Rainbow Factory 2

Pinkie Pie giggled as she entered a room full of balloons, streamers, and cake. She bounced around the place, stopping to examine every detail. She made faces at the balloons and gobbled up some cake. "Wow, this is so amazing!" the pink pony gasped.

A door creaked open and Pinkie immediately hopped towards it. "Maybe there's guests too!" She rounded the corner and laughed when she saw it was empty. The door closed and the metal bars locked her in. Pinkie glanced around uneasily. "Hello? Anypony here?"

A nimbus appeared in the air, thanks to Trixie's magic. A large pop sounded and two figures emerged from the smoke. One was a griffon, the other a full grown alligator with large teeth. The griffon hovered in the air and the alligator fixed its eyes on the pink party pony.

"Gilda! Gummy!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "I'm so glad you're here! Now we can really party!" She began to dance to the music in her head. She rocked back and forth on her heels and hummed along to a tune only she could here. "Come on!" she urged. "Dance with me." She began to sing a few inane words.

Gummy growled and slid closer to her. All of a sudden he lunged forwards and snapped his jaws closed around Pinkie's leg. The pony shrieked. Gilda flew down on Pinkie Pie, using her talons to rip into her mane. When she had a firm hold on Pinkie's mane, Gilda began to fly upwards as Gummy pulled downwards.

Pinkie Pie shrieked her last. Her final thought had been of warning her friends of the danger of the Rainbow Factory.

Rainbow Dash flew in and collected the body. She dumped her into the box and flew outside to watch the new bright rainbows. She smiled at the others gasps of awe. "Why don't you go next Applejack?"

"Sounds good ta me, sugarcube", the orange pony said, trotting after Rainbow's receding form.

The cyan blue pegasus led her friend into a new room and exited once she was sure Applejack was happy.

"An entire place just for bakin' treats", Applejack murmured. She began to work on a large apple pie for all of her friends to share. "This'll be the biggest apple pie Ah've ever made." AJ worked happily until the apples ran out. She noticed a second doorway. "Maybe there'll be more in there", she muttered to herself. She nudged it open with her nose and was halfway into the room before she noticed nothing was in there.

The door, as usual, shut and grew metal bars. "Huh, what? What's going on?" AJ glared at the doors. "Rainbow ya best tell me what's goin' on here!" She heard a noise behind her. She spun and found herself staring into the eyes of the buffalo chief and... "Winona! Ah need yer help! Find Rainbow Dash and git her in here!"

Winona growled and gave one sharp bark. The buffalo moved forwards.

"Winona? What- What are ya doin'? Ah told you ta go get Rainbow..." Applejack glared at the buffalo and bucked it in the face. It staggered back briefly and then it charged her. Winona joined in, biting at any orange flesh that she could see.

Soon Rainbow Dash was flying into the room. She collected AJ's body and tossed it nonchalantly into the box. She rejoined Fluttershy and together the duo watched the rainbows.

"Is it my turn?" Fluttershy asked softly.

"Yep!" RD replied. The two flew in to the Rainbow Factory.