the television?"

He looked over at her with a raised eyebrow. "You don't have to ask Star."

She bit her lip and fiddled her fingers. "It is just, I do not wish to disrupt your reading and-"

Robin cut her off with a hand. "Star, it's fine. Go ahead, it won't bother me."

She nodded with a small smile and blush, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on. "I thank you."

He offered a small smile and then went back to his paper.

Starfire began to sift through the channels, leaning against the armrest as she made it through multiple channels without finding anything worth watching. Her eyes lit up when she landed on her favorite show. "Oh! The World of Fungus is having the marathon!" She clapped happily and then quieted, glancing over at Robin, her voice turning to a whisper. "My apologies."

He waved her off with another small smile. "It's no problem Star."

Silence came upon them again as both kept at their separate tasks, casting glances at each other every now and again; if they caught one another, large blushes to would cross both of their cheeks.


Both jumped considerably at the sound of Beast Boy's shrill voice. Robin turned around to glare at him. "Is there a reason you're being so loud?"

Beast Boy simply smirked at him and then looked down at his fingernails. "Oh nothing, just…got Raven to go with me to the comic convention."

Both Robin and Starfire's eyebrows rose. "Uh…how, exactly?"

Beast Boy opened his mouth to speak, but Raven walked out with narrowed eyes. "You don't want to know." She looked at Beast Boy with a glare. "Let's get this over with."

As she pulled him along by the ear, he turned back to Robin with a wink and thumbs up.

Both stared at the door, blinking. Robin, his eyes still on the door, spoke up. "What just happened?"

Starfire blinked a few more times. "I…am not sure."

They both looked at each other, and then laughed. Starfire calmed down and leaned back against the armrest. "I believe your plan has failed, Robin."

He snorted. "Surprisingly." Before they went back to their activities, he glanced over at the door to the hallway. "Know where Cyborg is?"

Starfire nodded. "I believe he said he was going to the store of groceries."

Robin dropped his paper and groaned. "Alone? Fuck."

Starfire sat up, her forehead creased, and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Robin? What is wrong?"

He shook his head with a sigh. "All we're going to have around the house is meat. And we both know he won't grab any of Beast Boy's usuals, which then he'll pitch a fit and we'll all have to go back out anyway." He pulled out his communicator and stood up. "I'm going to go and call him, see if I can catch up with him if he's still there." He began to walk toward the door to the garage, the communicator open.

Starfire watched him go with a sigh and turned back to her program. Only moments later did she become bored and turned off the TV to go back to her room, figuring she needed to feed Silkie anyway. She walked through the door and down the hall to her room, typed in the key pad, and walked in to see Silkie on the bed. She smiled at the worm when he gurgled and hopped off the bed to greet her happily.

Starfire giggled and kneeled down to pet him. "Hello my bumgorf, are you ready for the lunch?"

A happy gurgle came from Silkie as he waddled over to his bowl, looking over at Starfire expectantly.

She stood and went over to the closet to grab the food in the back, bypassing all of her clothing. "Let us see…" She sifted through the multiple foods – Silkie's tastes always changing – and noticed something slightly ajar. She lifted and turned to the closet rack of clothing, moving certain items around. She kept all of her clothing color-coded in her closet, the reds in the back, and her favorite silk blouses that was always on the end seemed to have disappeared.

"I have not worn it in quite a while…" She moved away from the food and looked through all of the reds, coming up empty, and then looked around through the other colors to see if she had accidentally moved it. She heard Silkie's calls from outside the closet and she turned back to the food, figuring that maybe Silkie had gotten a hold of it or she had accidentally pulled it into her hamper without realizing it.

She grabbed the food with a sigh and walked back over to his bowl, pouring it in his dish with a smile. "There you are Silkie." She patted his back before moving to put the food back, looking one more time, and then going out to drop down on her bed. She sighed and stared at the ceiling, her mind blank of things to do. When Silkie finished his meal and hopped up on the bed to cuddle with her, she petted his head and glanced down at him. "What shall I do, Silkie?"

He warbled with a smile and turned over on his back.

She giggled and rubbed his belly. "Perhaps…I shall clean the kitchen? It did seem quite messy." She thought it over. "Perhaps it shall help Robin as well. It is his week and he has much of the paperwork to do the worrying about…yes, that is what I shall do." She hopped off of the bed without a second thought, Silkie whining in protest, and then flew out of her room and down to the kitchen.

Robin and Cyborg were carrying the groceries in there already, Robin glancing up at her with a smile. "Hey Star. Whatcha up to?"

She dropped down to the ground and walked over to him with a smile, taking some of the bags from his arms. "I was going to clean the kitchen. I did not realize you would be back so soon."

Robin shook his head. "You don't have to do that Star; it's my week, after all. And Cyborg was pretty much done; I just went down to supervise the list." He glared over at Cyborg, who smiled sheepishly back.

Starfire nodded and began to pull random items out of the bags, putting them away in the cupboards. "I know that you have much of the paperwork, so I wished to help. You are always very busy, Robin."

He shrugged and walked over to where she was, placing some cereal in the cupboard next to her. "I don't mind. Just part of the job."

She glanced over at him. Part of all of our job. She shook her head to herself, not starting up a talk about his obsessive habits again. Some things could not be changed, they were ingrained in him. She blamed his mentor, the random assumption making her giggle.

Robin raised an eyebrow with a smile. "What."

She looked over at him and shook her head. "Oh, nothing. I was simply thinking."

He gave her a look, beckoning her to continue. "About…"

She simply smiled at him. "It is nothing. We must hurry with the groceries so I may clean!" She flew over to the other bags quickly.

Robin shook his head. "I'm doing cleaning the kitchen, Star. It's my turn."

She shook her head. "As I had said before, you are quite busy. I do not wish for you to be burdened with more tasks than necessary."

He grabbed some cans and walked back over to the assortment of cupboards with a sigh. "How about this, you can help with the kitchen. No more than that."

She glanced at him and nodded slowly. "I believe it is the deal." She smiled happily.

"Forget I'm in here? Not sayin' I mind the flirting, it offers opportunity for teasing."

They both looked over to Cyborg with matching blushes. Robin rubbed the back of his neck with a sheepish smile. "Uh, right. And we were not flirting!" He turned away, busying himself with the groceries.

Cyborg snorted and waved him off. "Whatever you say man. My piles done; if ya need me, I'll be in the garage workin' on my baby." He waved to Starfire. "Keep 'im in line, Star."

Starfire giggled and nodded. "I shall do so." She laughed when she heard Robin snort.

Once the groceries were done and all the bags were put away, both began at the dishes. Starfire glanced over at him, figuring there was no harm in asking if he had seen her blouse she could not find. "Robin, have you perhaps seen my red silk blouse in the laundry when you were washing our clothing?"

Robin raised his eyebrow at her and shook his head. "Not that I remember. Plus, silk doesn't go in the wash; don't want to ruin it."

Starfire stopped what she was doing and stared at him with a small smirk.

He caught her stare and blushed. "Hey, when you spend most of your time with an old butler you pick up a few things."

She shook her head with a smile. "Whatever you do the saying of, Robin."

He pulled a face at her and then splashed her with the soapy water.

She yelped and stared at him with a large smile. "Robin!" She took it upon herself to splash him back, reveling in his playful mood. It wasn't often that he would act as such, but it seemed to be seen more often as they aged, as if he was slightly loosening up. She was sure a lapse would come soon enough, so she was determined to bask in it as long as she could.

The fight continued until the whole kitchen was covered in a bubbly mess, both staring blankly at their doing. Robin looked over at her. "We should probably clean that up."

Starfire looked at him, blinking once. "Perhaps."

They broke out into laughter, Starfire basking in the sound of his slightly scratchy laugh. Her eyes twinkled as she grabbed two towels from one of the drawers near the sink, handing on to Robin. "We must make with the haste if we wish to finish."

Robin smirked and grabbed the towel from her hand. "Sounds good."

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