Chapter 7


When I remembered I was wearing a towel I was embarrassed then glad I at least had the towel, I griped the towel harder as I looked Dean over; he is sitting on my bed his long hair damp and wearing a fresh pair of clothes his eyes roamed my body lingering near them hem of the Towel and eyeing the length of my hair. I have no patience for this right now. "Get out!" I bellow at him but he doesn't even flinch. He doesn't give any indication of leaving he just continues to calmly stare at me.

"What?" I yell again feeling uncomfortable.

"I just wanted to say thank you for showing me round this morning" he grinned lopsidedly.

"Why couldn't you have told me that earlier; when I wasn't dressed in a towel perhaps? What if I came out naked, I mean seriously!" I rant at him.

Looking down he mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like 'one can dream'. Then he looked at me "well luckily you aren't. Want to go for a walk?"

Confused by his sudden change of topic I went with it. "ummm… okay but you have to get out so I can get changed" he slowly got up and made his way to the door which I will totally have to keep locked from now on. I closed and locked the door behind him.

I put on a pair on underwear and a cutie bra then started looking through my floor-drobe for something suitable. I picked up a pair of dark blue denim short-shorts and a sky-blue flowing singlet. I tied up my hair and stepped out the door. Dean was leaning against the wall beside the door. When he saw me he stood up and told me to follow him, I did. We went out of the dorm and walked into the forest. As far as I could tell we weren't following any path.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see"

"When will we get there?"


For the rest of the walk I chanted 'are we there yet?' He didn't even bother answering me but kept pushing through the thick vegetation. I have explored the island many times since I got here but I had never been to this area probably because it was so thickly protected by the plants and trees growing everywhere blocking our way or at least that's what I thought. Eventually Dean told me to shut up but that was so I could listen to the forest around us and as I did I hear the splashing and gurgle as well as a thundering crash further away.

The forest opened up and I followed Dean as he went to stand on the edge of a beautiful and spectacular waterfall. The sound was now a continuous roaring thunder and splash. Before the in the forest the sound had been muffled by the leaves. I looked over at Dean and realized he was talking I couldn't hear him and tried to tell him so but he couldn't hear me either so the smart cookie I am I grab his arm and pull him back into the forest.

The sound of the forest quiet in comparison to the sound of the falls which had faded away and I asked "what were you saying?"

"Let's go for a swim it is easy to get down I went before" he smiles.

I follow him yet again as we make our way down a steep decline beside the waterfall. I see how the water falls into a pool and then falls again into a cool deep pool at the bottom. While looking I forgot to look where I was going and tripped on a root, I fell down head-first over a steep a crashed into Deans broad back I grabbed on for dear life to stop myself falling down the rest of the slope. I managed to get a hold of his shoulders I can feel his muscles contract under the effort of staying put and not rolling down the hill with me. He grabs hold of a tree branch but it bends so we slide further down the hill I let go of him and grab another branch and I started sliding down the hill over grass and rocks which scratched me as I went. Then a heard a resounding crack, just as I reached the grassy clearing near the pool. Sore I lie there not feeling like getting up any time soon. I was peaceful until Dean landed beside me crashing into the ground.

"Ow, are you okay?" he asks getting up immediately and offering a hand but I waved it off wanting to lie there a bit longer.

"I'm fine how about you."

"I think I broke a few bones but I'll be fine" I look round but he's smiling so I guess he is joking. "Since your fine, let's swim."

That was when I realized I didn't have swimmers; I groaned I wish I had realized this at the top and avoided all this.

"I went before the waters great" he says from above me.

"It's not that is just I didn't bring my swimmers; you didn't mention anything about swimming."

"Oh well, sorry. Just go in your clothes or your undies, they are just like a bikini anyway." Before I could retort he smiles and slides his shirt over his head and throws it over onto the grass. I was staring now I had felt his shoulders on the way down and I knew he was strong from self-defence but wow he was abulous and had a light tan. He was also completely unselfconscious he just smiled and beckoned to me.

"Hurry up!" he said then walked over to a rock and dived in. he was so graceful he seemed to glide.

I decided that undies were better and I guess they were the same as a bikini. This decision didn't make me any less self-conscious and I turn away from the pool before discarding my shirt and shorts and putting them with Dean's shirt.

"Would it help if I was invisible?" he yelled

"Probably not." I replied. Then took a deep breath and turned around, walked to the pool thought I waded instead of diving. The water was the perfect temperature lapping around my waist. I couldn't see Dean and suspected he had gone invisible. About 3 paces into the pool it dropped off and got so deep I couldn't see the bottom. I was trying to guess how deep the pool was when I was push from behind and found myself falling into the deep green-blue depths of the pool; of course Dean would push me from behind. I went down holding my breath; I was so getting him back for this. Opening my eyes I could easily see through the water it was unbelievably clear. I looked to where I had fallen from and could see Dean now that he wasn't invisible. He was laughing and not looking down. Perfect.

I swam up through the water and lunged at him seizing his arm and pulled him in to the depths. Opening my eyes again he was looking at me little air bubbles billowing from his mouth and trailing up to the surface as he soundlessly laughed. Snatching my hand he pulls me to the surface, we burst through and I realize that I'm laughing too. I pull away and splash water in his face; he tries to glare at me but ends up laughing more. Then he wasn't there anymore but he was still there because I could hear him laughing. Lunged at the place his laugh was coming from, I missed and he had stopped laughing.

"Marco" I yell

"Polo" Deans voice coming from my left. I swim in that direction as fast as I can but he has moved.


"Polo" he sound farther away and I lung to the right where the voice came from only to crash into his warm hard body. I cling on, no way am I letting him get away this time.

"Got you!" I exclaim. He turns visible. "And that was unfair I don't have an ability."

"Life's not fair"

"Well you could try"

We spent a long time splashing diving and talking in the pool; until we noticed the time.

The light in the clearing was getting low as the sun setting and it was just starting casting long shadows that were overtaking the light. It was time to go before it got to dark and I had to go to the scary movie thing.

Reading my mind Dean said "we need to go."

Wading out of the pool I used my shirt to dry myself then put on my short and shirt. Turned to see Dean doing the same as me bug he did it with grace and precision even if he was only wiping water from his skin. We walked back to the dorms without incident, in a comfortable silence. He walked me to my room told me he'd see me later.

Before he left I asked "are you watching scary movies tonight with every one?"

"Probably, I' see you there." and with that he walked down the hall and down the stairs. I went into my room locking the door after me. I better see when the movie starts when does the movie start?

In half an hour; you still coming right? Seb replied instantly.

Yep cya soon! It was always so easy to communicate with Seb. I smiled and started getting ready.

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