Date: 1-17-2001

Tonight I have decided to live on the wild side for once in my life. During the middle of the night while my family is sleeping, I run

away from home to attend a nearby house party. I am in this position as a result of giving into peer pressure and free will. I won't

be able to fit in with the popular kids at my school if I don't attend this party. The smell of whiskey and cigarettes greet me at the

door in the present time. Teenagers making out on the floor capture my attention until my very own prince charming sweeps me off

my feet. The devil himself approaches me in the form of a very drunk flirtatious Brad Pitt look alike who I consider to be very sexy.

He offers me a drink and I take a sip of the drink thinking that it is fruit punch. It is immediately lights out for me and I am carried in

my lovers' arms to a bedroom upstairs. Fragile, my vulnerability gives him an opportunity to rape me and I am nothing more than

my dying pipe dreams.