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Chapter 13 Leaving the Land Of Waves.

You know, this was starting to become tradition: me and Shino sitting on one side of the table, Kakashi and Kurenai on the other while the rest of our teammates are glaring at us… well except Hinata, she is still knocked out.

On another note, now both Victoria and Shino are glaring at me too. Victoria is mad she didn't get to see anything because we let her sleep late and Shino… I think she is still mad that I didn't warn her about the stink nuke… what? I told her to stay away. The stink of Acid can kill!

So now I am a bit uncomfortable. Not because of the Jounin's and colleges silent treatment with death glare included, but because of Shino's silent treatment with death glare included. I know she is glaring! Those glasses won't hide it no matter what you may think!

"I thought I told you to stay here." Said Kakashi calmly.

"I think so too." I answered back at him.

"So why didn't you?"

"I had a score to settle." And I did, Zabuza got what he deserved.

"You let your emotions cloud your judgment…"

"No I didn't, I left this place under protection and executed everything flawlessly. It is you and your group who failed to grasp the basic of ninja arts: to always keep an eye to your surroundings."

"This isn't a discussion about…"

"OH leave it Kakashi!" yelled Kurenai. Man bitch is pissed. "He has been undermining our authority from the beginning. I say we bring him in for insubordination."

"I can follow the rules easy." I answered while looking at my nails. "It's just that I don't want to follow yours cause neither of you act like a proper sensei or Jounin leader."

Kurenai got up and SLAP! A hard slap to the face. I was actually shocked. I never thought she would slap me. "How dare YOU? Do you know how much work I put into my team?"!

"And yet you can't keep a mutt in line." I said.

OW! ANOTHER SLAP? "And what of you? You think you are good cause you beat Kakashi once? Get off your high horse! When we get back to the Hokage, you are going to lose your ninja license."

"Shouldn't you lose it too then?" I was nearing my limit here, bitch slapped me twice! "What are you really angry about? I did my job: Tazuna's family was protected, the kid even got to learn a few tricks, while you were the ones that didn't do yours, we did it for you. Is that what pisses you off? That you, a newly appointed jounin, can't keep up with a couple of genins?"

She was about to strike me again when a hand grabbed her arm. I was surprised that it was Shino who did it. "Kurenai-sensei, while we did break the rules, we did it for the safety of everyone in both teams and we were able to dispatch the enemy and the threat against our client."

"Yeah, don't be mad!" started Victoria in her fake sweet tone. "Nawuto-ni-san and Shino-ni-san did what they had to do!"

"Enough Kurenai, hitting them will accomplish nothing." Said Kakashi, which led to Kurenai pulling her arm free from Shino and moving to stand near Kakashi. "Anyway, there is still something I don't understand, where is Zabuza?"

This was the question that I was expecting, and me and Shino had prepared for that. "They are dead. Their bodies are buried outside."

"Then where are their belongings? Zabuza's sword for example? Did you bury it with them?"

"I did." I answered. It was a blatant lie. The graves are empty. We just made them to avoid having to hear it from Kakashi and Kurenai about having highly dangerous criminals locked in a place with a temporal distortion… thank you master Perm… thank you.

"That was unwise." Said Kakashi. "We could have gotten a lot of money from…"

"Using the head as identification is okay with me… however using ones weapon, the pride and joy of someone being delivered just to be used again will just add to the legend of the original owner, making them immortal even if in stories. Nor Zabuza nor his sword deserve such praise." That is the truth. No one remembers if there was a second holder of some big ass weapon, they remember the first holder.

"Stop being such a child, think about how much stronger the leaf can be?"

"And for what? If we get too powerful the other nations will rain war on us… that is what happened with the Hidden Whirlpool Village, no? They were too powerful so Kumo and Iwa united to kill them?"

Kakashi seethed. "I will inform the Hokage about it."

"I count on it." And I did. Old man was more sentimental than anything, I just have to play the tune right.

"If you excuse me, I have to go pack. I am required to leave sooner due to clan business." Said Shino.

"Wait you are going alone?" asked a surprised Kurenai.

"The mission is complete and there is no immediate danger." Said Shino. "Yes I was hoping to leave soon, however going alone is not an option. That is why Naruto, Victoria and Hinata are coming with me."

Go Shino! Get us out of here.

"I don't think so." Said Kakashi. "I understand you need to leave, but Naruto is in my squad. He is coming home when Team 7 is coming home. Perhaps you should take Kiba instead?"

"No I don't think so." Said Shino. "To take all scouters would put you in a disadvantage and I trust Naruto more as an assault member than any other member of your team."

"Wait, a jounin should go with you…"

"No need. My father is meeting us halfway. I sent a notice yesterday." I don't know if that is true, but I hope that works! GO SHINO! "I understand your concern but it is necessary. We leave tomorrow, but first I would like to have a few words with Victoria and Naruto."

Oh uh. Victoria's smirk was not a good one. It spoke of torture, pain and a book-induced-brain-duster.

So I got up and went after both. As I left I could hear Kakashi whispering "Don't those guys spend too much time with the kid?"

As we walked, Shino never turned towards me, never spoke, almost didn't breathed… well I lie she did breathe but not enough for me to hear it. You know that you are fucked when your mate doesn't even speak with you. Women must be mental ninja, they get inside your brain and make you feel regret, and the feeling only grows until you apologize. I feel like I have cheated on her and she found out!

Okay calm down Naruto, calm down. We are almost there, the door is just there, just be a man about it and keep cool. We have just entered the room, keep calm keep calm keep calm "AH SCREW IT! Shino I AM SORRY, okay, I should have told you about Acid's ability and for that I am really sorry, please don't be mad!" Shit I cracked. The one thing you don't do in front of a woman is to crack under pressure! This is it, I'm done for!

"AHAHAHAHAH! YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT MWAHAHAH!" is that… Victoria? Why the heck is she… wait a minute…

"Surprised?" asked Shino with a smirk as she let her wings show off. "I told Victoria that I could make you crack in less than half an hour. I won."

"You wha when huh?" If this for real? "Oh man wtf?"

"You are such a wuss." Said Victoria with a smirk. "A deal is a deal though, Shino you are off the hook."

"You scared the crap out of me to get off the hook with her?" I asked. Really?

"I have seen what those hits with the book do to you. I wish you good luck." Said Shino as she turned around.



I don't know how long she kept hitting me, nor when did I start losing grip of reality. All I know is that by the end of it, I had seen a unicorn trying to hump a smurf and a bulimic bear trying to pick a fight with Jesus… I don't even know who that guy is!

"You okay?" a distorted voice reached my ears. I looked up and saw a mirage of colors and an odd shape…

… Is that a fairy? "Are you a fairy?"

OW! Guess not, that hurt! Shino has some mean hook when she is mad.

"Guess that that is enough venting." Said Victoria. "Now listen well, both of you, we are going to have an advantage of a few days since they have to stay here until the bridge is done. That might give us just enough time to set up Hinata in the path of a Fallen Angel. However we have to strike while the iron is hot."

"Yeah, this would be our best bet. Kurenai is out to boot us off the system."

"No thanks to your comments." Said Shino. "She is a woman that has worked hard to achieve her place."

"Come on, I respect her skills but not her leadership. Not all the best ninjas should be teachers you know." I said to Shino-chan. "It's just like everything in life: being a master doesn't mean you are a sensei, just that you know a lot about something."

"I guess." Said Shino as she took her glasses and rubbed her eyes. "It still made her that much more furious about you."

"I can deal with that." I can, it's not like I am going to be bumping into her that often… I hope…

"However, there are other things we have to take care about." Said Victoria as she held up her hand. "First…" she her one finger up. "We have to deal with Zabuza and Haku before leaving, and maybe ask advice from Master Perm."

"Sounds like a good idea." Yeah, any advice that Master Perm might give us will help.

"Second!" she held another finger up. "We still need to get demon blood. Enough for the ritual."

"Yeah, that means fighting your summoned demons right?"

"Yeah you moron, that is what I mean." I know you are angry, but calling me a moron is pushing it chibi. "Third!" she held her third finger up. "We have to prepare her for the ascension."

"Already in progress." Said Shino. "She found out about me and you, Naruto, but she still wants to be with you."

"Which will only spur her desire to become stronger brilliant!" I said to them. "So what does this ritual consists off?"

Victoria took out her book and started flipping the pages. "Here it is." She then showed it to them. The pages had lots of words and a drawn pentagram.

"Why is it always a pentagram?"

"Magical properties and whatnot, I would explain but I don't have the time nor you the patience to learn."... she is just going to keep insulting me, isn't she? "It doesn't matter anyway, what matters is that we must create this pentagram with demon blood, say a few prayers." At this she cringed. "And let the ritual do it's part."

"Just that? I always thought it would be more… complex." Come on, guys, this can't be that easy.

"You want complex? Deal with the headache you are going to get from praying. Besides you still have to kill the spawns. That is a part of the ritual too."

"It still sounds way to easy, no?"

"Not everything have to be complex and I for one am glad this is not it." Said Shino-chan. "This saves us a lot of trouble."

"Perhaps." I had to agree, why going complex anyway? I just need it to work.

"Finally, we have to think of what to do after that?" asked Victoria. "We could try and demonize some people, but that takes time, or we could find some already living demons, but it might not be the best idea…"

Shino nodded. "We still don't fully dominate our powers yet, and are inexperienced. Better not to face a tough demon just yet."

"Pity, I wanted to test myself against another demon." I grumbled quietly. "Just out of curiosity, what type of demons would be more common for us to find?"

"… around this area, there are imps like me… but we ain't that good for battle… and there are other species, mostly water demons, but the Bijus killed many demons around the elemental nations for sport."

"Damn it! The more I hear about the Bijus the more I hate them." I yelled. "That means we truly have to go the old fashion way: corrupt and turn."

"I guess so." Said Victoria. "If anyone can find some demons for us, however, will be that damned cat Tora, so we might have to pay him a visit."

"Already handled that." I proudly announced. "I have Tora looking into demons that may be interested in joining us. I will ask him what he found out once we are in Konoha."

"Well that is one thing done then." Said Victoria. "Okay, so we have our plan of work then: Talk with Perm in tonight, meet Haku and Zabuza, and talk with Hinata in the morning to try to turn her into a fallen angel. Once in Konoha, we still have to talk with Tora and find out if there is any demon noteworthy. Any questions?"

"I have one thing to say." Said Shino. "I will be out for the entire day once we are back to Konoha do to… well my condition." Oh the egging! I forgot that. "What I am trying to say is that I will not be able to help while I am dealing with…"

"That's okay." Said Victoria as she sat on top of her now levitating book. "Naruto can deal with what we need."

"Yeah, don't sweat it, Shino." I encouraged her. "If you want, me and Victoria will go meet with Master Perm, you can rest here."

"It's not like I am pregnant or something." Scolded Shino. "I can still go and meet Perm, it's just that as soon as I am back on Konoha, I want to deal with my problem."

Victoria seemed a bit confused. We hadn't told her yet about the egging nor was I going to: it's Shino-chan's secret after all. "Okay, then we should go now, before the rest of the team decides to be an ass."

"Yeah, let's go." I said, ready to bolt out of there.

We decided to leave through the window, cause going downstairs, passing through the team, and leave before they started throwing questions did not sound like a good plan, does it? So we rushed through the forest, following Victoria, who was still sitting on her magical-sprinting-and-still-levitating-book. How the fuck does she do that? Seriously!

Mist started to cover us as we reached the temple entrance. We heard a loud yell and rushed inside. We saw no one on the hall, which made us nervous.

"Where are they?" I asked as I looked around.

Another yell came to our ears, one filled with pain.

"Maybe someone cut himself in the Kitchen!" yelled Victoria.

"Oh no, I am not trusting your sense of orientation." Seriously, I don't, bitch had us run in circles first time we were here. "That definitely came from the training area."

"Fine." Sulked Victoria as we rushed to the training area. I was right, it did came from there. More specifically, from Zabuza as his hand was being twisted in the grip of Perm, who looked as calm as ever.

"Now Zabuza-kun, you will repeat with me: I will not try to steal Master Perm's sword ever again." Said the ever calm giant as he gave another twist. Damn I could hear the crack from here.

"Aieeeeeeee! I-I will not try to steal Master Perm's sword again!" whined Zabuza. It was obvious that this wasn't a quick submission: his other arm was bent in a strange angle, his eye was purple, he was bleeding from many cuts around the chest and arms and lots of bruises that indicated fractured ribs.

"I am not convinced, Zabuza." Said Perm as he slowly turned his wrist just a bit more drawing more yells of pain. "I have to hear it again, but louder." Shit man Perm is starting to scare me. I never thought he could be so ruthless.

"I Will Not Try To Steal Master Perm's Sword Again!" yelled Zabuza.

Perm gave him a harder twist and said, now in a much more evil tone, the kind that makes you shiver when you hear it. "Louder."


"Good, you just gave your first step towards forgiveness." Said Perm with a smile as he let go off him. Then he turned and saw us and smiled. Oh no stay the fuck away from us you sadist. "I am sorry you had to see that, but I am very possessive of my sword."

Dully noted, you psycho… then again, if someone tried to steal Masamune… but this is different, Masamune is alive and she is awesome in bed, I don't even think that Perm's sword can turn into a fuckable form, nor do I want to think if he uses it on it's original form… WTF AM I THINKING?

"Master, we wanted to say goodbye as we are leaving the area." Said Victoria.

"Oh? Are you going back to Konoha?" asked Perm. "A shame, I had so much to teach you guys yet."

"And there is still so much more I wanted to learn." I admitted. "That Kaioken thing was awesome. I wonder how much more I can learn."

Perm smiled while Zabuza's painful moans echoed in the area. "Why don't we take care of our friend first before we continue our conversation?"

Once Zabuza was all patched up and Haku was with us, we were sitting in the tea room, having a bit of tea as it was tradition. Zabuza grunted. "So this was the guy that made you that strong."

I smile viciously. "You have to admit that he is terribly efficient."

Zabuza grunted again while Perm seemed to grin. Haku decided to interrupt my fun before I could even start though "So what do you plan to do with us?"

"I was wondering if you would consider joining me." I said to them.

"Joining you? You mean Konoha? No thanks, I am done with ninja villages." Said Zabuza.

"How about a Demon village?" said Shino.

Zabuza turned to her confused. "The fuck? Demon village?"

"We are creating our own. I thought since you claim to be a demon that you would like to be part of it."

"… What does it entail?" Asked Zabuza.

"Aside from becoming a demon, not much." I answered with a shrug. "We are a group trying to live our lives away from those who would ostracize and kill us without a thought."

"And why, pray tell, would I join you?" asked Zabuza.

"Because if you don't, I will just take your head and sword and claim the reward." Either way, he will be useful: if not working for me, the reward will give me a good bit of funds.

"… tsk, I don't even know if I want to be a demon." Said Zabuza as he put his feet on top of the table.

Only for Perm to hit his legs with a bone breaking chop. "OWOWOW!" Yelled Zabuza as he fell to the floor grabbing his legs. Haku rushed to him, trying to help him while he rolled on the floor, in pain. If I wasn't hissing at the shattering crunch that came from the hit, I would be laughing at the guy.

Perm just took a sip of tea while Zabuza's yells filled the background. "That was for trying to put your feet on the table. Victoria, could you heal him please?"

"Yes Master." Said Victoria as she rushed and started to heal him.

"While we wait for them, I have some questions for you, Naruto." Said Perm. "Where do you plan to build this utopia?"

"Here in the land of waves. It's discrete, the fog can hide us, and with you here the academy is already a fixed issue."

Perm smiled gently. "Me, an academy teacher? Well I like it." He then chuckled. "I look forward to that. But how are you going to build it?"

"With the help from Tazuna the bridge builder." Said Shino.

"Yes, his work on the bridge was excellent but perhaps consider having more than one builder might be good. After all, two heads think better than one."

"That seems like a good idea." Said Shino-chan.

"However, I have yet another question for you guys." Said Perm. "Here it goes: what is the objective of this village? I mean, once it is done, will it be like a normal ninja village? Hired mercs with headbands for badges?"

"I…" I had to stop a bit, cause I actually hadn't thought about it. What did I want this village for? It was Shino who first suggested it, but why did I agree to it in the first place? "I… when I first thought of the village, I just wanted a place away from Konoha, something that felt similar but felt more like a true village should: united."

"So you just want to make a demonic Konoha?" asked Perm, and I could feel his disappointment when he said that.

"No. That was just what I first thought." I had to really think about it. What are we going to do? I mean I am hiring people like Zabuza, who is a tough ass warrior, but I am hiring people like Victoria to. She ain't a warrior, as tough as her hits are. So what can we do… "I am not really sure, but I have this idea."


"We are going to be mostly demons, and the first priority is to build a defendable and self-sustainable village. But for objective, I think we could perhaps deal with any demon-related problem."

Perm frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I mean… the bijus for example. I mean who better to deal with a demon than a group of demons like us? Victoria told me that they killed a lot of demons, so we could deal with them when they get to troublesome."

"Risky. Just that?" asked Perm.

"No, not just that. Specially now, I mean, the bijus are mostly sealed, so demons that up until now were repressed by them will start to grow in number, and that is bound to make some trouble."

Perm scratched his chin. "A demon society ready to deal with any problems resolving demons… I like it. But you may need a lot of support, especially from the existing human ninja villages. I don't think that most of them will allow such a society to exist peacefully."

"I have an idea to get support on your side, Gaki." Said Zabuza as he got up, all patched up, and rejoined the table with Haku and Victoria. "Back in Mist, things are a mess. A bloodline war is going on."

"Yeah, I heard about it from Tora." Said Perm. "Is the Mizukage really exterminating all who have bloodlines?"

"Yeah, down to the last single fucker." Said Zabuza. "So here is the thing: the rebel side, the bloodline user's side, is taking quite a beating, cause the Mizukage is a freaking Jinchuriki."

"Ah, I see where this is going." I said with a smile. "So if we help the rebels and put one of them that we trust in the leadership, we get the support of the Hidden Mist Village."

"It's not like they would be against a bit of help. They could use it, whichever the source. That and I want to beat the crap out of that Mizukage. But we are going to need a few more guys on our side first."

"So that is an 'I join you' then?" I asked Zabuza.

He just shrugged. "What the heck, is demon or death, and people already think of me as a demon. What say you, Haku?"

"I will follow whichever route you choose." Said Haku.

"There is a slight problem with Haku's turning." Said Perm gaining the attention to all. "His bloodline is angel based."

What? First Hinata now Haku. What's with all this angel related bloodlines? I turned to Shino and she seemed as troubled as I was.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Asked Zabuza. O god please don't let him think the worse out of this I hope he doesn't think the worse. "Wait, does it mean… you are not going to lay a hand on him! You won't kill him you sick bastards!" Fuck he thought it. Thank you god, you're an asshole.

"We won't kill Haku. The problem is that now to turn Haku into a demon we have to first rise him to the status of angel and then have him fall to the known Fallen Angel path, which can only happen in… specific conditions." Said Perm.

"Great, we are already dealing with Hinata, how are we going to deal with him to?" I asked Perm. I really hope he has a plan.

"Hinata?" asked Perm, curious. "You have another angel-based-bloodline user?"

"Yes master." Said Victoria. "Fortunately the girl loves Naruto to death, so she will be easier to turn."

Perm only gave a small "Ah!" to that.

"This does not solve our present situation." Said Shino and I agree. Can these two focus? How are we going to handle Haku?

"I will handle Haku and Zabuza." Said Perm. "I know a few tricks that I can use. Don't worry about that."

"Alright so that is the plan then. Get a few more guys, go to the Hidden Mist, fight on the rebels side and get a few new allies." I said with a smile.

"But first, you should improve yourselves beyond your present power." Said Perm. "It is a shame I can't help, but there might be someone else: on the north of the Hidden Leaf Village, there is a mountain range, follow the path that leads to the lowest mountain, the road must look like it hasn't been used in centuries. There you shall find a cave…"

"You mean we should go to her?" asked an incredulous Victoria as she turned her head to him. Her? Sounds interesting. "Master, why? She won't help us!"

"She may be their only chance." Said Perm. "The woman I talk about is Kurohime, daughter of Xavier, the mad, she is your only hope and she lives in that cave."

"Huh, why is chibi here so apprehensive about it?" I had to ask, come on!

"BAKA! Kurohime is one of the toughest demons to crack! She is an expert on demonic powers and techniques, but she is also very arrogant and conceited, she won't take an apprentice no matter what. Even Master Perm couldn't get her to teach him that much."

"Kurohime doesn't trust people because of her father." Continued Perm. "Her father was born from lands beyond the elemental nations and his sole wish was to kill all humans, as he believed them to be inferior."

"In some things he may be right:" I muttered.

"As he is wrong in others." Said Perm firmly. "Remember that while inferior in physical skills, humans reinvent themselves and are incredibly ingenious while doing it. They are the sole race with more potential and that is why half demons like you, Shino and Kurohime are so powerful."

This confused me. "Half demons?" I asked confused. "I thought that we were full demons. And this Kurohime is one to? What is the difference between an half and a full demon?"

"You may have the demon blood and powers, instincts and issues too, but your mind still works like that of a human. That however is your strongest point." I don't really get it. "Demons are pretty basic on their way of thinking: we desire something and we dedicate ourselves to it. Even I fall on that category as my desire was for knowledge."

"As Xavier's was for death." Said Victoria.

Perm sighed. "He caused a lot of pain, even to his own flesh and blood. Kurohime was born from a woman who was raped by Xavier. Her mother didn't survive the birth, and Xavier was angry as he had not finished tormenting the poor woman."

"It was a sick game for him." Continued Victoria. "Xavier was one of the most sadistic demons of all time. He would attack a place, slaughter all but a selected few who he would torment for the rest of their lives. Kurohime was a way to torture one of his selected few."

"He would rape her without regards to her will, and cause her much pain while he was at it." Said Perm with a sad face. "When she died, however, his anger was turned to his born child, Kurohime."

"What did he do?" Seriosuly, what could he have done to her?

Perm looked at me for a moment, his eyes taking a glint of regret. "It is not my place to say what horrors he did to her. Just that you have to remember that while Kurohime was his child, she still carried the blood of a human, something he hated."

"So what happened to him?" asked Shino.

"… he died after facing a group of demons too strong for him." Said Perm with a sad face. "I was a member of said group. We were just a three demons who were tired of his existence: Malabari, Shiroku and I. The battle was difficult, Malabari and Shiroku died… but so did Xavier."

I was a bit shocked at this piece of news. "Oh man, I'm sorry I wow wow wow wait a second! You killed her father."


"Who was a homicidal freak…"


"And this happened I don't know how long ago…"

"Close to 700 years before the elemental nations were given that name." said Perm with a smile.

"And you want us to trust the daughter of such demon?" I asked incredulous.

"I admit she is a bit tough to get along with. She would rather be alone and has many issues with people coming to close to her. But she may be your best bet." Said Perm.

"I will trust your judgment, master Perm." Said Shino. Well I still find it weird that he would ask us to trust the daughter of someone he killed, but hey I won't go against his word.

"Another thing: full demons, as I have mentioned before, are very obsessive with some things. If you want their alliance, you will have to find what makes each demon you find tick."

"Just a question: is Victoria a full demon or a half demon like us?" I asked him. I mean if she is a full demon…

"She is a full demon." That explains her violent behavior! Perm guessed what I thought, cause he chuckled. "Yes it does, doesn't it." Good thing Chibi didn't get the joke, cause I don't feel like taking a hit. "Now before you leave, I do have something to give you guys."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Just a thing to soften things with Kurohime." Said Perm as he gave me a… well a black flower. "She will know once she receives this."

"Hope you are right." Said Victoria. "That woman will not help us if she can avoid it."

"I remain faithful." Said Perm. "Now, you guys need to get a move on, many things ahead of you."

"Indeed." Said Shino as she got up. I followed her example. "We thank you for your assistance, Master Perm."

"Think nothing of it." Said Perm with a smile. "I hope you succeed. An utopia of demons… maybe that is what this time really needs."

"Just one more thing, Master." I said to him. "I intend to… send a young mind this way. A young human mind."

Perm seemed interested about that before sending us away without a word. We left the room while Zabuza took the opportunity to bombard Perm with questions about Haku's situation and what needed to be done.

"… is it coming sooner?" I asked Shino.

"… no, the queen is a bit antsy, but not yet."

I looked at her. Truthfully, I still felt shivers at the idea that the queen would actually eat her way through her back, but I respect her that much more for it. "Okay. If you need anything, tell me okay?"

"… I will repeat my previous statement, I am not pregnant you know."

I chuckled. "Yeah, you are just… what is the word? Egging?"

She hit my shoulder in response. "I can still kick your ass, or call some fellas to do that for me."

I raised my harms in mock surrender. "Please don't, my queen."

She was a bit surprised. "My queen?"

"Well, you are a Butterfly Queen…" I then grabbed her and kissed her lips. "And you are mine."

"Oh could you two get anymore corny?" asked a disgusted Victoria.

I smirked. Seems the imp is a bit embarrassed. Time to strike the iron while it is hot. "You want a hug, Victoria? Are you feeling a bit lonely?"

"You wish." Yelled Victoria. "Even if you were the last man on Earth, I wouldn't go near you, much less hug you."

"A shame." I said with a sad smile. "Here I was hoping for a hug."

"Yeah, and I am a kage." Those hits in the head could have fooled me. "Come on, big day ahead of us."

"All right!"

********Next Day******Shino*******

I was looking myself over the mirror. The collar is at sufficient height, the glasses are covering my eyes, the jacket hides everything… the look is set, not one thing out of place. Being an Aburame could be tough, especially since we have to always be careful about our appearance and what we show to others: keep as much about you hidden as possible.


Enough time to reach Konoha. Thank you for the warning.

I walked out of my room, deep in thought about what still needed to be done: Even without Hinata and Kurohime, we still need to find enough people willing to join us, meet clan heads and other such people, and aboard the issue in such a way that even if they don't join us they won't betray us to the Hokage… A lot still needs to be done and it is like every step we give is only going to unveil more yet to be done.

I suppose that it is unavoidable. We are talking about creating a hidden village, filled with demons and now half demons and whatever more we find on the way. I just hope that we are able to do this, it seems like things are only going to get tougher.

Suddenly, my vision went black and I heard a whisper in my ear. "If I was an enemy ninja, you would be dead."

I smiled behind the collar. "If it was an enemy ninja, I doubt you would let it just attack me without killing it first."

"… yeah you are right." The hands left my eyes and I turned to see Naruto, my mate. It feels good to have a mate. I have to admit that what my father told me made sense, not many can get past the "Hey that girl is filled with bugs" so I don't know if I would be able to find a mate if Naruto hadn't showed up.

"So, you seem ready to go back. You left bed without waking me up." he asked me with that smile of his. It fits him, it makes him look like a tricky fox. Which he certainly is, that devil. "Shino?"

"Huh? Yes I am quite ready to return." I answered him, maintaining a monotone voice. Kakashi's room was just next to us, no use giving him any hints.

"Yeah, me too, I'm sick of these guys." I know that he is doing it on purpose: he is still smiling and he is speaking in a way that everyone is listening. "Between teachers that won't teach us jackshit, howler monkeys, mutts and emos, I am glad to leave this place with the best people of the group."

You could almost feel the animosity coming from most rooms as he said that… well almost all of them. Neither Inari, Tsunami, Tazuna nor Hinata had such feelings toward him.

"You do know that the others are listening?"

"Shh!" he made a shushing noise before whispering "That is half of the fun. Come on, I need to give something to Inari before Kakashi finds out."

*********Naruto's P.O.V******

I knocked on Inari's door and waited. The kid had potential, and I was going to make sure that such potential was not wasted. The kid took no time to open the door, and smile widely. "Naruto-sensei!"

"Yo kid, I am returning home." I told him with a sad smile.

"Heh? But what about my training?" asked Inari.

"Inari, I have been teaching you the basics of chakra control but I can't teach you what you can or will become. I am still learning myself. But here is a few things I leave you: first, I leave you this scroll." I gave him a red scroll I created last night. "It is an exercise routine to increase your body, chakra reserves and chakra control… and a challenge."

"A challenge?" asked Inari.

"Yes Inari. Hiding in this land, there is a temple, where a powerful and wise sage lives. In this scroll." I gave him a white scroll. "Are clues as to how to find him. Find the sage, if you dare, for his teaching will be tough but rewarding."

"Really?" asked Inari.

"I wouldn't lie to you." I answered him. I wondered just how much stronger could Inari become under Perm's watch. Guess I will find out one day.

I went down to see Shino and Hinata chatting quietly. I put a big smile on my face as an idea crossed my mind. "Hey Hinata!"

Hinata blushed but kept from passing out. "Na-naruto-kun."

"Hey, I had a great idea: why don't you and I train together once we get back to Konoha?" I asked Hinata with a smile. "After what I saw of you, I can't wait to test out your strength."

Is that red even possible? Tomatoes are pale compared to that. Cute. "Ha, m-me?"

"Yeah you, who else dispatched two guys with a few pokes?" I said with a confident smile. "Now if you two don't mind, I have to go eat something cause I am starving."

I then left the two, knowing that Shino would not let this opportunity go to waste.

********Shino's P.O.V.********

Not bad, Naruto. Now time to make it work.

"I think you should take his offer." I told Hinata, making her turn to me. "Naruto is showing interest on you, and I believe that you should take your chance."

"But… I am not that strong." She really as an inferiority complex, and this pisses me off. I can see a strong person, trying to get out, but then there is this giant self-made prison that keeps her down. God I hope that disappears once she reaches her Fallen Angel.

"If Naruto has his way, you will be strong." I assured her. "Trust me, I have been training with him since I know him and I have improved by leaps and bounds."

"… I… I hope so."

"I know so."

We both went to the Kitchen where Naruto was already eating an apple… wait what? What the hell is he doing? "You shouldn't eat that in the morning. The natural acidity from the apple coupled with an empty stomach may raise the natural acidity of your stomach and that may injury the walls of your stomach."

Naruto looked at me surprised. "Huh, I haven't felt nothing yet."

"It's not an immediate reaction, but it happens slowly. You eat one today, than tomorrow, then the next day and when you know it, you wake up with serious stomach pains, blood coming out of your anus and feeling overall sick."

"… milk it is then."

We ate quietly after that, only being joined by Inari, who ate a good serving before running outside to start on some training routine. Victoria then joined us, showing that she is definitely not a morning person.

"HEHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED WITH YOUR HAIR?" laughed Naruto and I had to admit, the sight was quite humorous: her hair was puffed out like a pink unorganized afro. Add that the face that looks like she is a living dead and you get quite the humorous view.

I know it took all that Victoria had not to yell and hit him, considering that Hinata was there. So she went with another approach. "Bwaaaaaaah! Don't laugh! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"Crying her little heart out. What a demon.

It was interesting to see Naruto trying to appease the girl after that. Another win for our devilish imp, I suppose. I don't know why he still tries.

After Victoria had stopped her little theater, Tsunami entered the room. "Oh, you guys are up already?"

"Yeah, we have to return early. A lot to report." I heard Naruto comment. "Don't worry, the rest of the guys will still be here until the bridge is done."

"Yeah, but I kind of liked you guys more." She said as she ruffled Naruto's head. I had to repress a chuckle. His face when that happened was so funny. It was something between a pout and a laugh. "Well at least I won't have you two making out on the couch again."

I coughed out loud at that while Naruto looked alarmed to the corridor as he tried to see if someone had heard her. I decided that I should be the one to tell her. "Tsunami-san, my identity is a secret to the rest of my team and the other team for personal reasons. I would not like them to find out that I am a girl. At least not yet."

"It was a good thing that only people that know the secret are actually here." Said Naruto as he came back. "They didn't hear a thing, though I suggest we don't speak about that, okay?"

I turned to see that Hinata was blushing. I guess that even if she knew that me and Naruto were together, Hinata is still Hinata, so she had to blush at the idea of me and Naruto making out.

"We shall leave soon." I said to Tsunami. "Thank you for your hospitality."

"Yeah, we appreciate it." Said Naruto. "You took not one, but two teams of ninjas and Victoria here. It means a lot to us."

"Oh don't sweat it. You guys saved my dead… hell you guys saved this village!" said Tsunami. It is times like this that I think that make this job worthy it. To protect people like Tsunami. She works hard for her family, one that was breaking down due to despair. Being able to help, to do something for them, that is what really matters.

"We were doing our jobs." Said Naruto with a smirk. "Nothing to it."

"Nothing to it?" we all turned to see Tazuna. "Remind me not to be there when the job is tough. You guys did everything by yourselves. I didn't want to intrude on the argument last night, but you guys were great."

"Thank you, Tazuna." Said Naruto. "It's a shame we have to leave early. Believe me we were loving it here."

"One would doubt that. You hardly spent any time here at my house. But alright, before you go, there is this little thing I had a friend of mine working on before you left. It's going to be on the bridge. Come on!"

******Naruto's P.O.V*****

I was really curious about what was going on. I mean, what does he wants us to see so badly? He was actually the first one who woke up after the spores, even if it took him 3 hours to wake up. Enough time for me to drop the two stooges on Perm and get back, so he knows just who did the job, part of the reason why Kakashi is pissed.

Once we reached the bridge, there is this white blanket covering something. I was curious at what they were planning.

"Yo guys, this is what we have planned. Pull the blanket!" yelled Tazuna.

There was a stone pillar half way done, nothing on top, with a metal plate on it saying "To the Heroes of Wave, Naruto Uzumaki and Shino Aburame. May their path guide them to us once again." Then Tazuna pointed up where another plate was up saying "The Naruto-Shino Bridge."

I was looking at it and I was stunned. They had a plate with our fucking names… THEY HAD A FUCKING BRIDGE WITH OUR FUCKING NAMES! HOLLY SHIT I was like WOW! And Shino wasn't much better, cause she was looking at it shocked and turning from plate to plate, rereading it over and over. I came over and just laid my arm over her shoulder and said "Would you look at that. We are heroes!"

"… it is a strange feeling." Said Shino. "It's a mix of pride, joy and shock at this point."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." I said to her as I smiled.

"What do you guys think?" asked Tazuna.

"…" Shino was still looking back and forward, so I decided to answer for both saying "Give us a few more minutes for our heads to stop swelling and we will tell you."

Tazuna just laughed at that.

Author's notes:

Delfim: So I know this is shorter, but classes are starting again and I have to close shop. However don't panic. AS soon as I have the time again, I will upload.

Ego: With a lemon or two on the next chapter.

Lust: Coming back home, sating a stinky fox and Hinata's demonification, everything can happen.

Delfim: And How will thing go out with Kurohime? Well, I will figure something out. But first, I have a little question I want to hear the answer from.

Lust: It's a top 5 thing. Delfim is going to do his here and then he wants you to do your answer to that.

Delfim: I have been in the internet for years, playing all sort of games, but I will never forget those adult games that pop up in the internet. And if you are thinking of something like nude tetris, you don't know what you are losing.

Ego: So here it is:

Lust: Delfim's top 5 erotic games on the internet! Be warned, he has a pretty twisted mind. No Guro though.

Ego: we start with number 5.

Delfim: My number 5 is the Monster Girl Quest series, which is the 1 and 2 and possibly the 3 that is coming out. For those of you who don't know, it's a game about this guy who wants to be a hero by fighting monster girls… except his traveling companion not only is a monster girl, but is his final objective: the Monster Lord.

Between wacky humor and some very well made monster girls, the game is centered about a turn based game that if you lose leads to rape… yeah the monster girls rape you, so even if you lose, you still win.

It was a very good game because I love the idea of monster girls and I would love that there were more games of those but the only other monster girl game is not finished. It's Monster Girl Unlimited, it's an rpg maker game and is unfinished… so this one had to do.

Ego: From Monster Girls to the Number 4.

Delfim: This game was something weird and new to me, a text game. No images no nothing, just text. It's CoC, Corruption of Champions. It's a game where your character is thrown into the world of Marea or whatever, a world where you either fuck or you are fucked. With an enormous possibility of customization and adventuring, even if the game is not complete, there is so much you can do that that doesn't matter. You may start as a human, but by eating strange stuff, you can change gender, grow a tail, maybe fins, wings, whatever you may think can happen in this game.

Finding the game hard? Well open up your game editor and just change whatever you want, the level and stats of your character, the appearance, the gender, the amount of cocks, the items. Whatever you want, change!

Plus, you can get some characters in your camp as followers, lovers or slaves depending on how you play your cards. Just remember, people react differently to you depending on a lot of factors. But that makes half of the fun in the game.

Lust: Enough Text. It's Number 3!

Delfim: Number 3 is a very dear yet very weird game to me, because it was one of the few rpg maker games that is finished. It's Village of Nightmares. In this 2D game you play as a guard who watches over an ancient sealed Succubus… but you fail cause the seal breaks and she turns you into a futanari succubus. Now I know what you guys are thinking. I mean MEH, a girl with a wang? No thanks! And I was like that too, but the game is really fun.

Your objective is to fuck and corrupt an entire village to being succubus. It is tough, but really fun to play. Specially cause some characters, once turned into Succubus, become so funny. Like the priest. Suddenly he is a holly sex machine. FUCK YEAH!

Ego: huh… girls with wangs… let's just skip to number 2.

Delfim: Now some of you may know about the anime Koihime Musou and while a pretty funny anime, if you knew what I know, you would be disappointed. This is because the series came after a Visual Novel/ Game by Base Son called Koihime Musou. Now here is the thing: anime, rated for teenagers, maybe a few kids, with lots of smoke in the way of nudity and no sex scenes… at least that I know of. Then you turn into the game, and it is a sex game with a very good plot and excellent characters that just make you cry for more.

You are a student that suddenly is transported to a new world. In this world, they believe you are a Messenger of Heavens, there to end all the wars. But people won't just bow down to you. You have to start low and go high. The characters are brilliant, the plot is superb and the sex scenes are awesome. There is this minor issue of lolicom in some scenes and parts, but you can avoid that if you want. That and it was one of those Visual Novels in which you could end with the Harem Ending.

The only down side is… they did make the sequel, Shin Koihime Musou… with more characters, more routes to choose from, more endings to find… but it is not being translated to English! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Lust: Going from Maidens in Distress to Number 1.

Delfim: You are going to have a lot of fun with this one. There are a series of games in Japan that never get translated and never reach here. Well if one had to be, this one was the right choice. It's Sengoku Rance from the Rance Series! This game is amazing, with a unique war yet turn like gameplay, this strategy game is great.

You play as Rance, a man who just wants to have sex with as many girls as he can, while being a huge prick while he is at it. This time he comes to Japan, where Oda Nobunaga asks him to be the unofficial leader of the Oda faction and to protect Oda. However, Rance, using his own logic, thinks: to protect Oda, I have to make sure there are no threats. Solution: conquer everything and if there are cute girls in the way, fuck them!

The game is tough unless you use Cheat Engine and an already made table for it, but it's really fun, with great characters, like Uesugi Kenshin, the Goddess of War who is an absolute Cutie. This game is awesome and is definitely the best game I have ever played with a unique battle sistem. Each commader has an unite, you have to raise the number of guys in the unit by spending cash in it. Then when you go to war, you have to choose which commanders you send.

Best part is… there is a female Nine Tails! YEAH! But there are no CG/explicit sex scenes with her…. ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.

So anyway, what are your favorite Erotic adult games… and nude tetris and all that crap don't count.

Peace Out.