Rainbow Factory

Rainbow Dash flew faster. She had been working for months on this project and it was time to show it to her friends. "The Rainbow Castle will soon become our perfect playground!" she thought to herself. "There's a critter corner for Fluttershy, a dressmaking shop for Rarity, a party place for Pinkie Pie, a bake shop for Applejack, a magic corner for Twilight Sparkle, and an aerial flight course for me!" she told herself.

A figure watched from the shadows. His claws slid out and their tips glowed green. The figure flapped its tiny bat wings and fluttered upwards. He soared above Rainbow Dash and his slimy, fish-like lips curled back to reveal pointy yellow teeth. The creature dropped until it was hovering right above the pegasus. The green substance on the end of his claws dripped down and splashed on her mane and then disappeared. The figure grinned and landed. His work was done.

Rainbow Dash stopped in midair. Her wings became a blur. She spun around and zipped back to her Rainbow Castle. She had renovations to do.

Twilight Sparkle heard a knock on her door. She put down her quill and opened the door to see Rainbow Dash standing there. "Oh, hello, Rainbow Dash. What do you want on this fine day?"

The colorful pegasus smiled. "I made something for all of us to play in. You should come check it out. Meet me beneath my house in half an hour", she told Twilight. "See ya there."

Applejack was out in the orchard when she saw a blue streak. "Good to see ya, RD! What kin I do for ya?"

Rainbow Dash repeated what she had told Twilight.

Pinkie Pie bounced around the town. She told Fluttershy and Rarity about Rainbow Dash's new place. "You should come too! I bet it'll be a blast", Pinkie laughed.

Half an hour later the six ponies gathered beneath Rainbow's house. The blue pegasus led them to a large balloon. The two unicorns and earth ponies hopped in all chattering about where they could be going. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash led the balloon to Cloudsdale.

"Twilight, you guys will have to walk on the clouds", RD told the unicorn. "Can you do the spell that allows you all to?"

Twilight Sparkle nodded and soon they were all trotting towards a secluded corner.

"This is gonna be great!" Pinkie Pie chirped. "I LOVE surprises! Hey, Rainbow Dash, are we almost there?" she asked, bouncing along.

Suddenly Fluttershy halted. She was staring up at large cloudy building with rainbows flowing out of several fissures. "It's beautiful", she gasped. Her eyes spotted a banner hovering just above the tallest pillar. The rainbow factory was written in brilliant colors.

Rainbow Dash flew above the banner. "Welcome!" she cried. "To the Rainbow Factory! Inside there is a special place for all of you. Twilight, you first!" The blue pegasus led Twilight into an opening covered with blue and silver stars.

Twilight did not even notice when Rainbow Dash flew away. Twilight wandered through the room gazing at all the beautiful and rare magical items. Then she gasped. A bookshelf filled with books on magic loomed before her. She dashed towards it. Twilight was fully engulfed in a book on little known spells.

A door on the opposite side of the room creaked open. Twilight jerked her head up. "Hello? Is anypony there?" she asked, trotting towards the door. She peeked into the room. Seeing no one she was about to turn and head back when she spotted a pen and quill on a podium. "I can report to the Princess on the Rainbow Factory!" Twilight Sparkle gasped. She rushed for the podium. The door slammed shut behind her.

Twilight glanced behind her. She frowned. Metal bars slammed down over the firmly shut wooden door. "What's going on?" the unicorn muttered to herself. A sinister laugh echoed through the room.

A blue ball of magic appeared in the middle of the room and exploded into a shape. Trixie glared at Twilight smugly. "Thought you had stopped me when we last met, didn't you? Ha."

Twilight narrowed her eyes. "Trixie, you know I'm not looking for a fight. Why don't you just go away?"

Trixie scowled. "Let me put it in simple terms. I am going to kill you. It will be painful. You don't stand a chance."

The purple unicorn smiled. "Trixie, I think one of your puny magic tricks went wrong and dazed you. I am much more powerful than you. And this place is supposed to be fun not deadly." Twilight looked away and went back to her podium.

"Oh, is that what you really think. You don't know Rainbow Dash." A blue beam shot from Trixie's horn and scratched a large gash in Twilight's flank.

Twilight Sparkle jumped. She glared at the blue unicorn facing her. Another beam hit her in the forehead, causing her to stumble into the podium, spilling the ink. Her horn glowed purple and a bolt of lavender slammed into Trixie's side.

"It. Is. ON!" Trixie screamed. She aimed her horn at Twilight's flank and sent out a blade of blue. It sliced the other unicorn's flesh and caused her to stumble.

Twilight sent a flash of purple at the other unicorn and watched as it bruised her. Then she created a lilac stream and caused it to wrap around Trixie's neck, stopping her airflow.

Trixie struggled to breath. Her horn glowed blue. A light blue and a yellow ball appeared on either side of her. They exploded into shapes as well.

"Don't mess with the Trio!" the light blue unicorn yelled.

"Yeah, you don't want to mess with us!" the yellow one shouted.

It took a moment for Twilight to recognize the two beefy, broad unicorns at Trixie's side. When she did, the lash of purple disappeared. "Snips? Snails? What happened to you two?"

"We work for Trixie now", Snails said menacingly. "And right now, I think our job is to kill you." He fired up his horn. Yellow flames burst from the tip of his horn and pain lanced through Twilight as she was enveloped in flame.

Snails let a wave of electricity shock Twilight Sparkle and he laughed at the look of complete agony on her face.

Twilight writhed in pain and shock. She gasped as Trixie cut her with the blue beams. She tried to fight back, but she was getting weaker and weaker. Soon, Twilight Sparkle breathed her last.

Rainbow Dash flew in. "Good work, Trixie. You guys can go now." Rainbow picked up the body and flew it over to a special part of the factory. She dropped Twilight Sparkle into a small box. The box closed and was transported into another room. The clicking and whirring of gears was heard for a few brief moments then all sound stopped. Rainbow Dash flew outside and joined her friends.

A beautiful rainbow spread across the sky. The purple was especially vivid. So was the red.

"Rarity, your turn", Rainbow Dash said cheerfully. "And don't worry about Twilight. She's enjoying herself in the magic all will see her soon", she smiled. The blue pegasus led the white unicorn into a fully furnished dressmaking shop. Rainbow Dash swiftly exited the room.

Rarity gazed about her in awe. She quickly zipped around looking at the razor-sharp scissors and luxurious silk spread about the room. The only thing missing was needles. She spotted a small door leading to a new room. "Ah, the needles must be in there. It is most likely a storage closet." Rarity trotted into the room. She saw at a glance that it was completely empty. "Now, really, what is the point of this room? I must speak to Rainbow Dash about getting it fixed up." She turned to leave, only to find the door shut and metal bars blocking it. "I say, what is going on here?"

A plaintive mewing echoed throughout the room. "Opalescence?" Rarity called. "Is that you, darling? How in Equestria did you get in here?"

The white cat appeared in the center of the room. "Rarity."

"Opalescence! You can talk?" Rarity exclaimed.

"Oh yes. I've always been able to", the cat hissed. "And I am tired of you belittling me and pandering to me! Now you are going to pay!"

Rarity laughed. "This is a good joke, Rainbow Dash! I am quite pleased with your Rainbow Factory!"

Opalescence hissed in pleasure. She yowled loudly. The ground shook beneath Rarity's hooves and exploded beneath her. Diamond Dogs growled as they surrounded her.

Rarity screamed and kicked one in the face. Opalescence and the rest of the Diamond Dogs leaped on the white unicorn. Rarity kicked and lashed out with her hooves, but eventually she was overwhelmed.

Rainbow Dash flew into the room. "Nicely done, Opalescence." She took the body and flew to the box. She joined the other ponies outside and watched as the blue, provided by Rarity's cutie mark, blazed brighter. Two more rainbows popped up. The red and blue beams were very vivid.

"Come on Pinkie Pie. I know how much you love parties!" Rainbow Dash laughed. She led the pink pony into a room and abandoned her.