Reproducing himself, for Megamind, never was a topic of any importance. He thought he just couldn't fall for human women and since he had Minion, he really didn't care or felt any need for making up such a thing as a 'family'.

Now though, things had changed. He was dating Roxanne and was a Hero now. So he stood before his DNA-extractor, using his spiked microscope and staring at something, which just couldn't be.

His DNA couldn't match with Roxannes.

He stepped back when a wave of sadness took him over. This was weird. He had never thought of it before, but now he felt as if he was losing something. Something that didn't ever exist, so was never lost, so it really wouldn't matter, but, somehow, he couldn't get it lost.

How sad.


Megamind turned. Minion stood in the doorway; he seemed to had cleaned up until now. Seeing his friend catching him in such a weak moment just made things more worse, but Megamind soon handled himself again.

"What is it, Minion? Something's the matter, you fantastic fish? Want to go for a ride? We could analyze Metrocitys environmental -"

"Oh, Dear. What's makes you worry today? Calm down, I'll make you some hot chocolate."

Megamind sighed. "You behave as if I'd be depressed all the time, Minion!"

The fish shrugged, turning to the kitchen door. Megamind could hear him open the refrigerator, then imitating his masters voice. "Oh no, I'm not fit to that hero-thing: two days ago. Since then you added 'Roxanne hates me' when she didn't recall you within 6 minutes. And yesterday you didn't sleep at all because Metroman appeared in your dreams, stealing your CD-collection to rewrite it and so -" Minion appeared again, reaching a steaming cup to his master. "- I guess that something else has added again?"

Megamind placed himself onto the couch and sipped on his cup, before saying: "This time is different, Minion. I just found out the DNA does not match. I cannot reproduce with Roxanne."

The fish took a deep breath of water. He was quiet for a while, so Megamind began worrying, but then Minion finally said:


What was wrong with this fish? "I can never have a family with the woman I love, you dimwitted Sidekick! Ah, who am I talking, to? You would abandon your children. You're a fish."

"That argument is overused," Minion complained. "Just where is the problem?"

"The problem! It is I cannot - "


"Right! And that's -"

"Wrong. You are Megamind."

"I remember!"

"Apparently you don't."

"What's wrong with - ?" But then it hit him. He watched his Minion, who was a damn fish, moving and talking and cooking meals.

Minion started smiling, knowing his master was on the right course.

Megamind thought, then started grinning. They were on the same wavelength again.

"This will need - "


"A cape."

"Laser vision."

Oh yeah. It's just a way of handling things, Megamind grinned to himself. He had abandoned the word 'impossible' out of his vocabulary a long time ago. For a reason.