An Adventure in the City

This is New York City. It's where you get robbed 95% of the time and if you don't, then you're one of the lucky 5%. You had a chance of being in a mugging at anytime and no matter what life threatening situation you're in, no one will help you. Crime may be common in the city, after all, it is New York, but if you live here, you have to just get use to it. That's why most people probably know parkour. Other than the crime, it isn't that bad. There's a fancy McDonald's, Macy's and even a cab that hosts a game show. Not getting choked out would be considered lucky when exiting these places.

New York is also home to other cool things too. There's also Broadway, Times Square and an ice rink. The streets are always filthy and crowded, the Staten Island ferry is alright and if you don't mind heights, observation decks at the top of some of the buildings can be fun. Oh, and there's also Central Park, good during the day, horrible at night. It's best to enjoy Central Park when the sun is high in the sky so you stayed safe. Overall, it's a great place to live!

Nathan was a normal teenager living in 2011 New York City. He loved doing whatever a normal one would like to do. Nathan was the type of person who acted random, but smart when he wanted to be. He loved movies, television, video games and watching wrestling. His favorite shows included "Spongebob" and "Adventure Time" and he loved the movie "WALL-E". He also was into music, with his favorite singers being Kesha, Lady Gaga and other modern day pop stars.

Described as a normal everyday teenage, Nathan had short, dark-brown hair and a round face with brown eyes, looking New York-like. Nathan was very much into looking nice, even if it meant just going for a walk. He looked like how a normal teenager would, usually sporting skater shoes, black cargo pants and shirts to match with his hair either being spiked, or somewhat spiked for style. At times, it would be flat as well. It just depended on how he wanted to look.

The boy also had a bad attitude at times and often got into trouble in and out of school. The only place he never really got in trouble at was at home. For his behavior, his parents blamed it on outside influences as well as Nathan's sleep disorder. He suffered from insomnia, but it wasn't severe. Nathan even claimed that he just wanted to act that way as it made him feel better and happier. His parents tried giving him many types of medication, but they failed. Today, his parents were going to try a brand new medication from a different company.

Many tests had proven that this new medication would work well. It would also work a lot longer than the old one and would prove to be great in the Japanese markets. Nathan was used to taking the old medication and would be unsure if the new one would work. After school, Nathan would find out if it would or not. His parents would be getting it later in the evening for him and he would start taking them that night.

The bell rang at the local school as students from the classrooms rushed out to their lockers to get ready to go home. Nathan got out of math class and went to his locker. He took his backpack out, put in a couple of textbooks, closed the door and went on. He then went outside the school and said goodbye to his friends before they would leave and then he made his way back home. Nathan thought about how he would get new medication today for his insomnia and, being rude and all, he really could care a less if it worked or not. Nathan thought about how his parents made him take medication for it as he thought he was fine.

It was Friday, a good day. He even heard the song "Friday" blasting from a car. The day was nice. It was the kind of spring day where it was slightly chilly, but nice. The sun had shone high in the sky over the tall buildings. On the way, he saw nothing but skyscrapers towering over the streets of New York. The sidewalks were crowded and people often shoved him just to get to where they were going. Nathan thought these people were rude but he was one to talk. He continued walking, passing stores and restaurants, which was, to no surprise at all, crowded. Soon, he made it to the street corner near Central Park and waited for the light.

As he waited, he saw more and more people walking, shoving and talking on their cell phones. The street was crowded with tons of cabs and cars. Nathan continued looking around while waiting and noticed someone getting into a cab, which soon had flashing lights blink from the ceiling. Nathan stood, there, getting impatient for the crosswalk sign to say 'Walk'.

"Ugh, come on already!" he said to himself.

A woman nearby heard him and said, "This light does take forever, blasted city!"

It did.

Many around the world loved New York. Actually being there, not so fun. Nathan thought that if he hadn't lived in a crowded city like New York, life wouldn't give him troubles with crosswalk signs and traffic lights. He waited for what seemed to have been two to three minutes and still no change. By now, he was getting really annoyed.

Nathan cursed under his breathe and just said, "That's it, this it taking too long!"

Nathan had enough and decided to do something drastic.

Nathan stepped off the sidewalk into the street and hinted at wanting to jaywalk!

"Good heavens young man, you're going to get yourself killed!" said the woman.

Nathan wasn't even sure what he was doing that much, all he knew was he wanted to get home and a ridiculously long traffic light wasn't going to stop him. He looked at his surroundings and waited for a moment. Cars kept going by.

"Get back on the sidewalk dude!" said a man, "What's wrong with you!"

"Maybe if you'd stop yelling at me, you could mind your own business and keep yourself safe!" Nathan replied angrily.

The boy rolled his eyes at the man.

Just then, he was right, danger came. A mugger came by and threatened the man for his wallet, probably for money. The man tried to stop him.

"Don't worry, its New York!" the criminal said with a city accent.

The guy completely understood and got it out for him to complete a routine mugging! Nathan watched, shaking his head. All of a sudden, Nathan almost got ran over by a cab! It had come inches away from him, honking as it went by. He took a deep breathe to calm down before deciding to cross illegally.

Nathan began to start crossing, dodging cars as he caused them to do an immediate stop. All he heard were tons of honking and even a sound of a car bumping into another one.

"Get out of the street, fool!" said a driver.

"Get a life, fool!" Nathan said back.

He continued to cross the dangerous street as cars had to stop. Those that were stuck in the traffic just watched; same with the others at the street corner. Nathan bent and stretched his way through small spaces between cars and even had to hop over one. The kid made his way through New York traffic as those at the corner watched with amazement.

After the horrific scene, Nathan finally made it to the other side.

"Phew, I made it…" he said to himself.

Nathan looked up at the crosswalk light and noticed it turned to 'Walk' right when he made it to the other side! Nathan cursed under his breath at that, not happy. He then looked as cars were still stuck in traffic and two drivers started getting insurance information from each other after a fender bender. The people that he was next to a few minutes ago finally made it to the other side, going around cars.

They would make comments about what he did as they walked past him. The same woman that talked to him earlier came up to him.

She looked at him and said, "You could've gotten run over dear boy!"

Nathan looked at the lady for a few seconds.

"Stranger danger!" Nathan suddenly shouted.

The boy began to shout and flail his arms around.

The lady didn't want him to cause a scene, looking worried about it.

"Shush!" the lady said, trying to get him to be quiet.

People stared at the situation.

"I can't talk to strangers!" Nathan shouted.

His yelling annoyed the lady to the point she just left.

Nathan stopped and laughed before continuing back home. A crowded street was to the left and Central Park was to the right of him. Up ahead was yet another crosswalk. Hopefully, for his sake, he wouldn't have to wait so long. Nathan kept walking, thinking about what happened. He had no problem with what he did. His parents taught him well. Once at the next crosswalk, he waited again and looked around more. This time, he saw a local newsstand selling copies of the New York Times. Nathan had no problem with this light and crossed the street legally. Once across, he looked at the newsstand and headed on over to it.

There, a lone worker looked over the stand with people going by. He sported a basic t-shirt with a cabbie hat and looked to be a bit heavy. He had been here before, it was a nice place. Nathan looked at the New York Times and noticed a picture of last nights Knicks vs. Celtics game was on the cover. He picked one up and read the article. The article talked about how the game was tied in the fourth quarter and a three point shot made by one of the Knicks players managed to get in almost a tenth of a second right before the buzzer stopped, which then gave the Knicks the win.

"Celtics, bunch of green and white schmucks!" he said.

Nathan liked it so much that he looked to see if he had some money to buy it.

Nathan felt around in his pockets, and nothing. He then decided to look in his backpack for any loose change, but sadly, nothing. Finally, Nathan decided to look again in his pockets and backpack one more time, but still no change, just some dust, books and lint. He thought that having a paper with something like that on the front page would be great, but had no money to buy it. He stared at the paper with a look of how he wished he could have it.

Suddenly, a man came up to buy a paper. He gave the worker the money and walked by Nathan, who just stared at the paper he was holding.

The man noticed and said with a happy tone, "If you have money, you could get one too!"

"If I had money, I would buy them all!" Nathan replied.

The man nodded and walked away. Nathan hated the Celtics. He wanted the paper because he liked what was on the front page. He hadn't any money sadly and couldn't get any on the spot, so he just decided to do something about it.

Nathan went up to the worker all calm.

"It sucks to have a job selling papers on the street." he said.

"Excuse me?" the worker asked.

"You heard me," Nathan continued, "I mean, selling a bunch of papers on the street is just terrible, I'd rather work at the fancy McDonald's than do this…"

"At least I'm doing something with my life!" the man replied.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry; I didn't mean to hurt your feelings good sir!" Nathan said in a sarcastic tone.

The worker just glared at him as Nathan gave a big smile.

Busy with others, the worker was in no mood to deal with him.

"Either buy something or just leave, you've already scared away one customer…" he said as he watched one customer just glare and walk away.

"I want to know if you accept my apology." Nathan said, faking a nice tone.

"Ugh, alright… fine, I accept it, now just leave or buy something." the man replied, uncaring in tone.

Nathan smiled and turned around as if he were to leave. People crowded the sidewalks and street corners nearby as the worker, just trying to make a living, stood by his stand. Nathan took a couple steps forward, but stopped. Suddenly, he turned around slowly, looking at his surroundings.

Nathan looked at the paper as the worker glared at him.

"I'm sorry to say that what I did wasn't that rude, but this is." Nathan said.

He then just picked up a copy, looked at it and then took off running with it! The worker shouted at him, calling him a thief as he decided to chase after him.

"Come back here you rude schmuck!" he shouted.

Nathan looked back at the man and just smiled as he continued running.

People nearby looked at the man, who ran after the boy down the street.

"Hey everyone!" a man said.

People looked his way.

"Look, a robbery!" he pointed and shouted.

People moving had stopped, looked over and cheered for the worker.

Nathan soon came upon a street corner again as cars drove past him in a hurry.

"Ugh, not again, come on!" he said to himself all impatient.

The man came closer and closer to the boy, his eyes set on the stolen paper. Nathan looked back and just rolled his eyes as the crosswalk sign still said 'Don't Walk'.

"Oh come on already!" Nathan complained.

The man was gaining on him and Nathan didn't have any more patience. He just decided to run into the street again and started dodging traffic!

Cars honked and had to stop suddenly as Nathan ran across the street, trying to avoid taxis and other cars. The crowd watched and made comments such as "Oh!" and "Ah!" like an audience on television would during a scene. The worker tried running across the street but had a tough time avoiding cars. Nathan on the other hand, acted like it was the easiest thing in the world and continued dodging the cars and avoided getting hit, with some near misses here and there. The man just decided to get out of the street and looked at the boy who finally made it to the other side.

The crowd booed.

"If I see you again by my stand, I'm calling the authorities, you hear me?" the man shouted from the other side.

"Oh, I'm so scared," Nathan replied, laughing and acting sarcastic.

"You just wait!" the man replied.

Nathan just laughed and started to walk away.

The man continued cursing and shouting as people looked on. People started booing the worker more for failing.

"Two words, you suck!" Nathan said, laughing even more.

The man just got even angrier at the boy as Nathan walked away. The worker then decided to just move on and continued with his job. People booed him as he returned to the stand.

"If you tackled him at a forty-five degree angle, you would've got him!" one man said

"Yeah, everyone knows that, it's a basic theft rule!" a lady added.

The man gave them all dirty looks for what they did to him.

Nathan was almost home by now, just a block away, when, out of nowhere, a man walked by and asked him how he was able to dodge cars so well.

"It's New York City, self explanatory." Nathan replied.

The man understood completely, knowing how New York could be, and just walked away. Nathan thought about the crime in the city. He thought about how someone could just get off a bus and someone could be seen getting choked out right there on the spot. He even thought about how someone could get hit by a taxi, like the guy from Twilight, and people would just stare while walking by. The city seemed to be cruel, but to him, he thought it was full of adventure when it wanted to be. He shoved the paper in his backpack and continued walking home.