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Robin and Starfire walked through the door. Robin was quiet the whole way home, and this worried Starfire. She was sure he was thinking of Isaac and how he showed up, and honestly she was confused as well. To make things even better, he was coming by tomorrow to 'hang out'. She sighed.

Cyborg was in the common room when they got back, watching one of his auto shows. When he heard the door open, he turned and grinned. "How was yer date?"

Robin growled, Cyborg's comment only adding to his irritation. "It was not a date, Cyborg. Leave it alone."

Starfire looked to the side and held her arm with one hand. Normally she would feel disappointment fill her when he made this comment, but at the moment she just wanted to get out of the room, preferably with Robin so she could talk to him. She hated it when he was mad at her, though she did not think that he was angry at her, more so the situation.

Cyborg snorted and turned back around. "Whatever you say, man."

Robin huffed and began to walk toward the door to the hallway, and Starfire had to almost jog to catch up with him. She kept quiet beside them as they walked through the door and down the hall, Starfire's room coming up first.

Robin glanced over at her. "Good night, Star."

At least he was still using her nickname. Before he could leave, she grabbed on to her arm. She held back a cringe at the cool look that was on his face. "Please…may we speak for a moment?"

He searched her face, then sighed and nodded. "Fine. C'mon." He motioned for her to open her door, and then let her walk in first before he followed behind her.

She motioned toward the bed for him to sit, and then she sat beside him. She wasn't exactly sure how to bring up the conversation without causing him more anger, but she had to try. She hated to see him in this mood. "Robin…I am most sorry for what happened at the restaurant."

Robin sighed and looked down, feeling bad for snapping at her. It wasn't her fault. "It's not your fault, Star. I should be the one to apologize."

She shook her head, grabbing his hand. A faint blush appeared on his face, and she had to smile, but it quickly disappeared as she remembered their predicament. "I hope you do not mind if he comes tomorrow. I shall make sure it is not for long; I do not wish to cause any discomfort."

He sighed and turned more toward her, bringing one knee up on the bed to be able to do so. "Star, he's your friend. If you want him to come over, that's fine." It was hard to get those words out; the last thing he wanted was this guy in his home. Despite him seeming a little odd, Robin was pretty sure he was attracted to Starfire. His Star. He cleared his throat and mentally shook the idea off. She wouldn't go for him, would she?

She gave him an empty smile. "I thank you…and I do the promising that he shall not be here long."

He wasn't sure whether to assure her that he didn't care how long Isaac stayed – because he did – so he simply nodded. "I'll see you in the morning." He hesitated for a moment, then leaned over to give her a quick hug.

She smiled and hugged him back, then watched him leave with a small wave. Her smile turned into a full-out grin when the door closed.


Starfire's internal clock had woken her up earlier than normal, making her the first one up again. She went about taking a shower and dressing before the rest got up, and walked to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal, looking at the clock as she sat down. 6:10 am.

She sighed and ate, caught in her thoughts. Isaac was stopping by today, and she could not help but feel slightly unnerved. She had only ran into him a couple times, and apparently now they are close enough to spend time together? She really was not sure how that happened at all, or if she liked it. He was attractive, this was apparent, but she loved Robin. She just hoped he did not have any intentions of trying to 'get' with her.

She finished her meal quickly and then went over to the couch, turning on the television. Perhaps, if something was on, it could occupy her mind for a while.


Starfire startled awake, turning half-lidded eyes up to whoever said her name. She blinked to get rid of the fogginess, happy and slightly confused to see Beast Boy peering over her, rubbing his eyes. She looked over at the clock: 7:08.

She sat up and cocked her head, her eyes narrowed. "Beast Boy? You are up much earlier than normal."

He smiled and shrugged. "Couldn't sleep. Don't know why." He looked to the couch. "Mind if I join you in watching…" he stared at the television, "Chuckie? Why is Chuckie playing at seven in the morning?" He scratched his head.

She turned her eyes toward the screen to see a movie with a small doll she had never seen before – an ugly doll, in all honesty – and then turned back to her friend. "Please." She motioned for him to take the seat next to her.

He smiled again and hopped over the couch and next to her. "Why're you up so early?"

She bit her lip as she thought the question over, trying to think of a good way to word her feelings; then again, she did not want to burden him. "I simply could not sleep, either." She had a bad poker face.

He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms. "Riiiight." He put one arm around her shoulder with a smirk. "Tell aaaall about it. Bird trouble?"

She creased her forehead at his statement, then realized he was talking about Robin. "Oh. No." She let out a breath and allowed herself to sink into her friend, her eyes falling to the couch. "My friend is coming to visit today."

Beast Boy nodded. "Cool." He noticed how she still seemed down, especially after that statement. "Wait. Not cool. Care to explain?"

She sighed and glanced up at him. "He is quite nice and I assume that the hanging out would be fun, as well as you all meeting him, but I am unsure of his intentions. When Robin and I were at the restaurant yesterday, he and a woman I believe to have been his date came up to us. Isaac made the decision to stay at our table with us."

Beast boy nodded again, taking in the information. "Well…he had a date, right? So I'm sure he wasn't trying anything."

Starfire shook her head, sighing. "He made his date sit next to Robin, and he took the spot next to me."

He raised an eyebrow. "Ooookay." He thought it over with narrowed eyes, then looked back down at her. "Need me to kick his ass?"

Starfire giggled and shook her head. "No, that is the all right." She sobered, another thought coming to her. "I do not think Robin likes him…though I am still confused. When Isaac first showed up at the table, Robin looked most upset, but then he became still for the rest of the meal. After the meal was done and Isaac took his leave, he became the angry again." She groaned and hid her face in his shoulder. "It is quite confusing."

Beast Boy blinked. "Hm…well, I got nothing. But, ya know, it's Robin. He's weird like that."

She giggled. "Perhaps. I just hope that the day will be fine with Isaac here."

They stayed quite for a moment, until Beast Boy piped up with a grin on his face. "So, other than that, how was your date?"

Starfire looked up at him and blinked, her expression solemn. "It was not the date, Beast Boy. Robin made that quite clear." She cast down her eyes, feel herself go on an even farther downward spiral.

He scoffed. "Dude, it totally was. Seriously. Robin knows that, too, he's just too chicken to admit it. So yeah, it was a date. Trust me."

She shook her head. "I do not believe that to be true."

He sighed and sat up more, causing Starfire to lift her head from his shoulder. "Okay, one, did he take you to a nice restaurant where you had to get all dressed up?" He brought out one finger.

She blinked, then nodded. "Yes."

"Okay." He stuck up a second finger. "Two, was he all dressed up too?"

She bit her lip, and then nodded.

Beast Boy brought out another finger. "Three, was there candles at the table?"

She nodded a bit reluctantly.

"There ya go!" He winked. "Totally a date. Don't let him tell you differently."

She smiled. "I shall do the taking of your word for it."


It was around seven o'clock, the Titans already have eaten dinner, and there was still no sign of Isaac. Starfire's wasn't sure whether to be glad or upset that he never showed up, but the day was not over yet.

This point was made clear when the doorbell rang while everyone was hanging out in the common room. She swallowed and let out a breath of air. "I shall get it." She stood up and flew to the door, not looking at Robin the whole time, almost afraid to see his expression.

Once at the door she took a deep breath, then opened it up with a smile.

"Hey." Isaac was standing there in a dark blue v-neck and dark jeans, a smirk on his face and blue eyes bright. He was definitely a sight for sore eyes (though that was always the case).

She smiled and stepped aside. "Greetings. Please, come in!"

He nodded to her in thanks and stepped inside, looking around. "Didn't get to appreciate your place last time. It's nice."

She smiled. "I thank you." The gaming was still going on in the other room, and the sound of a loud explosion reminded her. "Come! You must see my friends." She debated on grabbing his hand like she normally would do, and then did it anyway; it was in her nature.

When she entered the room, she was surprised to see everyone staring at her. She abruptly let go of his hand and floated beside him, her hands clasped in front of her. "Friends, you have all met Isaac before."

Isaac smiled and greeted them, then walked with her over to the couch to get to know everyone.

Robin was sitting next to Starfire, and when she sat down he moved a little closer, looking at Isaac with a stoic face. "Hi."

Isaac smiled at him and nodded back, ignoring the look on his face.

Soon enough all of them were in a conversation, Isaac charming them away.

"Oh, it's wonderful there. Most people stick around Venice, but there's a small town on the outskirts I like to hang around. Most people don't even know it's there." Isaac gave them a lop-sided grin, his arm around the back of the couch leg folded across the other.

Beast Boy leaned forward, his eyes wide. "Dude, how many places have you been?"

Isaac looked up and to the side, racking his brain. "Well, there's France, Italy, Spain, Japan, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa…"

He went on, everyone's eyes – aside from Robin – widened with each country listed.

"Dude…that's like, a lot of countries." Beast Boy was dazed.

Raven rolled her eyes, then looked back at Isaac. She would be lying if she said he wasn't cute. More than cute. And he was worldly, smart, funny. She shook her head, a blush creeping to her cheeks.

Beast Boy glanced over at her, noticing her expression. He suddenly felt a little less impressed with Isaac.

Raven looked toward Starfire, who look like her usual self, but she could tell she was holding back, most likely because of Robin. She felt anger and jealousy roll off him in waves; obviously Isaac was into Starfire as more than a friend. A shame.

She sighed and reached down to scratch her leg at the same time Isaac moved his hand down to the couch, making brief contact come between him.

She fought a gasp back at the overcompensating dark feeling that came to her in that instant.

A little bit later, Raven asked to see Starfire in the kitchen, coming up with a bogus, yet believable, excuse.

They both sat down at the table, a smile on Starfire's face. "What may I help with?"

Raven sighed and glanced out at the common room, and she swore that he caught her eye. She felt a shiver run down her spine. She turned back to Starfire, her expression serious. "Starfire, where did you meet Isaac?"

She blinked. "At the store of groceries." She then smiled. "I saw how you looked at him. Do you have the crush? I could ask him-"


Starfire's eyes widened slightly at the demanding tone. "Uh…"

Raven took a deep breath. "Sorry. No, I'm okay. But I need to talk to you about something regarding him."

Starfire leaned in closer and glanced over at him, then back at Raven. "What is it?"

"There was…something is off about his aura. I don't know what it is. I accidently bumped into him and he felt…wrong, so I paid closer attention. Are you sure he's human?"

Starfire's brow furrowed. "I…believe so. He would have said if he was not, yes?"

Raven sighed. "I don't know. It just-"

"Hey ladies."

They both jumped at the sound of Isaac's voice.

Starfire made sure to recover quickly, afraid that he heard their conversation. "Isaac! Is there something you require?" She kept a bright smile on her face.

He looked between the two girls, then back at Starfire with a smile. "Yeah, could you show me where the bathroom is?"

Starfire looked back at Raven, who had an uneasy expression, then turned back to Isaac. "O-of course. Let us go." She got up and left the kitchen, glancing back at Raven once more before leading him toward the door to the hallway. "This way."

She allowed Isaac through first, then reluctantly moved in front of him to lead him there. Her paranoia increased as they walked on, always afraid that he'd attack behind.

It wasn't much later that they made it to their stop, though it felt like hours. She smiled and pressed in the code for the bathroom, allowing it to open. "Here it is."

She watched as he walked through with a thank you and a smile, then turned to hurry back to the common room.

Before she could, she felt the wind knock out of her as she was pulled all too quickly into the bathroom.

Before she could get a word out, she saw Isaac's face, fangs hanging out, and then two pricks on the side of her neck.

And then all went black.

Dun dun duuuun.

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