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It had been a very long day, and all Tsuna could think about was going home and relaxing. After he relaxed a little, he planned to go to the party that Nono had been setting up in celebration of Halloween. He stumbled into his home with a quick 'Tadaima!' He wasn't surprised to be answered with an empty house. His dear mother, bless her soul, had passed away when he was sixteen, and he was seventeen now. Reborn had stayed, but he was helping set up the Vongola mansion that stood at the edge of Namimori forest. He walked, more like stumbled like a drunken idiot, up stairs to his room and plopped down on his bed.

"Why? What did I ever do to look so feminine?" He shouted gripping his hair in his hands. "Curse my girly looks!" He shouted to the heavens. He crossed his arms and pouted. 'Now, I need to get Mukuro to help me with my performance. His illusions will work wonders for what I have in mind." See, like everything Vongola does, there is a contest to see who does the best. Tsuna wanted to win. Last year he lost and Reborn chased him for hours with those stupid grenades. "Mukuro." He stated to the empty room.

"Kufufufu. Yes my little usagi-chan?"

"I need your help."


"Well you see, I need your illusions to help me with a series of performances…this is what I want you to do…"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LATER AT THE PARTY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Thank you Hayato for that wonderful piano piece." Gokudera Hayato, in all his silver haired, bomber glory, bowed modestly. He wore a classic vampire costume with little fangs and everything. "And now it's time for Vongloa's own, Vongola Decimo Sawada, Tsunayoshi!" The announcer boomed with pride and joy. The audience clapped loudly, and were anxious to see what the ultimate uke had planned.

The music started and is was strange, not at all what they were expecting of their cute little Decimo. It wounded almost desperate, and upbeat, like someone trying to break out of a high security prison with guards on their tail. Mist rolled on stage and most were captured at the sight of Tsuna. He wore a short thigh length black dress that puffed out at the bottom with icy blue material(anyone know what this is called?). The back dipped down to his waist and there were three buckles going across the back. He wore thigh high stockings and no shoes. His wild brown had been tamed into two pigtails and had been dyed blue. He had a headset attached to his head as well. He opened his mouth and began to sing in a haunting voice that left many speechless.

"Ware ta sora mieru

Ibara no mori kara

Kono hagane no shiro

Tsumetai chi nioi

Dokusai ru osameru

No ha joou reiketsu na jouu

Kairaku no tame ni

Hito o korosu joou"

{From a forest of thorns

You can see the broken sky

In this steel castle

In the stench of chilled blood

The reigning Queen is cold hearted

She kills for pleasure}

Most people's mouth dropped. Mukuro's illusions, Tsuna's voice, Tsuna's outfit…It was amazing. Most people were gapping at what the words coming out of Tsuna's mooth though. It was so…depressing and not what they expected.

""Omae ha watashi no momo yo

Shinu made koko ni

Tojikomeru no ga ii to omou wa!"

"O yame kudasai joou sama

Watashi o dounika

Nigashi te ha kure mase n desho u ka"

"Eins Zwei Drei Vier"

{"You are all mine

Until you die

Imprisoned, how delightful!"

"Please stop this, your majesty,

Oh how will we ever escape?"

"One. Two. Three. Four."}

Really what drove Tsuna to sing this for the first round of the contest? This song would've been an ace in the hole! Reborn smirked like this was his plan all along. Truthfully he was jjust as shocked. 'Who would've thought? Dame-Tsuna can actually sing. And pretty well at that." Tsuna continued to sing.

"Joou ha watashi o tojikome ta

Tsumetai ore no naka ni

"Ibara no beddo

Bara no makura!"

Mado ga nai kono heya ni

Watashi ha tojikome

Rare ta zetsubou to issho ni

"Watashi o dare ka tasuke te

Ha kure mase n desho u ka""Desug sore ha kanawa nu koto

Koko kara ha de rare nai"

{The Queen locked me in a chilly cell

The thorny beds

The pillows of roses

The room in which I'm locked in

There are no windows

Only hopelessness

"Can someone save me?"

"it isn't possible

You cannot leave this place"}

Most people were holding their breath, they were captivated by Tsuna's performance and his eyes weren't even looking at them most of the time! He was acting out everything that the illusions were showing. He was magnificent! Mukuro's heterochromatic eyes glowed in pleasure. 'Kufufufu. Who would have thought that my little Tsunayoshi-kun was so talented at singing?'

"Asahi ha noboru mie nai watashi ha zuikou hikari ga

Itsu made mo koko de matteru mie nai kyuusai sukui o

Watashi ha kono ori no naka de zutto zutto matteru

Mie nai zuikou hikari sagashi te owara zu no naka de"

{I can't see the sunrise in the morning

I'm eternally waiting in here, with no sight of salvation

I'm waiting in this prison, always, always

And I'll never stop looking for the unseen sunlight.}

Tsuna kept his head bowed till the music faded out completely then raised his head. He had an angelic smile on his face that stunned many. In the audience, Hibari, Kyouya clenched his hand into a fist. ' How dare these herbivore stare at my Tsunayoshi! He's mine damnit!' Tsuna bowed and walked off stage, Mukuro's illusions turning to mist around him and hiding him from view. Seconds later everyone erupted into loud applause.

"And that's it for round one! The ones proceeding to round two are: Squalo, Bel, Gokudera, Tsunayoshi,…" Tsuna tuned everything out after hearing his name.

"Thank you so much Mukuro!" He exclaimed throwing himself at his mist guardian.

"Kufufufu I look forward to the next performance Tsunayoshi-kun." Mukuro chuckled as he vanished for the time being. Meanwhile Tsuna trudged to the dressing room to change costumes.

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