Goodbye Wonderland, Hello New York!

Dusk appeared in the Wonderland sky. No feelings of a dictatorship or a forced society. The Queen of Hearts finally died. The White Queen was now in charge, and on the Frabjous Day. Just like the Queen said, it would be perfect, and it was, but not in her mind. In the city, the partying continued, ending with an announcement for the ages about everything that happened. The populous booed against everything dealing with their old Queen. They were finally free, in a real perfect society. No drugs, no forced happiness, but freedom.

Back at Dranton's, the mad trio, the mouse, Nathan and Allison were all around the table talking about the day's events. They were all having their own fun, drinking tea and acting mad. The Hatter felt at home with all the craziness.

"What a great Frabjous Day…" Dranton said.

Everyone praised that. Dranton went over to the human boy.

"You know, for a human boy, you're alright…" Dranton admitted, "But I still hate you!"

"Sure you do Reepicheep!" Nathan said.

The mouse felt annoyed by that.

Everyone laughed at the comment Nathan made.

"I'm not Reepicheep!" Dranton said.

"Yes you are…" Nathan said.

"No I'm…never mind…" Dranton said.

Nathan gave him a pat on the back and Dranton fell down. People laughed. When Dranton got up, he looked angry.

He glared at Nathan with wide, mouse like eyes.

"Hey dude, I didn't mean it!" Nathan said, acting sarcastic.

"Oh, you think this is funny? I'll show you funny!" Dranton said.

Nathan gulped and prepared himself for what was to come, a sugar cube hitting him! Nathan saw Dranton start to laugh. Nathan shook his head and threw one back. A sugar cube fight soon broke out. Two hit the Hatter in the eye. However, it abruptly ended after Nathan threw one and it shattered a window!

Dranton looked over and tried being calm. His other window still didn't look fixed yet.

"Why you…" Dranton said, looking angry again.

Just then, a cube hit him in the back!

"Who did that?" Dranton shouted.

Suddenly, the Cheshire cat appeared in the window.

"Kitty!" Nathan shouted.
The cat had a large grin.

He disappeared from the window, only to reappear in a chair.

"I'm sorry but it was utterly funny…" the cat said.

Dranton threw the cube at the cat, which caught it.

"You shouldn't leave windows open, you never know who could come inside!" the cat said.

He then decided to eat the cube.

"Good job today on the death of the Queen, they are burning her at a stake now…" the cat told everyone.

The group cheered at that.

The Queen got what was coming to her in their minds.

"What else is happening?" Allison asked.

"Word is that the White Queen is the new official Queen of Wonderland again, and she wants you to help her!" the cat said.

Allison was surprised. Nathan was happy for her.

"Congrats…" Nathan said.

Allison nodded and felt touched by it.

The Hatter decided to give everyone a cup of tea and the Dormouse handed out sugar. As for the March Hare, he kept spinning around in his seat, which couldn't spin.

"Let us make a toast to this momentous day and occasion!" the Hatter said, raising his glass.

Everyone joined in, event he Cheshire cat.

"This Frabjous Day, we have learned a lot. It has brought some of us together, some more than others. We have also seen some how the greatest operations in our groups history, ending with the bloody, red Queen dead! Let me make a toast to everyone here! And to me being mad!" the Hatter said, laughing at the end.

Everyone clanked their cups together and drank to the toast.

Nathan was surprised the Hatter could speak like that.

"How did you speak like that, you're mad!" Nathan said.

"My dear boy, I am only partially mad! I can still not think!" the Hatter said, laughing.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Nathan asked.

"Figure it out, it's my next riddle!" the Hatter said.

Nathan shook his head and laughed.

"Who is up for a game?" the Hatter asked.

Everyone agreed.

After the toast, the gang decided to play extreme table silverware dodge ball. Instead of a ball, they sued silverware and played at a table. People got hurt, but they laughed it off. The Hatter got a spoon to the eye which started to burn, but he didn't care. Pummeled by small teaspoons was Nathan, prompting Allison to ask if he was okay. Nathan laughed it off and was fine, despite bruises. After the game was over, the Hatter said no one had won despite everyone still standing. After that, it all calmed down.

Everyone sat around the table as sunset came. No one really talked much for the next few minutes. It was kind of like a break.

"So…what now?" Nathan asked.

Dranton looked at the hatter who looked at everyone else but Dranton. The Dormouse cleared her throat and things grew awkward. Nathan felt it.

"Well, what's next?" Nathan asked.

Dranton approached him, "Um…how do we say this…"

Nathan was confused.

Dranton sighed, trying to say it right.

"Nathan, we won and now live free. But…it's time you go home…" Dranton said.

"Whoa…" Nathan said, feeling down all of a sudden, "I'm not wanted or what?"

"It's not that." the Hatter said, "It's just that humans have to go home. They cannot stay here forever."

"But Allison stays here!" Nathan said.

The group grew quiet.

Nathan had no idea what was going on.

"Why can't I stay, you are all my friends!"

Allison turned to Nathan.

"Nathan, you have to go back. I will someday, but not now. It's best that you go back as early as you can…" Allison told him, "I'm sorry but…it's all done with."

Nathan looked around, not sure how to react.

"So I go back now? After all the help I've done here?" Nathan asked.

"We appreciate the help, honestly." Dranton said, "But as a human, you can't stay forever. Allison will go back in time, I'm sure, but she's been here longer than you, for certain reasons.."

Nathan had to go back.

The group explained that he had to go now that it was all over. While Allison got to stay, she had her reasons. Nathan had to go because he was human, and his time here was up.

"Will I ever come back?" he asked.

"I'm sure you will, but for now, it is time you return…" the Hatter said.

Nathan nodded, sad. Nathan decided to get up and go over to the couch as everyone looked on.

He had only been here for at least a week, but he had met so many great friends and didn't want to leave any of them. And things were getting better too in the land.

"Poor child…" the Dormouse said.

Allison looked over and got up.

"Excuse me…" she said.

Allison went over. The others began to talk here and there.

Allison sat by Nathan on the couch.

"I don't want to go…" he told her.

"You have to Nathan…I don't want you to either…but…you have to…" Allison said.

The two started getting emotional a bit.

"I promise you, you will come back…" Allison told him.

Nathan tried staying positive in this. Allison decided to leave after a bit, but Nathan stopped her.

"Can you stay with me for awhile, please?" he asked.

Allison smiled. She decided to sit back down and the two were together.

Time went by and it was getting darker. Sunset was almost over as the moonlight would be coming shortly. Allison and Nathan were now talking about likes, dislikes, etc. It soothed Nathan's thoughts and he started to not think badly of leaving. After a bit, Dranton came up.

"It's time…" he said.

Nathan was calmed down enough to agree. Dranton told him to make sure he had everything.

Allison was back at the table with the others. Nathan had everything he needed, finding some loose change and even fixing his hair for fun. Soon, he was face to face with the others. The Hatter approached him with a gift.

"We all pitched in to make it…" the Hatter said.

It was a poorly made-looking teacup that Nathan could use.

"Thank you all…" he said, putting it in his jacket pocket.

They all smiled.

Allison looked over at Nathan to keep making sure he was alright.

"Well, I think it's time you said goodbye…Allison will take you to the Door of Wonderland afterwards." Dranton said.

"Yeah…" Nathan said, "First off, thank you all for these great memories. I have never met a bunch of crazy people as mad as you guys. Take it as a compliment."

They laughed. Nathan approached the Hatter.

"Hatter, you always had a brain, you're just mad that's all!" Nathan said, smiling.

The Hatter took it as a compliment as the two hugged.

Nathan then went over to the Dormouse.

"Dormouse, I don't know much of you, but keep being mad!" Nathan said.

The two shook hands. Nathan went to the Hare.

"March hare, you're insane and there's nothing anybody can do to stop that! I like it!" Nathan told him.

The Hare constantly shook his hand, forcing Nathan to let go after a bit.

Nathan then went to the Cheshire cat.

"Kitty, you're so cute and adorable, I just want to hug you!" Nathan said.

He tried doing so, but the cat disappeared! However, he reappeared in his arms for a hug! Nathan then went over to Dranton.

"Reepicheep, under that cold, dark, heartless soul, you actually have a heart! You've had one all this time and you just have trouble with it! Take pills..." Nathan told him

Nathan wanted a handshake. Dranton took a bit to respond.

Everyone waited for Dranton to shake his hand back, if he wanted to.

"My name isn't Reepicheep…" Dranton said.

After that, he smiled and shook his hand. Left now was Allison, but Nathan just gave her a smile, nothing else. He was saving it for later.

"Well, I guess it's time to go…" Nathan said.

Nathan looked around at everyone as they smiled and waved. A mad song about bats began as a goodbye song to Nathan.

Allison went to the door and opened it.

"Come on Nathan." she said, getting impatient.

Nathan saw her snicker, so she was joking. Nathan waved goodbye to everyone and thanked them all again for a wonderful time. After that, the two left out the door together. Everyone went "Aww!". This time, Nathan and Allison just rolled their eyes.

"Should we harm them?" Nathan asked.

"Nah…let them have their moment of glory…" Allison replied

The door shut behind them and Nathan was gone. The Hatter then started a sugar cube fight.

Outside, Nathan and Allison were alone.

"I'll take you to the door. From there, you should be able to get back yourself…" Allison said.

"Okay…let's go…" Nathan said.

"Wait!" Allison said.

"What?" Nathan asked.

"Thank you…for everything…" Allison said.

"All in a days work of saving a now real land!" Nathan said.

Allison snickered at the comment. Nathan was still cocky.

The two started walling down the path one final time, holding hands. The same path that brought them together would now separate the two.

"I'm not criticizing that sentence…" Nathan said.

Allison knew it could've been the voice and roller her eyes. It grew darker, but there was enough sunlight left to see the path and where they were going. They bypassed where they first met, with Nathan pointing it out. Nathan laughed at how stupid he was when he tried asking her out when they first met and how Allison reacted. Allison sighed and smiled at it all. Nathan would never forget any of this.

Minutes went by, and soon they reached the door. It was still against the rocky structure, surrounded by the dead forest. It was where it all began.

"Well, here we are…" Nathan said.

"Yeah…" Allison said, "Here's the key…"

She handed him a spare key for Nathan to get through. Nathan didn't accept it. Instead, he peered through the key hole. It looked just how id did when he arrived. The "Drink Me!" bottle was on the table and everything else was where it belonged.

Nathan moved away and looked at Allison with a smile.

"Well, looks like this is it…back to New York for me…" Nathan said.

"I hope you have a fun time there…" Allison said, smiling back.

"I won't without you…" Nathan told her.

He had saved his goodbye for last.

This was it.

"I think I'll miss you most of all Allison." Nathan said, "You may have been cruel to me, but things happened and now were great friends."

The girl smiled.

"Thank you for every memory I have had with you, I'll never forget you." Nathan said.

Allison felt touched by that and started to cry. The two hugged each other.

The two stood there for a good minute. Nathan had not zoned out at all, he was use to it. After a bit, he let go. Nathan also got an idea.

"Hey," he said, "why don't you come with me…?"

Allison was surprised by that, "What?"

"We can go back to where we belong, the human world. Who cares about staying here and helping the White Queen, she can rule on her own!" Nathan said.

Allison felt touched by the idea, but she couldn't.

Nathan got all into the idea, thinking it would be great.

"You'll love it where I'm from!" Nathan said.

"Nathan…" Allison tried saying.

"There's Broadway, Madison Square Garden and a game show in a cab!" he continued.

"Nathan." Allison said, trying to get his attention.

"People get robbed but-"

"Nathan!" Allison shouted.

Nathan stopped what he was saying and asked what she wanted.

Allison had a sad look on her face. Nathan didn't like it.

"Please don't look sad…" Nathan said.

"I understand you're happy about all this, I am too, but…" Allison said, stopping.

"But what?" Nathan asked.

"I…I can't come with you, I'm sorry…" Allison told him.

Nathan went from happy to sad. He wanted her to come.

Allison had a sad look on her face still. She liked the idea, but she couldn't go.

"You can come…" Nathan said.

"I can't, I have to stay here and help the White Queen…it's an opportunity of a lifetime to be an adviser and help her rule the land." Allison told him.

"I bet it's my staring…" Nathan said.

Allison giggled at that, "No, not that...it's just I can't I hope you understand.

Nathan didn't want to.

He was so excited that she could maybe come with him, but she chose to help the White Queen instead. It was a worse ending than from the movie at home to Nathan.

"Well…fine," Nathan said, "as long as you're happy, I'm happy."

Allison felt touched by that too.

"Nathan, stop saying nice things!" Allison said, "It makes me sadder…"

"But that's all I ever want for you if you can't go…" Nathan said.

He embraced the idea if it made her happy.

The two had a quiet moment as it got emotional. There was nothing else to do but say goodbye.

"Well, I guess I better go now…" Nathan said, sad about it.

"Yeah I guess so…" Allison replied, trying not to cry.

Nathan attempted to hug her, but he stopped.

Nathan apologized.

"I'm sorry, rule one will be broken." Nathan said, mocking the rules.

Allison laughed at how he used it like that.

"Nathan, there's one more rule I think you should know about before you go." Allison said.

"What's that? Rule ten: Go back home and party?" Nathan asked.

Allison thought that was funny too.

Nathan joined in, liking that rule.

"No it's not that." Allison said.

"Then what is it?" Nathan asked.

"Rule ten…there are no rules!" Allison told him, smiling about it.

Nathan rolled his eyes and thought that was the best rule ever.

After that, the two smiled at each other.

"Well, see ya…" Nathan said.

"See ya!" Allison replied.

Without warning, Allison leaned in and the two shared one last kiss! Allison put her arms around Nathan and Nathan zoned out. He felt the same as before. Everything went blank on him. It was a happier moment than the last one at the ME Corporation. It also lasted longer than he thought. In fact, it all stayed blank and Nathan felt like he had passed out from happiness…

A voice occurred, calling out to him constantly. Things were blank to Nathan. The voice continued calling out to him, and it wasn't the one mocking him either. The white faded slowly. The voice got louder. Soon, everything became clearer. Nathan was in Central Park, lying by a tree.

"Little dude, you alright?' a voice asked.

Nathan looked over and saw a thug.

"What…what happened?" Nathan asked, feeling stiff and worn out.

Some other thugs gathered around, and even the homeless man.

Nathan wasn't sure what happened. First he was in Wonderland, now in New York.

"You were chasing a thug for a newspaper and passed out by a tree!" a thug said.

"Yeah, you just started stumbling and fell over!" the homeless man said.

"You were out for a good hour!" another thug told him.

Nathan began to get up. The thugs looked worried about him. Nathan rubbed his head and he felt drowsy and stiff still.

Nathan managed to get up and looked around. It was still night outside with a slight drizzle. He looked at himself and noticed he wore the same jacket and looked like he hadn't been in any fictional world. There were thugs, homeless people, Central Park…yeah, he was in fact back home.

"Oh great…I'm in New York…" he said, unhappy and wanting to cry.

It felt terrible.

The thugs agreed!

"Yeah, we all feel you on that!" a thug said.

The thugs made jokes about how bad the city could be.

"I went to a strange place…" Nathan said.

"Oh yeah? Where?" a thug asked.

"I went to…to Wonderland. And it was all real!" Nathan said.

The thugs thought it was weird.

Nathan swore he was there, it felt so real.

"Man, what drugs do you do?" a thug asked.

"I swear I was there! I met the Hatter, slain a Queen and got myself a girlfriend named Allison, at least…I think!" Nathan told them.

They all looked at each other and laughed.

"Dude, last we checked, you were passed out…under this tree! Not in some weird place called Wonderland." a thug said.

"I bet the girl was hot!" the homeless man said, acting perverted.

The thugs looked at him strangely as he began to laugh.

Nathan was disappointed they didn't believe him.

"I was there!" he kept telling them, but they wouldn't believe him.

The thugs only knew that he passed out. Nathan thought about the paper.

"What about my paper, is that okay?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, bring it out!" a thug said to another.

A different thug handed him his paper, saved and in one piece!

Nathan grabbed it and hugged it to death.

"We took the comics page and used it for drugs…" a thug said, "Sorry…"

Nathan didn't care; he had the front page at least.

"Thanks you guys!" Nathan said.

The thugs all fist bumped with Nathan to say he was welcome. Nathan kept looking at the paper. He read the front page, but suddenly, things became blurry again. The thugs looked at him strangely and soon, he passed out.

The sun had shone on the city of New York. Nathan was asleep in his bed as cars and people made noise outside. What had happened last night was a blur but it seemed so real. Even though he had passed out in Central Park, what occurred did not seem like a dream. He had met so many people, had a chess war and almost died. It was the most realistic event he had ever had and now it was over. Nathan was now inside his room back where it all started, in New York City.

Sadly, crime was still going on. And, after all the trouble he went through, the paper was on his dresser. The homeless man had found it when chasing after the thug when everything went black. Apparently that was what happened when he woke up. The thugs were nice enough to bring him home. He didn't even know he someone brought him home. As for the whole Wonderland thing, he best kept it to himself since no one would believe him.

Nathan tossed and turned for awhile before opening his eyes. He hissed and moaned at the sunlight coming through the window. Nearby was a clock that said "12:35 P.M.". Nathan wanted to go back to bed, this was too early for him, especially on the weekend.

"Get up honey, the new neighbors are here." his mother said.

She was standing by his doorway, trying to get him up.

Nathan glanced over at the clock.

"It's only…12:35!" Nathan mumbled.

"Get up, I want us all to greet them!" his mother said, amazingly not yelling.

"I don't wanna!" he replied, acting like a little kid

"Nathan…" she said sternly.

Nathan turned over and put the blanket over his face. He saw the Wonderland DVD sticking out slightly.

Nathan's mother just rolled her eyes.

"Just get up, please! You can go back to bed or do whatever after we meet them!"

"Uh…fine…" Nathan said, starting to drag himself out of bed.

"Wash up first!" his mother told him.

Nathan groaned about that. His mother soon left and Nathan stumbled his way out of his room. He opened the closet door thinking it was the bathroom and a towel fell out. Nathan glared at it before just walking to the actual bathroom. He washed up to prepare for the day by washing his face, styling his hair and just trying to look alive and dashing. After that, he was almost ready for the day.

Nathan walked into the living room area, trying to not look tired. On the kitchen table were some gifts of fruit and who knows what else. Nathan didn't care. His dad was on the computer as usual and it seemed only his mother was the only one excited about this.

"Can we get this over with already…?" Nathan said, starting to complain.

"Hold on, not yet!" his mother told him, "Sit down for awhile."

Nathan shook his head before sitting down on a chair.

"This is ridiculous. I get up just to have to wait for what, a half an hour longer? I could use this time to sleep, but no…" he said, complaining even more.

His dad just ignored him as his mother finished up whatever she was doing in the kitchen.

Nathan sat down in a chair nearby to wait.

"Did you take the pill last night?" his mother asked.

"Yeah…believe me, it was awesome…" Nathan said, remembering things.

"Well, it's the last time you're taking them. Thugs brought you home last night, saying they found you passed out in Central Park! The thugs even said you could hang out with them anytime…" she said. "They made you hallucinate and made you tired."

Nathan thought about that.

They brought him to Wonderland. He remembered Allison.

"But…I can deal with them…" Nathan said, thinking they could bring him back.

"I'm sorry Nathan…we will get you new ones sometime. For now, just wait and deal with your sleep problem on your own…" his mother said.

Nathan wanted to argue it but it wouldn't help. He kept thinking about Allison, but he was home.

His dad noticed he became quiet.

"Everything alright?" he asked.

"Yeah…fine…" Nathan replied, down.

"Look, you can't take the medication, I'm sorry." his father said.

"It's not that…" Nathan said.

His dad looked worried, "Then what is it?"

Nathan didn't want to tell him, "Never mind…"

His dad sighed and said, "Well, just think, we get new neighbors. That will take your mind off of things!"

Nathan snickered at that.

After a bit, Nathan decided to complain about the neighbors now.

"Gosh I hope they aren't from Boston; I HATE Boston people!" Nathan said.

"I'm sure you will like them no matter where they come from!" his mother said.

"Not if they're from Boston! Uh, hello, Red Sox fans! We are Yankee fans!" Nathan said.

"Not everyone from Boston has to be a Red Sox fan." she replied.

"Well, then they will probably be Celtics fans!" Nathan said, "We are Knicks fans!"

His dad made a cheering noise about the Knicks. His mother glared at him as if it wasn't nice. He then just minded his own business as if he didn't say a thing.

Nathan sat there, complaining about how they might be Patriots fans or even Bruins fans. They had nothing on the Giants or Islanders and Rangers.

"They can be from places like Connecticut or Rhode Island even." his mother told him. "They don't have to be from Boston."

"Great, gamblers and small state folk…" Nathan replied, complaining about that too.

His mother just snickered and shook her head at that.

Time passed and it was not about a half an hour since Nathan had gotten up. This was ridiculous to him. Off and on he complained about where they might have been from, leaving no city spared.

"Ugh, hope it's not Jersey either! Or even Philly, Michael Vick fans!" Nathan said, angered.

He took great joy in this complaining.

Finally, Nathan did not have to wait any longer. His mother finished up what she was doing and was ready to go. She grabbed the gifts, went into the living room and was ready.

"Okay guys, they live to the right and down the hall near the end." she said.

"Thrilling…" Nathan said, getting up.

His father put the computer on stand by and was ready to go.

Nathan complained more and more about how they might've been, such as their accents, where they came from and how they looked. The family walked over to the door to their apartment and Nathan's mother opened it.

"It's about time this is happening! Ugh, can't stand Mets fans either! Oh great, they may be snobs from California, terrific!" Nathan complained.

The trio walked outside and his father shut the door behind him.

His dad seemed so thrilled, not, to meet them.

"I hope they aren't LeBron fans!" he said, laughing.

"Ha, that's a good one dad!" Nathan said, laughing and doing a fist bump.

"Stop it you too, they may be the nicest people!" his mother said.

"Whatever…" Nathan said.

Just then, Mr. Rivers came up the stairwell.

"Howdy!" he said; his eyes in different directions.

"Benadryl…" Nathan mumbled.

Mr. Rivers walked to the door at the top of the stairs. Behind him were two people, a couple from the looks of it.

They were holding a couple of storage boxes that probably contained some stuff.

"Honey, could you get the box with towels before coming up?" the guy asked by the stairwell.

It wasn't his wife he was talking to, so that meant a third person, a kid.

"Great, a trio…." Nathan said, remembering the mad trio.

His mother wasted no time and went over to the two. Mr. Rivers had unlocked the door for them, gave them a key and left.

"What a weird landlord…" the wife said.

"Hello!" Nathan's mother said greeting them.

The couple was surprised to see her, holding gifts for them

Nathan and his father stayed behind, joking around down the hall.

"Oh hello, who are you?" the wife asked.

"We are your new neighbors from down the hall, and we thought we'd welcome you to this gawky city!" she replied, handing them the gift basket.

The wife put the boxes down and felt welcomed by the family.

"Thank you so much! We never had neighbors this kind where we use to live!" the wife said, happily accepting the gifts.

The couple looked like any ordinary one, much like Nathan's parents. They seemed laid back. The wife wore some basic shirt and jeans.

The husband soon came out of the apartment, wearing a Jets jersey.

"Oh great, I knew it, Jets fans!" the dad complained, looking over.

"Hey there!" the husband shouted, waving at Nathan and his dad.

"Come over here and greet the neighbors!" his mother said.

They didn't come. Nathan's mother explained they were just shy and introduced them from where they were at and how they were, even mentioning they loved the Giants.

The husband started to laugh at that.

"You know what's funny, we were thinking neighbors like you guys were Giants fans and complained!" he said, "No hard feelings, because we are fans of both!"

"Really?" Nathan's dad said, thinking it was awesome.

He went right over to the guy.

"Yeah, and if you ask me, Eli is better!" the guy said.

"…Welcome to New York!" his father said.

The two guys then decided to go and talk about sports inside Nathan's apartment.

His father made friends with the husband while his mother made friend with the wife. There wasn't anyone left for Nathan unless he started to like the couple. He was wrong about them, they weren't that bad. After a bit, his mother came back as the wife had to go. A third member walked up the stairs and went in and out as his mother distracted him.

His mother seemed happy about the neighbors.

"They aren't that bad!" she said, "You should get to know them, they are really nice people, nothing like you were thinking!"

Nathan just smiled.

"Well, there is one thing, they hate the Yankees!" his mother said, turning annoyed.

"I knew it!" Nathan said.

If his father found out, the family would shun them.

Nathan and his mother complained for a bit at how they hated the Yankees, making sure they didn't hear them.

"I'll go get the spray can!" his mom said, going back inside their apartment.

Nathan nodded and complained to himself about the neighbors.

"Yeah, they may look nice at first but when you get to know them…ugh…" he said, complaining.

He went on and on about that and suddenly…he heard a voice coming up the stairs. Nathan rolled his eyes and started to complain as it was probably the third person.

"Great another Yankee hater…." he said, "Well, I'll tell them one thing…"

Suddenly the third member arrived. When he saw the third person, he froze.

The third member had come up to the floor.

"Hey mom, where do you-"

When the person was looking over at Nathan, they stopped talking. Nathan almost wanted to fall over at the site he had seen. He actually did, but got up!

"…It can't be…" Nathan said, rolling his eyes and shaking his head in a reaction of disbelief.

Nathan knew who it was.

The person looked back with a confused look on their face.

"…Nathan?" the person asked, raising a brow in disbelief.

Nathan knew exactly who the person was and kept shaking his head while smiling. For that moment, he had nothing to complain about, no matter what fan the person was.

"Allison…" he just said, "wow…."

It was Allison from Wonderland.

Nathan and Allison were both surprised to see each other again. Nathan pretty much was the same while Allison had a shorter hairstyle and sported a blue jacket instead of white. Nathan had thought he would never see her again. It was the happiest moment of is life and what made it better was that she remembered him. The two spoke no words and walked towards each other. Once there, Allison punched him in the arm.

"I did nothing this time!" he said.

"That was for not glaring…" she said.

"Oh very funny…" Nathan said, "You haven't lost a thing!"

The two spent the moment taking it in. Finally, they just hugged.

Nathan once again zoned out. This time not from shock, but from happiness. Everything was once again a blur but it felt like it went on forever. It had all become a reality, not just a dream, and Nathan was happy she was real. Just then, the parents came out to see what was going on. They watched as the two stood there in the hallway, not noticing a thing.

"Do…do you know her?" Nathan's mother asked as she hid the spray can.

"Must be someone from school." his father said.

"They never lived around here…" his mother said.

Allison's parents were thinking the same thing. Nathan glanced up and saw their expression and didn't care. Nathan was happy and that's all that mattered.

The two held each other for a good few minutes before letting go.

"Should we go outside?" Allison asked, noticing the situation.

"Um…yeah…" Nathan said, scratching his head.

Allison went over to her side and Nathan to his.

"Can I take my break now, I'd like to spend time with my um…friend." she asked, looking around, all nervous and odd about the situation.

Nathan asked the same thing with his parents.

Allison's parents said yes, though still looked at it all strangely. Nathan's parents allowed him too with the same expression. Allison left, gesturing for Nathan to come.

"Wait," his mom said, trying to make sense of this, "how do you know her?"

Nathan sighed, smiled and just said one basic reason.

"It's New York, self explanatory."

Nathan then rushed down the stairs.

The parents didn't know what just happened. They never even met each other before so their kids shouldn't have either. They would've known about it if they had. The two couples looked at each other strangely, thinking the same thing. A few moments later, they went inside their respective homes to try and move on from it all. For once, Nathan's father didn't go on the computer to complain. His mother tried making sense of it all. Allison's mother and father were unpacking things, trying to figure it all out as well.

Outside, the fall air was cool with a slight breeze. Passersby walked pat on the sidewalk with cars and vehicles honking and drivers complaining. The two sat down on the stairwell watching people as they went by.

"This is New York…" Nathan said.

"Lovely…" Allison replied, taking in the horrendous noises.

Down the ways, she noticed someone get carjacked.

"Is that normal?" she asked.

"Oh, a carjacking, yeah…I see it at least five times a day!" Nathan said.

Allison thought it was weird.

Nathan's attention turned to her.

"So, how did you get here?" he asked.

"I guess it was time for me to leave after all." she replied.

"Wait, that doesn't make sense, I was passed out and never there…" Nathan said.

"You were, so was I. Now we're both here." Allison replied.

It was weird to Nathan. It was as if they came together.

Allison sat there, unsure of what else to say.

"I never forgot about you…." she said after a bit.

Nathan felt touched by that. He never forgot either.

"I just don't know how we're here. I mean-"

"Just shut up and enjoy it Nathan…" Allison said, snickering.

It seemed to have been a mystery that she was there. The view changed to a more zoomed out view, but suddenly, Nathan stopped it.

There was just one more thing. The view zoomed back in.

"Oh, that reminds me!" Nathan said, "Well?"

"Well what?" Allison asked.

Nathan was surprised she didn't know by now.

"Will you go out with me?" he just asked.

Allison laughed and did a face-palm.

"You're still not going to give up are you?" she asked.

"Um…no, not really, it's a running gag." he told her.

He still wanted an answer.

Allison was amazed he remembered.

"Well…" she started.

Nathan was hoping for a yes after several rejections.

"You may be stupid, weird, and dumb and ruin a lot of things…but you're still not that bad." she said, "So…if it means that much to you…yes."

"YES!" Nathan shouted.

He jumped up and raised his arm in the air to celebrate.

People all around began staring awkwardly at the boy after hearing shouting. Nathan realized this and sat down, all calm. He looked over and saw Allison laughing and rolling her eyes as usual.

"So does this mean-"

"Yes Nathan, you're my boyfriend…" Allison said rolling here eyes and smiling.

"Ha, take that Twilight!" Nathan shouted.

Allison had no idea what he meant by that and just punched him in the shoulder.

Nathan had no idea what he did that time to deserve that one.

"What was that for?" Nathan asked, rubbing it.

"That was for being you…" she said, looking at him with a smirk.

After that, she just grabbed his hand and the two sat there for the afternoon.

It was an amazing journey that Nathan had been on. They saved Wonderland, or at least he thought and now he was back in the filthy city of New York. However, it didn't matter. Nathan finally got to be with the girl he liked, Allison.


It wasn't. Back in New York City…

"Where are you voice?" Nathan interrupted.

"Nathan, shut up and enjoy this!" Allison demanded.

"But I still haven't gotten revenge!" Nathan told her.

"Who cares, just let this end!" Allison replied, ticked off, "It's a happy ending!"

Nathan scoffed at that.

Allison rolled her eyes as Nathan wouldn't let it go it seemed.

"It has to be!" Nathan said, "There are no bad endings!"

"Nathan, shut up!" Allison told him, wanting him to stop.

"Yes, shut up Nathan!" a voice said.

Nathan's eyes widened.

Nathan wanted to find it so badly. He had to accept defeat.

"It's not defeat!" Nathan shouted.

"Nathan!" Allison shouted.

Nathan calmed down after that.

"Ugh…well, there is one good note…" Nathan said.

"What's that?" Allison asked.

"This didn't deal with Tran gendered vampires, werewolves and love triangles…shocker!" Nathan replied.

Allison smiled and shook her head, looking the other way. Nathan thought it was hilarious and let the view leave again.