So I've been holding out on everyone. This idea came to me after watching a few of the mini's and seeing that most of the stories that went along with this story line never got finished, or didn't really follow the show. So I had to do something about that. If you haven't seen the mini, I highly recommend youtubing it! And I know that this isn't my best work. I have written the opening to this story five different times, always starting from a different spot, working through this is hard. But it's a new month, and we're all in need of something good to read. Let me know what you think!

"Thank you! Thank you! We are Jude and the Mind Explosion, donations was expected." Spiederman laughed as the crowd of people around them clapped, many of them going on about their day, they had seen it after every song, people walking away, some stopping to give them loose change.

Jude smiled, watched the people as they look their leave from the street corner performance. They had no other choice, they needed the extra money this month, and it was the only way to get their music out there. "Thank you." She smiled at a lady who dropped some change into the guitar case.

"Red, my ass is frozen to the seat, I can't stay out here much longer." Kyle, her drummer announced.

"He's got a point dude, it's freezing." Speid said, blowing into his hands just like he had when Jude had shown up. "But that was fun." He laughed, and Jude agreed.

Their performance was fun, it always was with them. At first she had been worried because no one seemed to stop to listen, they all continued about their business. But the moment she saw the lady I the crowd swaying to the music, she knew they were good. The first song they had played was one of her favorites, The Music. It was about her love of music, and how she could do anything as long as she had her music.

"Yeah, she had fun eye screwing that guy." Wally laughed.

"Excuse me!" Jude shouted, turning around to look at him. She knew who he was referring too. There had been someone that had stopped for a short while. But he had a girl hanging off his arm, and not any girl. Jude recognized her as the newest Instant Star winner, Karma.

"Baseball cap." Wally laughed. "I saw those smiles."

"I think the cold is starting to mess with you head, there were no smiles." Jude laughed, collecting the money from her guitar case, while the boys put their things away.

"How'd we do?" Speid, her lead guitar player, ex boyfriend, and most trusted friend, asked leaning down next to her.

"Enough to pay the heat." Jude laughed, breathing into her scarf, hoping to warm her face some.

"Well, that's a start. Like you said, this is just the beginning." He couldn't help but tease her.

"Ha ha." She rolled her eyes at him. "I'm serious when I say that Speid, and sooner or later you're going to realize that. Right now we might be playing street corners, and freezing to death in 620, and living off our sucky playing jobs. But we're going to get heard, you just have to have some faith."

"Oh I have faith," he said taking her guitar case as they started to walk down the street. "Faith that you're going to make us all a hot cup of coffee, and warm up my fingers."

Jude wanted to hit him. He could be such a kid sometimes, and it drove her crazy, especially when it came to their music. This wasn't just about her, it hadn't been since they had formed the band, it was about all of them, Wally, Kyle, Speid and her. It was their futures, their dreams, but he seemed to act like it was a game most of the time.

"Don't worry Harrison, I believe." He whispered when she didn't say anything back. "But I was serious about that coffee."

Jude smiled over at him. "Well I guess you're in luck, I know just the place, and just the girl to make the coffee." The group of them headed a few blocks down to the coffee shop that she worked in, the one her dad said she partially ran, something Jude knew to be true. She had worked there since she was 16 years old, and now at the age of 19 she knew more about coffee than even the owners. But other than her music, coffee was the only other thing that Jude loved. A perfect cup of coffee could change her whole day, just like the perfect song. To her music and coffee went together like peanut butter and jelly.

"You think Jamie will have any luck?" Wally asked, as they entered the warm shop.

"I don't know, we have to hope for the best." Jude said as they all took their seat at the table they could often to found at.

"How was the show guys?" Tristan, the owner asked as Jude joined him behind the counter. He was an older gentleman, in his later fifties, but he didn't appear or act that way. He, like Jude's dad, support their musical dreams.

"Not too bad, just cold." Jude smiled at him as she went to work on four coffees.

"Did you make enough to pay off your coffee tab?" he joked looking at the boys.

"You think the misses lets us anywhere near that money?" Speid asked. "She's got it under lock and key."

"Actually it's in her pocket." Wally said pointing to the jean jacket she had draped over a chair.

Tristan laughed patting Jude on the back, seeing what it was she had to deal with day and night. "Close up tonight, you can leave early if it's not too busy."

"Will do." Jude said, watching as her boss took his leave.

"That works perfect." Kyle announced, looking up from his phone. "I just got word from Igg, the Chain is happening tonight."

The Chair was a rough bar/club the boys liked to visit, it wasn't really Jude's scene, but she did often tag along, just so she wouldn't be alone in the apartment. It hadn't proven to be as bad as it looked though. She had made a few friends there, and found a tougher side herself. Patsy Sewer was one of the few girls that Jude actually hung around with.

"Here you go." Jude said setting the cups down. She knew now she was going to need the caffeine to get through the night.

"You're a goddess." Speid said smelling the sweet, warm coffee, holding the cup as though it was his life line.

"Only for you." Jude teased. "So The Chain?" she asked.

"Yeah, you and Iggy's ex get along pretty well." Wally smiled. "What's her name again?"

"Crazy chick?" Kyle asked.

"Patsy, her name is Patsy." Jude laughed at the two. She knew that Patsy was crazy, she had more guts and courage than Jude ever could.

"Maybe I should hold onto this, if you're going to be hanging out with her." Speid said as he reached for the money in her pocket. "I might need it to bail you out."

"Ugh!" Jude slapped his hand away. "That was one time, and I didn't even do anything wrong."

"Right, spray painting sides of buildings is nothing." He joked with her.

This was the way her life was now. They would play a random real gig here or there, and always a street corner, anything to get heard. She would spend her days and nights with these boys, they were her family.