A/N: Here I am again! This fic was written for Maddie (fading daylight)'s birthday. Happy (belated) Birthday Maddie! :D Lucy/Lorcan friendshipness, with hints of Molly/Lorcan.

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i. run

When you were younger, you would do nearly everything together- that is until you went to Hogwarts and ruined everything you had as friends. Then, she acknowledged her cousin Louis as a better friend, and began to run away across the grass with him chasing after her, the picture of childhood innocence while you watched from a safe distance, with all your millions of regrets. Lucy always loved to run. She said it made her the freest she could ever be. You always loved to watch her, hair streaming behind her, floating in the breeze.

ii. rain

That Christmas, it's not perfect. Everyone crowds inside the Burrow, which has been extended since your mum's friends used to live there as children. That Christmas, the rain comes down in sheets relentlessly, and everyone's twice as loud as they usually are, to speak over the downpour. It doesn't detract from the fun, though. After all, it's Christmas, and there's festive fun to be had. But there's just one person you can't seem to find, and it's because you know her so well that you drop everything and run outside, into the pouring rain. And it doesn't take long- she's just there, in the middle of the Weasley's orchard, spinning with water cascading off her hair, looking so at peace. You think she's never looked more beautiful.

iii. mirror

She'd always been self-conscious, thinking of herself as the unprettiest Weasley. All throughout school, she avoided social situations, fearing their reactions. You were the only one that found out that she tried to stop eating as much when you were in sixth year and she was in fourth to make herself thinner like she saw every other girl as. Now, years later, the remnants of that strange desire are evident, but only to you, as, in her apartment there is just one clear reflective surface: a small, small mirror in the bathroom. Evidently, she still had those trailing thoughts from school days past. You have always thought that mirrors never showed us who we truly are, and Lucy was proof of that.

iv. molly

In the end, it was her sister and your girlfriend at the time, Molly, who really made you see. The two were so different that it made your head spin: loud, witty, athletic Molly, a year older than yourself, who you just seemed to click with, and then there was quiet, clever, caring Lucy, who had always been your best friend, no matter how many twin brothers and James's and Freds and Dominiques would come around. Not that you'd tell them that. In the end, it was always going to have to come down to a choice, and you did put it off, you did, but Lucy-the-dreamer wasn't going to stay there for long and neither was your firework Molly… You chose Molly, of course you did. You loved her with all your heart and Lucy could never compete with that. Lucy was heartbroken. She never talked to you again. You always wished you could apologise while you still had the chance.

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