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Anya couldn't believe their luck at not running into any other guards in the halls. Tom's reaction was exact opposite. He was unsettled at this and said so, "Something's not right. They know we are here. We should have seen someone by now."

Anya's lips pursed together a bit at this. She was trying to think positive. Unlike Tom, she wasn't always ready for this kind of action. She really didn't understand how a person could live their life like this either, always on the edge, coiled like a spring waiting for something to come along that you could strike out at. How does Tom do this all the time? And was he like this before the virus? Was it prison that made him this way? Then she remembered something Tom had said months ago, the memory tickled her mind until it became clear. Yes, he had told Dexter that he had been in the Army. At the time she thought he lied, just like she did, to protect his past from everyone.

Before she could get carried away with this thread of thoughts, Tom stopped her. "Do you hear that?"

Anya listened closely for a moment. She followed the sounds around a corner and came to a set of double doors. She opened them and walked into a vast central room with skylights, tables, couches, desks with computers, books and people…hundreds of people.


Landry's office quickly filled with his (three) chosen Sovereigns. Part of the beauty of heading a corporation such as PSJ and having the power to offer survival to thousands of people was that you got to make the rules. One of them was that he would offer a governing body. He chose to call them Sovereigns since it sounded less threatening than Minister or King. He wasn't running a dictatorship after all. At least not as far as anyone knew. But he did like to keep his separate departments running (many times) unaware of each other.

Landry opened the meeting, "Gentlemen, it seems we have a slight situation."

"Of what nature?" asked one.

"Well, there doesn't seem to be a need to get worked up. I merely felt that this was something you all should be informed of…"

"Then why the emergency meeting? The guards were tearing down the halls then all headed outside. What's going on Landry?" demanded another.

"Gentlemen," Landry was trying to smooth them over but he could feel he was losing his grip on them…and quickly.

Then a gentleman with piercing blue eyes stood up. "Landry, we have worked very carefully and very diligently. We have taken every precaution to keep the people here safe and secure. Withholding information is insulting at this point. Give it to us straight, what's going on?"

Landry took a deep and resigning breath. "There has been an intrusion."

"By whom?"

"A woman, a doctor actually."

"How did she get past the guards?" 'Blue Eyes' asked.

Landry almost chuckled, "I'm not exactly sure, I haven't read the guard's report. But she made it past a few of them. However, I believe she is looking to leave the building immediately."

'Blue eyes' was enraged, "What? Do you know this woman? How do you know she is looking to leave? She came from the outside which means she can contaminate this entire facility! How can you possibly be so calm?

"No, she can't." Landry said softly. "True, she is from the outside, and she survived the initial virus but she is one of the doctors who helped develop the final and most precious vaccine that all of you were fortunate enough to have been given recently. She has administered it to herself as well."

"So you know she is not 'toxic' but what about the residents? We could have a mass panic on our hands here. We are not prepared for that."

Landry stood right across from 'Blue Eyes', "Mark, this is a woman that rejects violence. She used it against our guards only as a means to get to what she came for. She has that and now has no reason to stay. I have ordered the guards to pull back and let her leave. We don't want to encourage any more violence. Nor do we want to spark panic."

"How is it you know this woman so well that you believe she will look to leave right away?" Mark challenged.

Before he could answer another man asked Landry what the proposed plan of action was. Landry encouraged all to be on high alert but to remain calm overall. He would update them in one hour. Then he dismissed the men from his office.

As the Sovereigns walked into the hall, Mark gave his companions a look that made it quietly known that he did not fully believe or trust Landry on this one. Just as they turned to the next hallway a guard came running towards them and barely knocked as he opened the door to Landry's office.

He was in such a hurry he didn't shut the door behind him. The suspicious Sovereigns were within earshot.

"Sir, we have a situation in the common room."


Tom and Anya, still dressed in guard and doctor clothing didn't fool anyone. This group had been here in this confined space for about year now and they recognized them as newcomers at once.

The first gentleman to spot them had been at a computer. He stood straight up when he saw them and loudly accused, "Who are you? Are you from the outside?"

Anya only had time to mutter, "Um, yes but…." Before panic set through the room. She immediately understood that they thought she would be a risk for the virus. Tom stood protectively in front of Anya and held out the gun as a warning to stay back.

"No! No! Wait! It's ok! You won't get sick! I've been vaccinated! I've been vaccinated! We've both been vaccinated! You're safe!"

The crowd slowly started to calm but they were skittish. Questions came from the crowd.

"Where did you come from?" "How did you survive?" "What vaccine? We were told there wasn't one ready!"

Then one brave child stepped forward, "How did you get in here? We want to go outside and play but we aren't allowed. I miss it outside."

The crowd stood looking, waiting. Anya looked at Tom for reassurance and strength. Then she began her story.