AN: I changed Anko's age. She is only 5 years older then Naruto. She was trained by Orochimaru when she was 8 and he left not to long ago. At the age of 14 she became jounin. I'll be doing something similar to this chapter with next chapter. This is an overview of his first 10 years. The story starts after his training. The first two chapter is just a little intro. So enjoy. Please review

Chapter 1 Pain is this day everyyear

October 10. The day the Kyuubi was sealed. The day the Kyuubi was killed. The day a child was born. The day of the festival. The day where one childs life always gets worse. It would be assumed that as time went on the blow the Kyuubi caused in its rampage would lessen, that is not true. It seems every year the way the person, who Kyuubi was sealed in, is treated worse and worse. It has been ten years since the Kyuubi. The first six years of this child's life were hard. He lived in an orphanage.

Year 3

Naruto, the child of the Kyuubi as some called him was locked in the basement of the orphanage. The orphanage had a leak on the bottom floor directly over his bed. He had asked the matrons to move it. They replied 'Demon's do not deserve comfort.

Year 4

Naruto's clothes are ripped and dirty. He had asked to be given new clothes he got the same response as the last time. Naruto sighed and sat in a corner away from his bed.

Year 5

Naruto had been planning to run away, but it was on his birthday of his fifth year. That a small fire started in the orphanage. He was not alerted of the fire and the fire spread into his basement. Naruto awoke to the smell of smoke. In fear Naruto ran. He had been digging a hole outside using his hands and had made quite a distance. He crawled in it and waited. Soon water began to wash inside the hole. Naruto quickly had to climb out covered in mud.

Year 6

Naruto was kicked out the year before. Once again it was his birthday. Naruto had managed to remain hidden in shadows and was rarely seen. It was on this day that a drunken shinobi saw him. The shinobi yelled out "The demon is here." He called and the shinobi attacked him. Soon other villagers and Shinobi attacked him. One girl was hiding in the shadows trying to sneak past the villagers. She was pleased that someone else distracted them. It wasn't until the screams began that she realized they were hurting someone. She wanted to go help, but she could see the Hokage and anbu on their way. She quickly stalked away from the shadows and disappeared. One anbu saw her and he grimaced from behind his mask.

Year 7

The Hokage had signed Naruto up for the academy after explaining that he would be untouchable as a genin. To attack him would be to attack all the shinobi in this village. His wounds from last year had caused him to remain bedridden, not from the physical pain, but instead from the emotional pain. The hokage had set him up in an apartment Naruto was pleased by this, but he didn't like his apartment he seemed to have a snake infestation. As it seemed every night a snake would be in his apartment. The snake was silent but Naruto always knew it was there, one side affect of living on the streets and all of his mistreatments. It was on the day before a female shinobi accompanied the snake. Naruto sensed them but could not respond to them. On his birthday there was the sound of crashing glass, and a small fire started in his apartment. The snake disappeared in a poof of smoke. As the fire spread Naruto continued to try and get away, but he couldn't move. The female shinobi jumped in to the room and picked Naruto up and ran out of the room. As they were running the Anbu appeared around them. The hokage was there as well. The girl looked down her hair covering her face. She passed Naruto to the Hokage and asked him never to tell Naruto who she was.

Year 8

Naruto had started the academy. He had gotten faster at running and hiding. He was afraid of this day every year. He was hiding in a corner, and some shinobi were hiding just above him. He knew they were there but he couldn't run out as there were villagers standing around.

"Fire Style: Fireball jutsu." A shinobi called fire came down around Naruto and engulfed him.

"Water Style: Water Stream jutsu." Another shinobi called and it engulfed the fire putting it out. The hokage and anbu then rushed onto the scene and chased them off.

Year 9

Naruto snuck out of the village and hid away from the villagers. This year the villagers couldn't find him and settled on trying to hunt down the snake mistress as they called her. She avoided them this year.

Year 10 (present day)

Naruto was running away. The villagers were chasing him, and throwing knives at him. Shinobi were chasing him as well. One purple haired girl jumped down infront of him and grabbed him. Collecting him in her arms and jumping away. Naruto punched at the girl as she carried him away.

"Stop that please." She said

"Put me down." Naruto said as he punched her in the face

"Damn it. Look I'm taking you to the Hokage." She said

He quieted down as he could see the Hokage coming towards him. She put him down in front of the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama." Anko said bowing

"Yes Anko-chan?" The Hokage said looking at her

"With your permission I ask to train Naruto-san." Anko said

"Why?" Hokage said his eyes narrowing

"Hokage-sama. Only I could help him as much as he'll need. You know only someone who has felt what this village can do to you can help another. He needs a friend he can learn from as well." Anko said

"You mean to say, he can help you slip from this depression you are in. Its not about him is it?" A silver-haired anbu said

"Actually it is completely about him. If he can help me that's great, but my main focus is helping Naruto-san." Anko said

"Dog. It's ok. I give you my permission Anko-chan. I want him stronger. A lot stronger." The Hokage said

"Yes sir." Anko said