It was bound to be a long day. Nagging dreams of reaching for something he couldn't quite see or reach woke Blaine at 4:23AM. Going back to sleep wasn't even worth trying. He lay in bed a few minutes, arm over his eyes.

His father insisted he join him at the Father/Son company outing, a fishing trip designed more for telling business style fish stories and drinking on the water than actually casting lines into the lake. He didn't believe his father even remembered it was his birthday and when he began to argue his mother had given him a pointed look that shushed him. Later she shared that his father was feeling concerned about their lack of connection. Blaine had been spending most of his time at his boyfriend's house and soon enough he'd be away at college, was it too much to ask that he spend one day doing a father/son activity?

It wasn't. It was a lot to ask on his birthday, but Kurt had promised to make him dinner that night and he figured that was worth the wait. Everything about Kurt was worth the wait, but he was getting antsy waiting. This thought led to the inevitable reach under the sheet. Most times that his mind turned to Kurt lately he'd had to take matters into his own hands.

Since Kurt's birthday they'd been doing more touching, groping really, but they hadn't been alone long enough to get beyond that and it was killing Blaine. He wished he knew if it was as bad for Kurt as it was for him but Kurt didn't like talking about things like that unless they were in the moment (and then Blaine had way more important things on his mind than talking) .

Thinking back to Kurt's birthday got him going, and he couldn't help but remember Kurt's suggesting that he'd be getting a gift along the same lines as the intimate one he'd given. It wasn't long before he was panting, moaning Kurt's name as quietly as he could and pumping into his fist as fast as possible.

His phone chose the most inopportune time to ring, he couldn't even look. He knew it would be Kurt, no one but Kurt would call him at almost 5 AM. He finished himself off and grabbed his phone from his nightstand to return the call.

Kurt picked up immediately, "Happy Birthday Mon Amour, Sorry did I wake you?"

Blaine, still recovering could only breathe into the phone like some sort of creeper.

"Oh. You were awake. Do you want to call me later?"

"Mm-mm, want to hear your voice now."

"Isn't it a little early for..that?"

"Woke up thinking about you."

"I'm going to go with being flattered. Was I good at least?"

"You're always good. Beautiful Boy why are you awake?"

"Because it's your birthday and I knew you had to be up early. I wanted to wake you up instead of your alarm clock, guess I was a little late."

"Alarm clock didn't go off yet. Told you, woke up thinking about you. Kurt?"


"I wish you were here right now."

"You wouldn't if you could smell my breath. Carol made this Italian thing last night and I swear she used all the garlic in Lima."

"Don't care. Hey, what are you cooking tonight?"

"Whatever you catch today."

"You're a riot. Seriously."

"Are you saying you aren't going to be the hunter/gatherer?"

"I'm saying I'm not eating anything we pull out of that lake no matter how well you cook it. Are you going to tell me?"

"It's a surprise."

"Fine, as long as it doesn't have a bunch of garlic, or onion."

"You love garlic and onion." Kurt yawned.

"Yeah, but it doesn't fit in with my plans for later."

"Oh, you made plans?"


"That's too bad because I made some plans of my own and I'm pretty sure my plans trump your plans."

"But it's MY birthday."

"Okay, good point, never mind. I'll cancel my plans. We can go to a Katy Perry sing a long or whatever you want."

"Shut up. You know what I want." His voice was low and serious.


Blaine groaned.

"Socks and bowties?"

"You're going to pay for this later."

"Wait, I know-socks and bowties that MATCH! Wow, I need to go shopping."

Blaine pretended to pout, "Fine, if you want to give me socks and bowties I'll be happy, because they're from you."

"Quit sulking when I can't see your pretty lips."

This made Blaine smile even as his alarm went off. "Ugh, I gotta get in the shower."

"Now I wish I was there."

"Did you just? Seriously?"


"You know this means I'm gonna picture you in my shower."

"Don't drop the soap."

"Jesus Kurt. I have to spend the day with my FATHER, you cannot do this to me."

"From the sound of things I already did it to you this morning. Kind of ruins my plans for later."

Blaine let his head fall back into the pillow hard. "Don't suppose you want to elaborate on that?"

"Surprise, remember?"

"I'm going to kiss you so hard your lips are going to bruise, consider yourself warned."

"Just my lips?"

"Kurt." He pled.

"Okay, okay, go shower, go spend the day with your dad, I love you birthday boy."

"I love you too. I can't wait for tonight, my real gift will just be getting to hang out with you, I honestly don't care what we do."

The day with his dad wasn't as bad as he'd thought. Some of the sons were about his age and were football fans so they snuck a few beers and talked sports while actually trying to catch fish. The dads drank plenty and much to Blaine's happy surprise started a sing- a- long of songs from their college days. He had never heard his father sing, except occasionally with the radio on their way home from church on Sunday's when he was a kid. A few songs (and a few more drinks) in, Blaine's father suggested they all sing happy birthday to his son.

Blaine was embarrassed but secretly a little gratified that his father had known it was his birthday and chose to bring attention to him. Sometimes Blaine felt as if he's father would prefer he blend into the background so no one would notice him and ask questions. Apparently a few drinks was all it took for his dad to lose that particular apprehension. When his dad's friends asked if they had big plans for Blaine's birthday dinner he just laughed and said, "Oh no, his boyfriend has that covered."

Blaine could do nothing but stare. His father never talked about Kurt outside of the house, and never referred to him as his boyfriend.

He ended up having a brilliant time with his father and the rest of the group and was actually glad to have gone, but he was also very happy to have a night with Kurt ahead of him. He showered the smell of a day of fishing away and dressed with care. Clothes meant so much to Kurt and even if it was just a night at his house, probably with his family close by Blaine knew Kurt would expect him to be dressed for the occasion.

Kurt had insisted on picking him up at his house, even though Blaine said he'd just as happily drive to Kurt's. At the door Kurt handed Blaine a beautiful glass vase, shaped like the trunk of a tree and with the initials for their pet names etched into a heart. It was filled with chocolate kisses and from the top sprang sprigs of branches, each with a leaf of rolled green paper. Blaine was allowed to unroll only the topmost leaf.

"M.A. You are my love forever, together we can only grow stronger. This is the beginning of our family tree"

He instructed Blaine that there were messages for him on each leaf, but that he was only to open one at a time and only if there was a day they couldn't be together or if Blaine was feeling down and Kurt couldn't be there in person.

In the car he kept Blaine laughing with the stories of his trial and error with glass etching and how many vases he'd ruined before getting one he felt was good enough. Blaine started to tell him about the boat ride and his dad's singing but then stopped, "This isn't the way to your house."

"Oh the older he gets the more observant he gets. So what songs did your dad sing?"

"Um, lots, where are we going?"

"Forget it babe, surprise."

They pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store. "Wait in the car. I'll be right back."

"Oh, wait, I'll come in with you I want to get some Doritos…"

"No Doritos. They give you nasty breath. Just wait here."

It took almost no time and Kurt was back in the car. Blaine looked at him sideways, "Didn't have what you wanted?"


"No bag."

"Oh, hm. No. Stop asking questions. Did you catch any fish today?"

Blaine took Kurt's hand, enjoying the way their fingers fell into comfortable puzzle pieces fitting snugly together. "I did, just a small one, but Derek caught a pretty decent size trout. The fishing was just okay, but my Dad made everyone sing happy birthday to me and he talked about you."


"Told his coworkers we didn't have family plans for my birthday tonight because my boyfriend had it covered."

"Wow, how did that go over?"

"I think they were all pretty well gone because no one even blinked an eye. One of the other guys our age asked if I really had a boyfriend. I said of course and he said I seemed so straight. I told him I knew he didn't mean that to be offensive but it sort of was and he was apologetic, he was really trying to be cool about it, but I just had to say something…are we going to Puck's house?"

"No questions. Was it awkward after that?"

"No, everyone was awesome, we are, we're going to Puck's. Honey, did you plan a surprise party for me? Because that's sweet but I really was looking forward to being alone with you."

"Shut up, you're getting nothing out of me."

It turned out they were going to Puck's house. Kurt bounded out of the car and took Blaine's hand, "C'mon smart guy."

Blaine stopped him and pulled him a little to the side of the driveway, out of the porch light. "Hey, I'm happy to get together with friends but can I at least get one kiss before we're surrounded?"

Kurt backed up a little, "I don't know, you were threatening me with bruises earlier."

"You love the bruises." Blaine growled into his ear before pressing his mouth to Kurt's throat.

Kurt curled his fingers at Blaine's hips and pushed back, "Later, we have to get inside."

He pulled Blaine toward the door, ignoring the whimpering from behind him.

Much to Blaine's surprise Kurt fished in his pocket and pulled out a key. "Uh, Kurt?"

"Shh, I told you, stop asking questions.'

Kurt let them in and led Blaine to the living room where he lit candles on a dining room table. A beautifully laid table shone in the flickering light. "Sit." Kurt pulled out a chair.

Blaine did as he was told and Kurt disappeared into the kitchen, returning with their first course, cantelope wrapped in prosciutto and sprinkled with pecorino cheese then drizzled with olive oil. Kurt filled Blaine's glass with wine and watched in anticipation as he tasted the melon.

"Kurt, this is fantastic, so yummy."

He beamed back, "Good. Enjoy that, I have to get the next bit ready then I'll be able to sit with you."

Blaine caught his hand as he bustled away from the table, "I haven't had a birthday kiss."

"So pushy." Kurt bent and brushed his lips softly against Blaine's. Blaine wasn't having it and pulled Kurt roughly into his lap, kissing him hard.

"Hey! Stop it." Kurt ran a tender finger along Blaine's jaw, "You don't dinner to burn do you?"

"If it means keeping you on my lap I don't really care."

"I worked hard on this Blaine." Kurt cajoled, his fingers playing at the buttons on Blaine's shirt, "Don't you want to taste everything I have for you?"

Groaning Blaine lifted Kurt to his feet, "Double entendre is not helping your case Beautiful Boy. Can I at least follow you to the kitchen and watch you work?"

"If you must."

Kurt went to the stove and removed a saucepan taking a pat of butter from the small dish on the counter and sliding in into the pan, shaking it slightly. The sauce took on a sheen that seemed to satisfy Kurt so he dipped a spoon in and tasted quickly. He reached into a black bag next to him and shook a few things Blaine couldn't identify into his hand and then over the sauce.

"If you're going to stand there make yourself useful and grab me the plates. They're in there." He motioned to a clay covered dish to Blaine's left. "They're warm but they shouldn't be too hot to handle."

Blaine thought Kurt's fingertips must be singed from all his time in the kitchen because the plates definitely felt hot to him but he passed them quickly then stood back. Kurt removed foil from pan on top of the stove revealing a beautifully cooked beef wellington.

"Woah, you did that?" Blaine was shocked, it looked like something from the food channel.

"Yup. And it took forever to get the pastry right, but it looks good doesn't it?"

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, "It looks beautiful. I can't believe you went through all that trouble for me."

Kurt turned in his arms and kissed him deeply, "I want to cook for you every night. I like cooking for you. I like taking care of you, Mon Ami. Do you want to slice it?"

"I don't know how, I mean, I don't want to screw it up."

"I'll show you, grab the knife, no…here, this one. Okay, hold it like this." Kurt placed the knife in Blaine's hand then put his own over it. "One fluid motion the whole way through, you don't want to hack at it, just slice right through, work with the blade…there, see? You're a pro."

Blaine cut another thick slice while Kurt pulled another saucepan and finished off the glaze for their green beans then plated them. "Okay Birthday Boy, you carry the meat in, I'll get the veggies."

They settled in, chairs close together and for a few moments all there was to be heard in the room were the moans of two very happy eaters. Blaine sipped his wine and finally found words, "Promise me when we get married you'll make this for me on my birthday every year."

"You want to wait that long?"

"Long? Exactly how long do you think I'm going to wait to marry you?"

Kurt smiled, his eyebrow lifted, "I'm thinking at least until your legal."

"That's next birthday."

"So I shouldn't cook this for your next birthday, only the one after?"

"Next year you'll be in New York, and I'll still be here."

Things got quiet for a minute while that sunk in, polluting the air between them. Kurt reached over and took Blaine's hand. "I can come back for your birthday, or better yet, you can come and see me, spend the weekend together in the city."

Blaine smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Yeah, that would be great. Kurt?"

There was a knot in his stomach, he hated that the truth of the end of this year was poisoning Blaine's special night. "Yes love?"

"Why are we at Puck's?"

"Ah, that. Well, for a start, this is where I told your parents we would be. I told them it was an overnight because teenagers drink and it was safer if everyone stayed in one place."

"Honesty. Good plan."

"Well, honesty of a sort. What I didn't tell them was that it was a private party, that Puck's mom is in rehab, again, and Puck is staying elsewhere tonight."

"So we have…"

"All night."