Chapter 3

I wish I was invisible


Quickly walking to the other dorm where the girls rooms were, I entered my suite. Looked around the familiar messy room with its double bed with it blue and green spotty doona and made my way to the white sticker covered desk in the corner and sat down on my fluffy desk chair.

All I could think was wow. Dean was wow for many reasons first of all his appearance and then the way they had talked comfortably even after I made a fool of myself at least twice. But the main reason was that he has been the first new kid since Stormie's own arrival when I was 4 though I couldn't remember much before that. In the twelve years I had been here I had not seen a single new face unless you counted the Chopper pilots which changed rather frequently.

I couldn't wait to tell Seb and the others. Though Seb would know before I told him because of his ability to read minds though I would try to shield my mind to stop him from finding out what I thought of his physical appearance Seb defiantly didn't need to know that.

I glanced at my clock.

"Crap" I voiced allowed it was all ready 7.30 and my classes started in an hour.

I got up from my desk and hopped in the shower to get ready for classes.

An hour later I sat in my seat next to Sebastian my best friend was a mind reader but he could also send thoughts into the minds of other people. I was communicating silently with him though not allowing him to see anything I didn't want him to. I as all the people on the island knew how to shield my mind but Stormie was the best at communicating with Seb without words which was just one of the reasons they were best friends.

He was really tall and had black hair. He seemed nice enough. I mind said to Seb.

Sure, sure. You think everyone is nice though so that doesn't prove anything. He said back

I glared at him I do not. And any way is it so bad to like everyone.

Not really but you trust so easily and that just dangerous.

I would have had a comeback for that except that Dean walked in then and took the seat in front of me. Whisper filled the class room mainly from the girls but the guys took interest in the new student too. I hear Skye whisper to Mikaela that the new guy is super-hot. This of course is the understatement of the year.

And I turned to Seb with a look that said see nice and normal and well I said it to his mind just in case I was being too subtle for him.

When I turned to the front Dean was looking back at me with his grey eyes and when he noticed my attention was now on him he said "hey, what class do we have now? You didn't mention it before."

I smiled at his question this might be a bit of a shocker I though "we have Advanced Mind Defence now and unusual ability training next"

I smirked expecting a shocked reaction that teenagers were learning this in school. Dean though just smiled calm as ever which I though was odd until I realized that they must have told him before he came and of coze he had some weird inhumane power that I didn't know about. Everyone was on the island for the one reason they have an ability. Well except me though I'm meant to develop one eventually.

"Cool" he smirked as if knowing my train of thought and turned back to the front where Mr Brinker was now standing. He called Dean up to the front were he introduced him as Dean Dalen. Awesome now I knew his last name meaning I knew something about him. After the introduction he sauntered back to his seat.

Mr Brinker then called Seb to the front as he always did at the start of Advanced MD and got him to check the mind shielding of the students around him as practice for him and everyone at mental strength nodded at everyone except Valerie at whom he winked.

Then came the as always mind numbingly boring and useless theories of mind defence. On which Mr Brinker lectured us for the next 45 minutes.

I zoned out I didn't care how my mind worked, I knew how to shield myself. I didn't know this because of the theories we had learnt about it was more about feeling and control than it was about knowledge.

Mr Brinker dismissed us at exactly 9.30 he was practically OCD about his routines. Leaving the dull teacher in his boring class room I walk with Seb to the gymnasium where we had unusual Ability training; this was always my least favourite class being the only student without an ability. Not today thought I was curious as to what Dean's ability was. Our gym was a large spacious room covered with soft blue mats it had some actual gym equipment in the corner but we just used the rooms space generally. The walls were a crimson colour that was supposed to get us fired up or something, it was an awful colour; I could never feel very calm in this room.

Miss Myers was already waiting when we came in. She directed us to sit in a circle around her I sat down beside Seb who was sitting next to Valerie. Someone sat next to I glance left long enough to see black hair and grey eyes, it was Dean. I sigh at least I will be able to see when he uses his ability. I glance left again but he is no longer there I look around the room he not in it. Everyone is now seated no one sat in the spot where Dean was but no one seems to care. At this point I am seriously confused.

I soon forget this when Miss Myers asks me if I have develop anything that might be an ability yet

"No" I answer simply, I have been asked this question since the day I arrived twelve years ago and the answer has always been the same.

"We are lucky to have a new student with us today though I'm sure you already know that" Miss says

I glance left again astounded to see Dean sitting next to me like he had always been there.

"Where were you?" I hiss at him everyone has broken out chatting again so no one hears.

"Here" he says arching one eye brow slightly.

"No you weren't I looked everywhere and you defiantly weren't there"

"I know you did" he smiles at me.

I turn away he is obviously not going to tell me the truth so why bother. Miss shushes us and we begin class. We all show miss our improvements in our abilities. We went round the circle and when it got to Dean Miss asked what his ability was.

"I'll show you" he winked at me then disappeared before the eyes of our entire class. Whisper broke out but I just stared dumbfounded at the place he had been. I reached out my hand to where he had been and my hand came into contact with warm, smooth skin.

"Dean?" I question.

"Yes" he say while materializing out of thin air, my hand is on his cheek. He is looking at me curiously and I drop my hand quickly.

"You can turn invisible?"

The whole class is now staring at him but he is calm and collected as usual showing no emotion. He nodded his agreement to the question.

"Okay class" miss interrupted the classes whispering "Continue on Schuyler what is new with your Duplication?"