Summary: A young girl of otherworldly beauty comes to Merlin's door. She can't speak. Where does she come from? Who is she? NO OC!

A/N – Okay, I suck at summaries (sorry). But if you read this short prologue, you'll understand more. It's a story that has roamed round in my head for a while and I don't know if anyone would be interested in it. Please, tell me if I should continue.

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The girl

She was tall, lithe, incredibly lean and agile. She walked with the lightness of a fairy and her long, straight hair that reached her waist was almost colourless, very nearly the same colour as her incredibly fair skin and her white eyelashes that cast a very light grey shadow over her cheeks. She walked with her head bowed, but occasionally looked up to find her footing with a set of water blue, almost transparent eyes that seemed to gaze right through everything in a more literal than metaphysical way. Her face, mostly covered by her hair, was heart-shaped with a long pointy chin and her nose long and a little aquiline.

One would see this ghostly form in the dead of night, apparently not cold and seemingly seeing everything in the dark and …

… she was starkers!

The fact that she was wearing no clothes at all didn't seem to bother her at all. As daybreak came, she would still be walking, headed in the same direction. She would pass travellers on her chosen road, and these would stare at her, eyes wide open, but she would ignore them blatantly. It was not until two ruffians stopped in front of her, gawking and drooling unashamedly, that she reacted. She raised her head and fixed them with her amazing eyes. She noticed that they were big, dirty and that she could not see much their skin that appeared to be covered by something. They were talking.

"Wooo-hooo, there's a little lady. What's up, pumpkin? Did someone steal your clothes?" one of them said, smiling and revealing a set of very unhealthy teeth. She mimicked his actions and bared her blindingly white teeth.

"Wow!" the other one said, "methinks you're growling at us! We should teach you some manners!"

And they both grabbed the thin girl and hauled her through the bushes and threw her onto the forest floor, one of them already shedding his shirt and trousers, his face red with arousal.

The young girl opened her mouth, but she didn't speak. A flame the size of a bonfire flared out of her mouth and right over the man's midsection. Now, he no longer spoke. He screamed. The other one, too close for his own good, caught fire as well and ran away, screaming, while the other dropped to the ground, writhing in pain. The young girl got up and looked at the shirt and pants that the first ruffian had already taken off and discarded. It had not caught the fire. She stooped and grabbed both garments, frowning as she tried to remember how the man had worn it. Then she awkwardly stuck both her legs in the trousers at the same time and toppled over with a little squeal. Rolling about, she eventually figured it out and then proceeded to don the shirt a little more gracefully.

Then she walked away, leaving the human torches behind without a second thought.

Camelot was busy that day; merchants, travellers and messengers were buzzing in and out of streets, shops and doors, making a day's worth of earnings and work. None of them really saw the odd little girl, dressed in a man's clothing, eel her way through the crowd. Once in a while, she would stop and close her eyes, wrinkling her nose, almost as if she was sniffing something out like a hunting dog. Then she would alter her direction and steadily and carefully make her way over the cobblestones in her bare feet that had become quite red from her walk. At some point she reached the castle where guards halted her and when she could not answer their questions, dismissed her, sending her away. Without raising a fuss, she then turned another corner where she stopped, squinting as if to make sure that she was alone and then closing her eyes in deep concentration. And then she disappeared.

Within the castle walls, right in front of the Court Physician's door, she reappeared and quickly reached out of hand to let it rest on the door surface. She didn't have to wait for long. The door was opened, and a young man's long face and gentle smile appeared.

"Come in," he said, beckoning her to enter, "I felt your presence. I have been expecting you ...

… Aithusa."


Right. Wanna see where this is going? Then tell me if it's worth continuing. :-)