By BelletigerBt



Somewhere in a neighborhood town of Namimori, a man, wearing all-black suit and sunglasses, walked through the street calmly. He wasn´t alone; there were 3 Belgian Shepherd Dogs walking beside him without any leash. The man was not worried; he knew his pets will not run off since they always stay closer to their master.

"Its been a while we do not walk on the surface, especially in Asia." The man said happily to his dogs. The dogs only glare at their master. " Don't look at me that way, I know the three judges can handle the things in my absence while my wife stays at her mother's. Beside it's been centuries I do not have a break.

The dogs didn't do anything, only nodded in shame. They knew their master always look for any excuse to escape from his work. Sometimes they wonder how his wife and the other judges handle whenever their master is lazy. The man's thoughts were interrupted by a cry. He turned around in the direction of the park as he saw some boys, who each appeared to be eight years of age, bullying a five-year-old boy.

"Leave Tsuna alone!" the little one cried out, begging the tormentors to stop.

"Not until you give us all the candy and money you have Dame-Tsuna!" one of the boys threatened.

" Why don't you fight someone in your size?"

The older kids froze in place as they hard a dark voice behind them. When they looked over their shoulders, they saw the man in black with his arms crossed as his dogs were glowing at them, with hunger in their eyes. The boys' faces paled as they faced one another.

"RUN!" cried another boy.

As he said that, the three little bullies ran for their lives and escaped the wrath of man in black and the black dogs. The little kid blinked. That man was scary but he knew that he was not that bad of a person.

"Thanks, nii-san," the little boy barely managed to squeak out.

The man smiled at the boy as he ruffled the spiky hair and chuckled fondly. " You welcome Tsuna."

"Wow, how nii-san knows Tsuna's name?" Asked the boy named Tsuna to the man. The man sweetdropped at this. Didn't he just give him his name?

Then, what the man's eye widen in sock when they saw his dogs tackling Tsuna as they friendly lick his face while wagging their tails happily. The man couldn't believe, that was the first time ever he saw his dogs acting so friendly to a stranger at the first sight. His dogs were never friendly to anyone except for him; not even his lovely wife could become friendly to his dogs that faster.

"S-top! That… that tickles!" Said the boy between the laughs.

Then, the man took the dogs off from the boy as he smiled softly at him.

"Sorry about that." The man said " Usually my dogs are not friendly to anyone that way." He apologize to the boy.

" Nah, don't worry Nii-san." Tsuna said, smiling " That was the first time dogs were nice with tsuna. They are pretty."

Tsuna petted one of the dogs who accepted his hand on its head. The man eyed the boy in interest. Now he figured out why his dogs liked him right away; His soul was pure. Pure, lovely and untainted. Its was extremely rare to find such soul like his on these days.

"Your soul belongs to the Elysian Fields." The man muttered.

"What?" Tsuna looked at the man confused.

"Nothing." The man said quickly. Then, he looked his watch. " Sorry girls, I know you liked the boy but we have to go now."

The dogs whined as they made puppy eyes to their master. They really loved Tsuna and they wanted to play with him.

"You know this is not doing to work on me." The man said to the dogs which they whined more. " Don't worry, you will met him again when his time come. Just wait patiently."

The dogs dropped their head in defeat. They hate waiting for the things to come to them. Little Tsuna looked at the man confused.

"What you mean?" Tsuna asked curiously

The man smiled as he took off the sunglasses from his face. Tsuna could see the man eyes; they were beautiful silver colored eyes. The man kneed as he ruffled his spiky hair and chuckled fondly.

" Everyone have their own time. When the right time comes, we will meet again." The man said as Tsuna still were staring at the silver eyes.


Tsuna slowly opened his eyes . He didn't know why he dreamed with that mysterious silver eyed man when he was a kid. He noticed everyone was sleep, except for Gokudera.

"Jyuudaime, are you ok?" Gokudera asked, worried.

"I am ok, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna smiled to him, trying to not make his 'right arm' worried about him. " Why do not let me watch? Its my turn now."

"Are you sure, Jyuudaime?" Gokudera asked, worried.

" Yeah." Tsuna Nodded. " The dawn will come soo and you need rest. Beside, I need think some stuff before my fight with Emma and try to make him see the true."

Gokudera nodded as he went to rest. Tsuna looked at the shimon castle , hoping they can still save Emma, Ryohei and the other shimon members from Daemon Spade and the vindice. But his hyper intuation was telling something will happen tomorrow, wich will lead the end of everything and the meeting of that silver eyed man.

To be continue

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