Blaine got up, affording Kurt the chance to get his breath. Kurt caught his eye, "What?"

"I, I want you to be comfortable, the floor's not very…" Blaine cast his eyes around for cushions or something.

Kurt laughed and knelt in front of him, "Baby, I don't care, just come here already."

Blaine knelt to match him, finding himself pulled into a deep kiss. He traced his fingers along Kurt's shoulders, down his sides, loving the way his smooth flesh trembled under his touch. They broke apart gently and Blaine's eyes held Kurt's "I love you."

He dropped his hands to Kurt's backside, squeezing it, pulling Kurt to him eliciting a moan from somewhere dark inside him.

"Too much…clothes…" Kurt reached with shaking fingers for Blaine's pants. Concentration was at a minimum because Blaine had taken to palming Kurt through his briefs, which was just so wrong when Kurt still had Blaine's stupid jeans to contend with.

Blaine took pity on the poor boy, or maybe it was that his erection was just too painful locked inside the denim, whichever, he took his hands off Kurt long enough to throw his jeans across the room. He moved to the couch, pulling Kurt with him so the boy was straddling him, their chests pressed together, grinding into each other as they kissed over and over. Kurt brushed his fingers across Blaine's forehead, forcing the locks of hair that were stuck there back and away. He stilled for a minute just taking in the way Blaine's soft lashes framed his eyes, casting shadows on his cheeks and making him look oddly childlike despite the situation.

"I want, oh…I want…" Blaine panted into Kurt's mouth, against his neck.

"Anything, Mon Ami, anything you want." Kurt responded, biting softly at Blaine's jaw.

Blaine pushed at Kurt's briefs, shoving them down his thighs and he could have sworn he felt Kurt panic but if he did he recovered quickly, repeating hotly in Blaine's ear, "Anything."

Blaine returned to massaging the cheeks of Kurt's ass, gently, eventually, slowly brushing feathery strokes between them, watching the boy closely as he did. Kurt responded by grinding himself harder against Blaine's crotch, reaching between them and stroking himself twice. "Bbblaine?" he managed.

Blaine removed one hand from Kurt's ass and slicked his fingers with the wetness at Kurt's tip, slipping his hand firmly around him. "Baby?"

"I want you to…inside me…oh…" Blaine began long strokes up his beautiful boy, thumbing the head as he twisted back down, Kurt did all he could to hold it together and finish his thought, "I think I need to come before you…I don't think I can …oh fuck Blaine…"

Blaine scooted sideways, laying Kurt along the couch so he could take him in his mouth. Last time Kurt had been mildly timid to have Blaine seeing him like this, doing this for him but now he was beyond primed and ready. He grabbed roughly at Blaine's hair, forcing the boy to move faster on him, so unbelievably turned on at the vision of his perfect, choir boy looking boyfriend with a mouth full of his cock, sucking on him for all he was worth. Blaine reached for and found Kurt's balls, massaging gently at first but then tugging slightly, as he took Kurt as deep into his throat as he could. It was all it took, Kurt tried to back off but Blaine didn't care, he let Kurt's come spill into his mouth, and across his flush red lips.

Blaine flicked his tongue onto Kurt's stomach, picking up a sticky smudge of come and leaned up to kiss him. He saw Kurt wrinkle his nose slightly but the twinkle in Blaine's eye won him over and soon Kurt was tasting himself in Blaine's mouth, wrapping his arms lazily around his waist. "You're way too good at that."

"I could do that forever. You want to cook for me every day; I want to do that, every day."

Kurt petted Blaine's hair absently while Blaine kissed his chest, shoulders and neck, waiting for Kurt's breathing to come back to normal. "We could work on a trade."

"You were trying to tell me something there earlier."


"You said you wanted to come first…which by the way makes me two for two tonight."

"It's your birthday, I'm letting you win. Course this one sort of feels like I won. Uh, yeah, you were kind of going for something else there for a minute though."

"Uh huh…"

"And I want to be able to, um, relax isn't' really the right word probably but, um, enjoy I guess, whatever happens there and I didn't think I could do that if I was about to come all over myself. I mean, eventually, yeah, but um, I think it make take some time to …"

Blaine couldn't help but smirk, Kurt was really no good at talking about these things. "You want me to take my time, back there."

"Pretty much."

"If you're scared, we don't have to, I mean that doesn't have to be part of it." Blaine slid his fingers through Kurt's hair smoothing into place the way he liked.

"I'm not scared. I want you to. I just didn't want to rush that part because we were so desperate to get off."

"Speaking of…I'm still pretty much um…"

"Oh fuck, oh Blaine, I'm so selfish, I'm sorry."

"No it's okay, actually all this talk has sort of , I think the moment has passed."

Kurt scratched his fingers through the wirey hair at Blaine's chest, "I'm pretty sure we can get it back."

Blaine leaned in and kissed him sweetly, "I know we can, but we have plenty of time and I'm kind of thinking about something else now."

"Yeah? Like what else?"

"Like, what did you make for dessert?"

Kurt shook his head, only Blaine would be thinking about his stomach now. "I'll feed you but you're not putting on clothes."

"I won't if you won't."

"I get underwear. We're not eating without underwear, it's gross."

"That's incredibly flawed logic but I don't care, what're we eating?"

Kurt pulled a clean pair of boxers from his overnight bag and Blaine followed him to the kitchen. "I made ice cream."

"You made…made it?"

"Yes, made, made. It's Drambuie flavored. It's supposed to be served with figs and sauce but I like it with just a drizzle of honey over it."

"Drambuie, where do you even learn these things?" Blaine felt like a teenage boy, his mind on sex and music and video games, and here was the guy he loved knowing things like how to make a, whatever that was they had for dinner and knowing what Drambuie was and that it was supposed to go with figs, which as far as Blaine knew were the things inside Newtons.

"I read magazines and watch educational television, you should watch with me sometime."

"I watch with you."

"You watch reality tv with me." Kurt scooped the smooth creamy goodness into cereal bowls with clowns on them.

"I watched that History channel thing about the Royals with you."

"That was the Royal Wedding and you fell asleep."

"You were cozy." Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind, nuzzling into his back.

"I was WEEPING actually, you are soulless Blaine Anderson."

Blaine kissed his shoulder blades and let his fingers sweep across Kurt's downy abdomen, "I'll pay attention next time, I'll kiss away your tears. God you have a really nice back.'

"The ice cream's melting, here, take your dish." Kurt turned quickly nudging Blaine backward.

"I changed my mind, I don't want ice cream." Blaine set the dish on the counter and rested his hands on Kurt's hips.

"You sure?" Kurt spooned some from his own dish into Blaine's mouth.

"Well fuck. How am I every supposed to choose? You have to pick one, you can either be preternaturally sexy or an amazing cook, but I can't handle both at the same time."

"We'll have to work on that, for now I suggest you go with the ice cream because when that melts it's gone but I'll be here all night."

Blaine hopped onto the counter and grabbed his dish up, "You convinced me. Hey." He made a grab for Kurt with his legs, almost able to reach him and pull him over but not quite. "Come over here."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "You really thought you were going to make it all the way over here with those tiny little legs?" He teasingly moved closer and Blaine made up for the lack of length in his legs with strength and agility, locking them around Kurt's waist, his heels digging into him.

"Compact muscle, smart guy, now what?"

Kurt made a sad face, "Now I can't reach my ice cream."

"Lucky for you I'm a nice guy, I share." Blaine offered a spoonful to Kurt who licked at it delicately, obviously trying to be a tease until Blaine moved the spoon and pushed ice cream across his nose.

"Aww see? I'm trying to be sexy and you're such a boy." Kurt pouted.

Blaine leaned forward to kiss the ice cream away, "You don't have to try. You just are."

Kurt gave in to the kiss but before Blaine knew it he felt icy cold across his stomach where his sweet love had smeared a handful of dessert. He cocked an eyebrow and sat back, "You got a plan for that pal?"

There was a devilish glint in Kurt's eye. "I might." He took a moment just to watch the dripping mess and then moved in, swiping the tip of his tongue along the very top of Blaine's boxers, catching the lowermost drips and then flattening out to roughly lap patches toward his navel. There was a twitching in his shorts that told Blaine dessert time was coming to a distinct close but there was no way he was letting Kurt get the last laugh with this. He reached across to Kurt's dish and filled his palm just as Kurt looked up in horror.

"Not my hair!"

"Didn't even occur to me." Blaine reached behind Kurt trying to get the ice cream down the back of his crisp, clean boxers but Kurt squealed loudly and ran for the living room.

"You're out of your mind, you are not going to…Blaine Anderson…stop it! Stop, stop, stop…" he was frantic and giggling and running around the sofa. Blaine had dumped the ice cream in the sink, not wanting to make a huge mess of someone else's home but his hand was still covered and he was determined to land his mark. Diving, Blaine tackled Kurt onto an easy chair and managed to slide his hand up the left leg of his shorts leaving a cold handprint on soft skin. Kurt panted and wiggled, trying to wipe the dripping mess onto Blaine's thighs, "You're such a beast."

Blaine pulled him over so Kurt was on his stomach laying across his chest, "Yes, but I'm your beast, that counts for something doesn't it?"

Kurt sighed, supposing it did. He cast a look over his back at the wetness, "You got a plan for THAT?"

As it happened, Blaine did.