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At the end of the desperate paradise

I seek the lost voice

I am fated to wander

From street to street, further and further away

A week later…

Rikuo sighed as he wondered how his daily life had turned out to be so chaotic. First, he had to live as the only human in a youkai yakuza family…and now he had to make sure his best friend didn't exorcise his family by accident because of her job…or so she said.

"Nura-kun? Are you listening?" a feminine voice called him out from his musings; Rikuo's head snapped up and he could see the stares of his friends directed at him—and yes, he had befriended the group of people that love youkai, just add it to his growing list of things that he has to adapt to.

"Sorry, I spaced out…what were you talking about?" Rikuo gave them an apologetic smile. Thankfully, they didn't mind it at all.

The leader of said group – Kiyotsugu – suddenly stood up from the chair he was sitting on and exclaimed enthusiastically, "We are going to explore a haunted house this evening!" Kiyotsugu crossed his arms and nodded happily, "Before, since we're so few in numbers and it's dangerous to actually go into a place where youkai dwell; we have refrained ourselves to go at night…but!"

Kiyotsugu pointed his fingers at Yura, who was sitting on her chair with a stoic expression, "We have Yura now! An onmyouji from the Keikain family!" Tears of happiness trailed down his face, "Now we can finally find a youkai without any worry!"

"Explore a haunted house…?" Rikuo mumbled curiously as his gaze fell on Yura, who he swore smirked mischievously in a flash of a second before her expression went back to her usual stoic one.

Uh-oh. He had a bad feeling about this. A really bad feeling…

"EH!" Tsurara nearly shrieked in shock and fright, "They are coming to the main house tonight?" she asked disbelievingly.

Rikuo massaged his temples, "Yes… when they were wondering what to do to celebrate the arrival of the newest member, Yura-chan suggested to explore a haunted place. Then Kiyotsugu-kun said that he had a place that he had been really curious about because of the many rumors about youkai in that place…" Rikuo slumped in defeat, "…and that place turned out to be our house. No mistake, since I already asked about the address…"

"That wicked onmyouji…!" Tsurara fumed, before cooling herself down a bit and asked fearfully, "C-can you say something to them to make them abort their plan?"

"I have already tried, Tsurara…believe me, I have." Rikuo wanted to tear open his own head because of his frustration, "but it only made them even more enthusiastic!"

"Oh! So that place is your home, Nura-kun?" Kiyotsugu said with sparkles in his eyes, "That's perfect! Now we have a guide!"

Kana glanced at Rikuo doubtfully, "Kiyotsugu-kun? Won't it be rude if we barge into Nura-kun's house so suddenly like this?"

"Ah, you're right." Rikuo nearly thanked Kana for her support, but his relief died down when Kiyotsugu suddenly began sobbing like a child who had been denied the thing he had wanted the most, "I-I suppose we can try another time…"

Rikuo watched as Kiyotsugu curled into himself in the corner of the room as Shima, Natsumi and Saori tried to cheer him up. Seeing this scene before him, Rikuo didn't have the heart to say 'no'.

Tsurara stuttered in panic, "I-in any case, we have to report this to the main house. I will go ahead and ask Aotabou to deliver this urgent message to Nidaime! Please wait a bit!"

Watching Tsurara ran off, Rikuo sighed loudly, "Why did it end up like this…?"

"It'll be fun." Rikuo turned around to see Yura walking to him, "At least that's what they said."

"Yura-chan…" Rikuo clasped his hands together and begged the onmyouji, "Please, when you're coming to my house, don't exorcise any of the youkai there!"

"But that means I neglected my job, right?" Yura frowned at the thought, but seeing Rikuo's sullen face, she sighed and crossed her arms, "Alright, I won't exorcise them…only if they manage to hide and don't show any ill intent towards the group and you."

Rikuo smiled happily, nodding his head in gratitude, "Thanks, Yura-chan! You're really my best friend!"

Yura blushed slightly, making her turn away from Rikuo to hide it, "N-no need to thank me…"

Kiyotsugu hummed happily as he led the group towards Rikuo's house. Rikuo and Tsurara stayed far at the back of the group, whispering to each other.

"So, how is everyone at home taking the news?" Rikuo asked in a low whisper to make sure that no one else could hear what he had to say.

"Well, everyone panicked and immediately tried to hide or disguise themselves as humans…," Tsurara reported, "but Nidaime, Shodaime, and Otome-sama…they looked amused when they heard it."

Rikuo glanced at the group who chatted amongst themselves, impatient to search for any youkai, "How about Rikuou onii-sama?"

"About that…" Tsurara laughed nervously, "He was furious when he heard that the onmyouji girl was also coming…"

Rikuo sighed…why can't they get along with each other? It's true that they're youkai and onmyouji, but still…he had a hunch that the reason why they were like cats and dogs was because of something else…

Yura stared at the both of them suspiciously; she really didn't like that snow girl.

"We're here!" Kiyotsugu exclaimed as he pointed at the Nura's main house, "Come on, Nura-kun! Let's go inside!"

Rikuo nodded a bit, holding back a sigh as he walked inside the gates of his house with everyone following close-by.

Kana looked around in amazement, "Nura-kun, your house is huge."

Saori nodded, "It looks old, but doesn't seem like it's a haunted one."

"Ara?" a feminine voice called for their attention, "I assume you're Rikuo-kun's friends, right? Rikuo-kun has told me so much about you all." Otome stood in front of the door, looking just like always. She did look like a human even without a disguise.

"Okaa-san…" Rikuo smiled at her, completely missing the shocked look on his friends' faces, that hadn't seen her before, "Tadaima."

"Okaerinasai." Otome smiled back, "Welcome, everyone. I'm sorry if it's a bit messy, we didn't know that there would be guests today."

"I-it's okay." Kana assured, "We're sorry for intruding."

Shima nudged Rikuo, whispering faintly, "Hey, is that truly your mother? She doesn't look older than thirty!"

Rikuo glanced at Otome, before looking back to his friends' curious looks, "Technically, she isn't my mother by blood." Everyone shared a look of understanding, but it fell apart with what Rikuo said next, "She is the mother of my older brother."

"What? Are you serious? Your older brother?" Natsumi gasped in surprise, "Just how old is she?"

"C-come on!" Tsurara pushed them inside, "Aren't we going to search for a youkai?" she feigned impatience and excitement as she tried to change the topic.

"A youkai?" Otome looked at them questioningly, a bit amused by the panicked look on Rikuo's and Tsurara's faces.

"We're sorry, but we're searching for a youkai. There are rumors that said this place is haunted, so can we…?" Kiyotsugu asked sheepishly, a bit embarrassed with his forwardness.

"Oh, sure. I'm sure my husband and father-in-law won't mind at all. By the way, my name is Nura Otome. Thank you for taking care of my son." Otome bowed politely.

Everyone else also bowed, introducing themselves and chatted with Otome. Meanwhile, Rikuo looked worriedly at Yura, who seemed to be searching for any glimpse of any youkai, "Yura-chan…" Rikuo begged.

Yura snapped out of her search, smiling innocently at Rikuo, "Don't worry, I won't forget my promise."

Before Rikuo could say anything, Otome invited them inside. He felt bad to doubt his best friend, but he didn't want to risk losing his family either.

Otome served them some tea with the help of Kejorou, "Feel free to explore the house. Rikuo will guide you around. Please excuse me; I still have to make dinner. Will you join us? The more the merrier." Otome smiled gently, charming her son's friends to agree with her. After making them agree to join them in dinner, Otome and Kejorou left them alone.

"Your mother is really something, isn't she?" Shima asked with admiration, "If only my mother was as beautiful and gentle…" it seems that everyone didn't want to pry into his family matters, as they didn't ask why he has a different mother than his brother.

"Where is the rest of your family, Nura-kun?" Kana asked, curious about Rikuo's family.

"I don't know, but they are probably home. You will see them soon." Rikuo smiled, hoping that they wouldn't be…too shocked to see his father or grandfather.

Kiyotsugu stood up, "Okay, want to start exploring?" with everyone's excited nods (except Rikuo, Yura and Tsurara), all of them stood up and walked outside of the room.

They searched everywhere to see any hints of youkai, but to their disappointment, there was nothing they could find. Rikuo felt grateful that no one noticed the youkai that hid in every part of the house. He was sure that Yura felt something…but fortunately, she couldn't find any.

"Ah, this sucks." Kiyotsugu complained, "We couldn't find anything. Even after we got many new members too…"

"But that means you don't have to worry that your house is haunted by a youkai, right?" Kana smiled at Rikuo, "Isn't that good, Nura-kun?"

"A-ah…" Rikuo nodded, he wanted to say that it's completely the opposite, but he restrained himself.

"Oya? I din't know that you had already made so many friends in such a short time, Rikuo." All of them turned towards the voice they had heard, and saw a man standing nearby. His long black hair was tied in a low ponytail, and his amber eyes stared at each of them with a twinkle of mischief.

The girls beside Yura and Tsurara blushed at how attractive this man was, while Tsurara gasped as she recognized the man. Yura frowned, feeling something familiar about the man. Rikuo stared at him, it took him a few seconds to recognize the attire he wore that matched a person he knew, "Otou-san!"

Rihan, in his human form, smirked at his son's surprised face, "Yes, son?"

Rikuo gaped at his father's human form. He ran to Rihan and pulled him aside, whispering so no one could hear them, "Otou-san, how—?" his words were cut off when he saw Rihan just smirk and nod his head towards his friends, who were currently talking to his grandfather…in his old man form.

"Just like Tsurara, we can disguise ourselves as humans too." Rihan whispered back to his son, "This is my human form. Not any less handsome than my real form, right?" Rikuo just shook his head at his father's narcissism. It's true that his father's human form wasn't any less charming than his youkai form. The only obvious difference were his father's hairstyle and now, both of his amber eyes were open; one of them wasn't closed like usual.

He had asked about it before, but Rihan just shrugged it off, saying that even with both of his eyes closed, he still could fight evenly with Rikuou and Nurarihyon; which had made the latter scoff and smack his son's head with a rolled up newspaper.

"Do you want some candies, children?" The powerful youkai under the disguise of a normal old man offered them a jar of candies, which made the group of youngsters cringe at the awful taste. The first commander just chuckled at seeing their efforts to swallow the treat.

Rikuo's eyes looked around, searching for the familiar silver hair, "Where is onii-sama?"

The black haired man just shrugged, the mischievous smirk evident on his face, "Well…since he couldn't turn into a human, we forced him to stay put in his room. Don't worry, it's for the best." Rihan's eyes glanced at a certain onmyouji girl who kept on staring at him suspiciously.

Rikuo could only laugh awkwardly as he imagined how another cold war would break between his best friend and his older brother.

In his room, Rikuou stubbornly tried to break free from the bindings on his body and the duct tape plastered to his mouth. He growled as he noticed that his father had tied down his body with Kubinashi's strings, which were almost impossible to break free from with no weapon whatsoever. He wiggled his body around, trying to get outside and get his payback on his father and grandfather who had done this to him.

"HIIGGUUHOOOO!" he tried to scream Rikuo's name, but all that was coming out was incoherent blabber.

Rikuo shivered as he felt the impending doom that would soon came from a certain silver haired youkai that he knew so well.

"Rikuo-kun?" Yura asked as she waved her hand in front of his face, "Are you alright?"

Rikuo snapped out of his musings and smiled at his friend, "Ah, sorry. I was thinking about something…"

"Hmm…" Yura didn't seem to be convinced, but she let it go for now, "Kiyotsugu-kun and the others have already gone off first. I will go home with Ienaga-san since we go the same way for half of the way."

"Ah…" Rikuo chuckled at the disappointed faces of his other friends as they left his home, unable to spot any youkai in his house, "Are you sure you don't want me to walk both of you home? It's already dark."

"Don't worry about Ienaga-san or me." Yura smiled and hit his shoulder softly, "I'm way stronger than you, remember?"

Rikuo laughed, "Of course. Yura-chan was always the one who protected me back in Kyoto. It's a shame, since I'm the one who was supposed to protect you."

"A girl doesn't always have to be weaker than a boy!" Yura reprimanded him, sending him a mock glare.

"I know, I know." Rikuo nodded and smiled brightly at the onmyouji, "Be careful, and see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow too." Yura smiled back, walking closer to Kana who was waiting patiently for her. Both of them waved at him before leaving the Nura's main house, with Rikuo watching their backs until they vanished in the darkness of the night.

A crashing sound from the main house startled him. When he heard the indignant yelling of someone he had already expected, Rikuo sighed and walked back inside, "I hope they won't destroy the house too much…" when he arrived at the scene, he found out that Tsurara was glancing around in panic and Kubinashi groaned at the damage the hot-headed youkai caused. His chocolate eyes landed on the two youkai standing in the center of the mess with both of their swords drawn.

"Oyaji…" Rikuou's eyes filled with rage and a promise of pain, "Time for my payback for the embarrassment you forced me to go through earlier."

Rihan sighed, "Oh, come on." He taunted the younger Nura, "you should just accept the fact that you can't beat me—"

"—yet!" Rikuou attacked without any warning, sword gleaming menacingly from the moonlight. Rihan just chuckled at his son's eagerness and dodged the incoming attack without much effort. Rikuou suddenly changed the direction of his sword, following Rihan's movement. Rihan blocked it with his own sword, the clash of metal creating a clanking sound that reverberated along with their laughter and battle cries. Rikuo noticed how his brother's anger had long turned into excitement as he battled with their father.

For a youkai, a battle is more than just a way to prove their strength; Nurarihyon had said to him a while ago, it's one of the meanings for their existence.

Rikuo watched amazed at the beauty in the way their bodies moved to dodge and attack. This is a battle, but he couldn't feel any evil intent between the two youkai. This was just a battle to show their strength, no more, no less. Rikuo gripped his arm, feeling his blood boil in his veins. He wanted to join them too, he wanted to be able to understand; things which could only be relayed to others with battling one another.

"Okay, that's enough already!" a woman's voice interrupted the battle between father and son, waking Rikuo from his deep thoughts, "Stop it, or…no sake for you two for three weeks!"

Both of the youkai froze at the threat, looking apologetically at Otome, who frowned at both her husband and son, "You two have destroyed enough of our house. Until you repair these," she gestured to the mess that they had made to the house, "no sake for you two." She walked away with Tsurara and Kejoro following her, glancing pitifully at the crestfallen faces of the two youkai.

Nurarihyon barked out in laughter, "Heh, both of you really can't win against a woman."

"Shut it!" the two of them glared at the eldest Nura, who didn't seem to be affected at all with their glares. In fact, it only amused him more, "Better start working, kids." The pale gold haired youkai stood up and walked away, laughing all the while.

Rikuo chuckled at the defeated look on his father's and brother's faces. He should go before they spot him and drag him into helping. He preferred to prepare for school tomorrow and do his homework. Maybe, if after he finishes, the both of them might still be at it…and he could help out a bit.

"Yura-chan, how long have you been friends with Nura-kun?" Kana asked as they walked home together. It's rare for them to be able to talk with each other like this, so she tried to get to know her new friend more.

"About nine years…" Yura answered, smiling at the memory when both of them first meet nine years ago. Her curiosity had made her ignore her grandfather's warning to not befriend Rikuo. But she didn't regret it at all; Rikuo is her best friend, a friend that she wouldn't trade for anything in the world. She remembered how Rikuo's eyes, shining with innocence and frailty, had urged her to become stronger in order to protect the boy. She wanted to become a great onmyouji that would be able to protect people like Rikuo.

That's why she couldn't let him go back to his youkai family. Rikuo's human blood dominated his youkai blood; it was more than enough reason to strengthen her belief that Rikuo is a human. She wouldn't let that pure soul be tainted with the evil of a youkai. Why couldn't he see the truth? Youkai are evil. That's what has been taught to her since she was a child. There was no need to change that now.

She will find a way for sure. A way to bring Rikuo back home; his real home in Kyoto with her and the others…

"Yura-chan? What's wrong? You look so solemn…" Kana asked, her gentle eyes showed her worry for her new friend who had been silent since the question she had asked her a few minutes ago.

"Nope. Just remembering childhood memories." Yura smiled, "Ah, this is where we should part, yes?"

Kana nodded, "Too bad we couldn't talk more. Let's go out together sometime, okay?"

Yura agreed, already liking Kana because of her gentleness and innocence reminded her of Rikuo, "Of course."

Just when Kana stepped back, her back collided with something…or someone. She quickly turned and apologized, "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't look at where I was going!"

"It's okay." A man with blonde hair wearing a white suit smiled charmingly at her, "I will always be happy to forgive a cute kitten like you."

Kana blushed, "A-ah…" but her stuttering ceased when she felt Yura pull her back to her, away from the nice man that flirted with her, "Yu-Yura-chan?"

"Ienaga-san, don't be fooled by his appearance." Yura pushed Kana behind her, glaring at the man who smirked at the both of them, "He's a youkai. A dangerous one."

"E-eh?" Kana was shocked to hear what she said. She looked around, startled to find the streets to be so empty without anyone else but them. It's supposed to be crowded at this time of the day! She subconsciously clung closer to the black haired onmyouji in fear, not knowing what else to do.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to know my true form." Kana shrieked as the charming man's face turned into the ugly, furry face of a rat, "No matter. If you come with us nicely, I won't hurt you." Yura gasped as she saw many more rat youkai crawl out from the darkness, all of them cackling loudly as they stared at the girls hungrily.

"No one should ever trust what a youkai says!" Yura took out her wallet from her pocket, "I will exorcise you!"

"Exorcise…?" the first rat youkai frowned at her confusedly.

"Shikigami: Tanrou!" Yura took out one of her ofuda from her wallet, the paper talisman shone brightly. The light gained shape of a huge wolf, and when the light dispersed, Tanrou the Shikigami howled loudly, shocking everyone around her.

"Tanrou, they are rats." Yura smirked triumphantly as she saw them cower in fright from her mighty shikigami, "Eat them."

The wolf shikigami growled and bared its fangs. The rats started to scatter away, but Tanrou was far quicker to crunch and slash each one of them. They tried to attack the wolf, but their attack did nothing to harm Tanrou's thick fur.

"Attack the onmyouji!" one of the rat youkai yelled, and the order was followed as hordes of rat youkai attacked Yura.

"Perish." Yura took out a series of ofuda that created an invisible shield, blocking their claws and fangs. The black haired girl muttered spells that exploded the ofudas, burning the rat youkais that dared to get too close to her.

"Weak youkai like you won't be able to take me down." Yura smiled, sure of her victory as another rat youkai became Tanrou's dinner.

"Even if we won't be able to take you down…" the onmyouji was surprised when she heard a frightened scream from her new friend. She turned back to see the first rat youkai's claws were inches away from Kana's fragile neck, "we could kill this kitten easily."

"Release her, youkai!" Yura growled as she glared menacingly at them. This is why she hated youkai. They have no honor nor pride, threatening a defenseless girl and trampling down the weak.

"Before you order us around…" the rat youkai snickered as Yura took notice, too late of the shadows behind her, "why don't you sleep a little?"

Yura didn't know what had hit her hard on the back of her neck, but suddenly, she felt that her consciousness was fading, and the last thing she saw was the horrified look on Kana's face.

Unknown to all of them, a man with cat ears had been watching since the beginning. He hissed quietly as he quickly dashed off in the direction of the Nura's main house, "This is bad, I have to report to the Nidaime!"

Rikuo stretched his body as he finished his homework. He had already gotten everything prepared for school tomorrow too. He should sleep now…ah wait, maybe he should help his father and brother repair the house. With a sigh, but a slight smile on his lips, Rikuo stood up and walked out of his room.

He looked up to the night sky. The moon was bright that day, allowing his human eyes to clearly see everything in the night. When he was about to walk away, a slight movement of the bushes caught his attention. Rikuo squint his eyes to see what it was, but he was surprised to see a small rat youkai jump out from the bushes and land on the wooden floor, just in front of him. Rikuo took a step back in reflex; memories from a not so friendly meeting with rat youkai alerted him.

"You're Rikuo-sama, aren't you?" Rikuo nodded to the question, wondering what it was that the rat youkai wanted, "I have a message for you from my master…your friends are in our hands now."

Rikuo's eyes widened in shock as he stepped closer and was about to catch the rat youkai and demand an explanation, but the youkai proved to be more agile than him and jumped away and landed in the garden. He continued on, "If you want both of the girls to be safe, you must come alone to the abandoned warehouse near the old school of Ukiyoe Middle School by midnight. Remember, you must come alone, or we will devour your human friend and that onmyouji." Before Rikuo was able to ask more, the youkai jumped back to the bushes and disappeared.

Rikuo checked the clock in his room; it's three past eleven in the evening. If he ran, he would get to the place by twenty minutes before midnight. Rikuo was really panicked. What should he do? Should he tell his family about this? But the youkai said to come alone, and he's sure that his family wouldn't let him go alone if they know about this. That youkai also said human friend and onmyouji, which means the ones who were kidnapped, were Yura and Kana. Dread washed over him and his hands were shaking. If they can defeat Yura, how he will be able to rescue them? It's suicide to go there alone!

But… Rikuo took out a small rust colored wallet from his pocket, remembering that Yura gave it to him on her first day of school, I can't abandon my friends! I will save them, no matter what!

Rikuo clenched the wallet in his hand tightly, before running out of his house. Thankfully, everyone was busy repairing the house, so he could slip away unnoticed. He ran and ran, determined to save his friends, even if it was almost impossible for him to do it.

Please wait for me, Yura-chan! Ienaga-san!

"Really, it's your fault, Oyaji." Rikuou sat down as he took a break from his work, "If only you didn't tied me down, I wouldn't get this mad!"

"Don't blame me, my stupid son." Rihan threw a block of wood towards his son's head, "Besides, you would only have picked a fight with that onmyouji girl…and you know Rikuo would be so sad to see that you couldn't get along with her very well."

"Still!" Rikuou groaned as he dodged the wood, "I can't let that onmyouji hog my little brother!"

"Rikuou…" Rihan sighed, "You need to repress your obsession with your little brother already."

Crimson eyes glared at the amber eyed youkai, "What? Because it reminds you of—"

"Nidaime!" a sharp yell interrupted their bantering, making the two Nuras focus their attention on Kubinashi, who brought another youkai with him, "Ryouta is here, and he has an important report for you."

"Ryouta the Bakeneko, huh?" The second commander of the Nura clan stared at the Bakeneko, urging him to talk, "What is your report?"

"Nidaime-sama, there are some Kyuuso Clan that you have been searching for in my district! They were attacking two human girls, but one of them turned out to be an onmyouji. She managed to push them back, but they threatened the other girl, forcing the onmyouji to let down her guard and another youkai knocked her unconscious. I couldn't follow them since I immediately came here to report." The cat youkai reported shamefully.

"It's okay, Ryouta. Good job for reporting this urgent matter." Rihan praised the youkai's bravery.

"Oyaji, there's only one onmyouji girl in this town now…" Rikuou glanced at his father, "It must be that Keikain girl, along with Rikuo's human friend."

"Most probably." Rihan called his right-hand man, "Kubinashi, go and make sure that Rikuo doesn't know about this. I don't want him to do anything reckless."

Kubinashi bowed a bit before going off to do what he was order to do. Rihan turned back to Rikuou, "I will go and search for them with some of my men, you stay here and protect Rikuo."

"No need to tell me." Rikuou nodded, following Kubinashi to Rikuo's room. They were surprised, when Kubinashi came back with a panicked look on his face, "Nidaime! Rikuou-sama! Waka isn't in his room! I already asked Tsurara, but she doesn't know his whereabouts either!"

"What?" Nidaime and Rikuou yelled in shock and confusion, "Where did he go…? Could it be—"

"This must be the enemy's objection, using Rikuo-sama's friends to lure him out of here…!" Kubinashi confirmed Rihan's suspicion, "What is your order, Nidaime-sama?"

"Get all the men to search for Rikuo or any traces that those rat youkai left behind!" Rihan quickly ordered and he looked at Ryouta, "Take me to the last place you saw them!"

"Hai, Nidaime-sama!" Ryouta quickly leaped off, followed by Rihan close behind. Kubinashi dashed to everyone else, relaying Rihan's order.

Rikuou could only stare at nothing in shock as he heard Rikuo had gone missing, again. This time, Tsurara isn't there to make sure nothing will happen to his little brother. His little brother had gone to the enemy's trap, and if they couldn't find him soon...

No, not now. Not after they had found each other! Rikuou closed his eyes as he tried to focus. When they were children, he always knew where Rikuo was. Only when they were separated ten years ago was he unable to find his little brother no matter how hard he searched.

He tried to remember that feeling. The feeling that always connected him with his little brother; it was his only guide to find him.

Rikuou snapped his eyes open, There!

Without any hesitation, Rikuou leaped off and ran towards the direction his gut was telling him to go, to where his little brother was.

This time, he would bring his brother back. He swore it.




To be Continued.

Dictionary :

1) Bakeneko : A clan of anthropomorphic cat yōkai.