Title: The meaning of a name
Chapter Title: " "
Author: Desperate For Attention
Beta Reader: N/A
For: Whoever wants to read my crap
Fandom: Hollyoaks
Pairing: Brendan Brady and Ste (Stephen) Hay
Warning: Real bad spelling, and grammar
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Disclaimer: Characters are sole property of Channel four; I am merely borrowing them for my own personal amusement, they shall be returned afterwards. I am making absolutely no money from this fic, not a penny, in fact I am paying my electricity to pay for it!
Summary: Because Ste knew that what Brendan meant was that he loved him too, that Stephen was just his own little way of showing it.

The Meaning Of AName

Stephen was Brendan's thing, not in the literal sense because Amy reminded him all the time that Ste was his own person and he wasn't anyone's. Except maybe hers and the kids, to which Ste would roll his eyes and smile at her. But the name; Stephen. Only Brendan called him that and only Brendan was allowed to call him that because it was their thing.

It was the way that Brendan expressed the way he felt, it was the sentimental 'I love you' that Ste wanted first thing in the morning when Brendan was forcing him out of the door half dressed and looking ashamed. It was the equivalent in their eyes, because big bad Brendan Brady didn't use words like love or adore or kiss and touch at every possible opportunity.

He didn't like that kind of thing, it was for girl and gays, both of which he wasn't no matter how many time he had forced Ste up against the wall after that first encounter months ago, he wasn't gay, he didn't like guys, he liked girls, pretty, young girls with alabaster skin and large gooey eyes.

And Ste, he liked Ste, a lot.

He never told him that, he didn't kiss him while they were at work or whisper something sickly into his ear as they passed at the bar or out in the street, sometimes he didn't even acknowledge that Ste was within proximity of him. At least he didn't give any outward indications but Ste could always tell that Brendan wanted to, the way his body stiffened when he passed and when Ste would grin and say morning to his boss and Brendan would get the smallest of smiles at the corners of his mouth that was quickly transfigured into a sneer.

But Brendan wasn't always so quick to hide his affections, especially when it was just the two of them. There were never sickly words and giggly nuzzling of necks. They just fucked, and Ste knew from that the way Brendan felt, he could tell from the amount of times Brendan would run his hands over Stephen's hips or kiss and nip at his shoulder and neck, he could tell by the way Brendan panted in his ear as he felt his climax brewing in his stomach and the way that Brendan curled his fingers to Stephen's and groan his name when they couldn't hold off their climax any longer.

Ste knew from the moment that Brendan pulled out of him and drew the small barman against his chest, his mouth dressing Stephen's in a lazy kiss to satisfy the pleasurable trembling of their bodies that it didn't matter that Brendan hardly said that he loved him, because he didn't need to say it like Noah had all of the time, because between them they had changed the words, Ste still mumbled that he loved him against Brendan's jaw and still grinned when Brendan would stiffen and grunt.

"Shut up, Stephen."

Because Ste knew that what Brendan meant was that he loved him too, that Stephen was just his own little way of showing it.