Delfim: Hey readers and writers out there. I am finally back!

Ego: And with a new story, sweet!

Delfim: Yeah, I know. So I know that this is not the most original of stories but I wanted to make a try at it. Naruto finding the fox clan.

Ego: Sweet, Kyubi training and the fox clan behind him, Naruto is going to kick ass!

Delfim: Huh… Kyubi isn't helping, at least, not right away.

Ego: Wait WHAT? What do you mean?

Delfim: I mean what I have just said, Kyubi isn't helping! You want to know more, read and shut up! Oh and to all readers, it is going to be a story told in the first person, so we will see everything from Naruto's eyes.

Chapter 1 Meeting the Vixens…

I, my name is Naruto Uzumaki. You probably know me, blond hair, blue eyes, whisker marks on my cheeks, a natural tan, 10 year old and dresses the best orange jumpsuit in the Village. I was walking out of the academy pissed to no end!

Yes, I was pissed. I just failed at the academy on my first try. I was the only one to fail in the class. Not my fault that they had the written part… and the bushin… and that my taijutsu sucks… Well, fine I am not that great.

Still, I tried so hard, and what did I get? A teacher mocking how a little demon could never pass the test. Even if the others didn't hear him, I did.

I am not as stupid as people think. I just hate history and such. If they ask things about techniques I would answer, even if I myself can't do any. But that doesn't mean I am dumb! I know about Kyubi.

I found out when I was trying the bushin and a seal appeared in my stomach. Not what to see in your stomach is it? I was curious, though, so I sneaked into the Library… because demons like me couldn't enter the library or such bullshit.

I went through the sealing books. To think sealing arts are so powerful yet there are so few books about it. On the other hand, there were ninjutsu books everywhere. One would think that a shinobi is forced to know ninjutsu.

Not that it matters. I kept looking but didn't find anything. So I knew that if there was one place where I would find it, it would be in the forbidden scroll.

Yes, that forbidden scroll. The one with all the forbidden techniques from Konoha. I always wanted to find said scroll, but Oji-san, Sarutobi Hiruzen, A.K.A. Sandaime Hokage, never let me read it. At least his reason was good: "Naruto, some of those techniques are dangerous, if not life threatening! I just can't let a child, not even a genin, read it!"

That does not mean that I didn't, but out of respect for the Hokage, I only looked for the seal, I didn't read the rest. I found it, the Shiki Fuin! As I read the description, I started to get confused. It was generally used to seal the soul of someone inside another at the cost of that person's life. Also good to create Jinchuurikis, humans with demons sealed in them.

It was then that I did 2 plus 2. The day that I was born, 10 October, was the day Kyubi was defeated by the Yondaime. What if he defeated and not killed? That means the soul in my belly would be… Kyubi's.

I was hurt, badly. Not because I have a demon in my belly, after reading the description of Jinchuuriki, I kind of understood that I was still human. No, what freaked me out was the realization that I could no longer trust Oji-san.

Now some would be confused about how from discovering that I had a demon in my belly I could say I couldn't trust Oji-san. Well, it is like this, every time I ended in the hospital because of a beating, I would ask Oji-san "Why do they hate me? Why do they do this things?" And he would always say "I don't know, Naruto."

One doesn't need to be a genius to know that he was lying after reading this. He had to read the Shiki Fuin part and that would have made the gears work in his head, it is just one of the things a person doesn't connect. So he had to know.

But no, he kept saying that he didn't know. I wonder if he knows about my parents too.

But I am getting off track!

So yeah, I had to listen to a bastard teacher saying that I should have never been in the academy. I seethed. It is not my fault that I have an unhelpful demon in my belly! Did I went to the Hokage as a baby and said "HEY, PICK ME! I WANT TO HAVE A DEMON IN MY STOMACH!" No, I guess I didn't.

The worst is that the demon was not helpful, maybe the seal or something but it is like he isn't there. Which is a shame as I wanted to ask a very important question to the beast: Is it male or female?

Yes, I hold no macho ideas that the demon was some evil bastard that wanted to destroy the village. Actually, if it was female it would make much more sense why she attacked: PMS! And yes, I do know the difference between man and woman, sex and what not.

How? You can thank an Inu Anbu that was reading a book while I was in the Hospital. I was hurt and bored so I turned to the only visible Anbu and saw him read a book. "What are you reading?" I asked out of curiosity.

Now I know what most must think his reaction was: telling me that I was too young to know or that it was a thing that he bought recently, not that great. But the man came close to me and gave me the book. "Why don't you take a look?" he asked in a voice filled with mirth.

And I did. My head swirled with the images. After I read it a few times I came to the conclusion that it wasn't such a bad book, it had a nice plot… though it did have many sex parts that made it difficult for me to look at a woman without blush.

But when I could finally look at a woman without blush, I became curious and decided to sneak into the may think it is easy to sneak into a library, it is not. The librarian is an Haruno, and somehow she is dating a Hyuga. So not only is it difficult to sneak by but also it is bad if you are caught, as you might lose your hearing.

But I succeeded and read the books necessary for me to understand. Thus I got the birds and bees talk… through books. But look at me drifting from the matters at hand. I guess I normally don't talk about my life so when I do, I don't stop easily.

So as I was walking my way back to the dump that is my apartment, cursing at my belly about "Unhelpful demons." I come across a group of kids, genin if their headbands were any indication, beating a poor fox. Yes, the reason why is the same why people hate me: Kyubi. People hate that fox so much the council tried to get a law about hunting foxes approved. Good thing Oji-san stopped them, not that everyone obeys the old man.

Anyhow, these genin were hurting them badly, if the screams of agony from the poor fox were any indications. So I ran and jumped on the back of one of them, destabilizing him and sending him to the floor. Suffice to say, the genin were pissed.

"What do you want, orphan?" asked the buffer of them all, an Akimichi. The guy was fat, but also muscular so I knew I was in for a tough time.

"Leave the fox alone, why are you hurting her?" I asked. Sure I knew why the adults did it, but kids too?

"Because dad said foxes are evil and must be killed!" said another genin. This one seemed to be an Inuzuka, if his dog partner growling at me was any indication. "He also said that I should be mean to you too! Let's get him!"

Suddenly, I realized a couple of things: On my side, me, an academy student, and a wounded fox which was to wounded and young to be able to help; on the other side, 5 genin, 2 belonging to clans which means that even if by some miracle I was able to beat them, the clan heads would have my head, that is if I could beat them.

So I did the best thing I could think off: I grabbed the fox and POOF!

As they looked to the spot where I once was, seeing a chair in my place, they became confused and started looking around. I ran around the corner, mentally thanking my luck that I knew the substitution jutsu, even if the smallest object I could substitute with was that chair. Doesn't matter, it worked!

Or so I thought, until I saw them running after me. That is when I face palmed. I forgot one of them was an INUZUKA! That bastard must have caught my scent and now I was in for it.

That was not the worse. NO, the worse was when one of the kids started yelling "He has the fox! Get him!"

Now let's have a bit of math class! A yelling genin, pointing to a running me plus a huge amount of civilians who hate me equals a very screwed me, running from a mob. Life sucks.

So here I was, running from a huge mob that was tailing me as I held a small fox. I knew that although I had a very good stamina, running from mobs helps after all, I knew that I couldn't hold it much longer. I had to find a way to escape, but with the Inuzuka there that would be tough.

That is when I saw the sewer. Well, better than being beaten to death, I guess. So I just escaped to the sewers. Good thing that place smelled horrible, the Inuzuka couldn't follow the scent now!

As I came out in the other side of the village. I took the little fox to my home. I took care of it for the night, bandaged her and had her stay in my house. It was not hard, I just had to put my clothes to do a nice fox bed.

The next day, I took the now better looking fox to the forest. As I put her down I said "Now go, before they see you again."

The fox turned to him and yipped before turning and walking slowly. I stood there, looking as she went before she turned back to me and yipped again.

"What is the matter? Just go!" I pleaded. But the fox didn't move. I then understood that she wanted me to follow her. So I did. We got into this clearing and she came close to a hole and yipped. I smirked. "Even if it is very generous, I can't share that fox hole with you, it is too small."

But the small fox continued yipping. So I decided to have a look. The hole was not that big, probably as large as my head, but it was deep. There, in the middle of the hole, a seal stood. The fox then Yipped again. I looked at her and she stomped the floor forcibly, like she was pressing something. So I turned to the seal and decided to try. I pressed it.

And all I remember next was a loud POOF!

When I woke up, I was just seeing blurs. Once my vision returned I saw a lot of… foxy woman?

I jumped out of my skin and looked around. Around me were all kind of foxy woman, all tipes of fur color and all kind of sizes. Even enormous sizes! I looked around, shocked. They were all NAKED!

"He is cute." Said one of the fox girls.

"He will be really handsome when he is older." Said another that looked like she was on her forties.

I resisted the urge to just have the biggest nosebleed ever. I had to know where I was, and who where this goddess looking vixens!

"What… what is going on here?" I asked, nervous. Then a thought crossed me. What if this were somehow the family of Kyubi? Oh fuck!

"Hi there!" said a loud voice. I looked up and saw the biggest fox I had ever seen. She was HUGE! Like Hokage mountain size! She was an orange furred fox with white on her underside. She was looking at me, orange eyes looking at my own, though it was tough seeing how big she was. "I'm sure you are confused right now, but all I can say is… welcome to the Vixen land!"

I looked at her, a bit nervous. "Aren't you with Kyubi or something?"

The vixens, blinked, before all started laughing out loud.

"Kyubi? Kid, Kyubi is a demon fox! We are the vixen summoning clan, it is way different!" said the giant one. "Oh, and by the way, name is Keisei!"

I blinked at her. "So you have no relation with the Kyubi?"

"Not really, no. Why?"

"Well, I…" I didn't know if I should tell them about me being the jinchuuriki for Kyubi. Even if they didn't have any connection to Kyubi, they might still hate me for my connection to him! I didn't have to…

"I believe, Keisei-sama, that this boy might be the Jinchuuriki of the Kyubi." I and the rest of the vixens turned to look and saw a blue fox woman dressed in a Taoist monk dress.

"What do you mean, Yue? Explain!" yelled Keisei, making me more and more nervous about my presence in this place.

"I mean, that he has a Shiki Fuin in his stomach area." Said Yue. "That would explain why he was so afraid of us at his arrival and why he wanted to know if we are connected to the Kyubi."

All eyes were on me. I looked around. I thought I would see glares of hatred everywhere I turned and that they would kill me or something. I was shocked: there were no glares, only tears.

"POOR THING!" yelled a group of them and suddenly I was being hugged by all sides. I unconsciously tensed, I didn't know what to do! It felt nice, but for a moment a thought occurred me. Are they trying to choke me?

Keisei seemed to figure out what I was thinking, because she roared. "Enough girls! The poor child must have never had so much contact, give him time and go slow!" said Keisei as she enrolled her giant tail around me. I was freaked out. What now?

"Don't eat me!" I yelled, desperate as I tried to get away. But then she brought me close and rubbed me against her furry face. It felt… nice. She then said, in a low voice. "Let it go, kit. None of us is going to hurt you. We are here for you know."

I couldn't react. My head was racing, I couldn't understand what she said. They are here for me? It was at that moment that it hit me: they cared about me! My eyes were filled with tears as I cried into the foxes face. The rest of the foxes looked at me, all having a bit of tears themselves.

I continue crying until I somehow fell asleep. The last thing I remember was the soft, warm fur around me and the comforting words Keisei told me.

I woke up in a bed. I knew it was a bed, it felt soft, but not nearly as soft as the fur of Keisei. I started to wake up, inspecting my surroundings. I was in a nice bedroom, it had a dull yellow color on the walls like the sun was just lazy in his shine and the bed was a couples size. I would look over more, but the most intense of smells hit my nose. I practically drooled as I walked down the stairs.

Once I found the origin of the smell, my eyes gained hearts of their own! There, at the stove were the heavenly scent was coming from, was a yellow vixen cooking. Not only was she beautiful, being around the thirties or something, but she only had an apron on her body! I could see her ass there! And a glistening pussy to!

The fox turned around and smiled at the way I was looking at her. "Hello, Naruto. Come here, we have much to talk about."

I kept looking at her, her perfect DD cup breast taunting me through the apron. But then I realized what she said and just answered with the most intelligent answer ever.


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