Hello everyone, this is Alchemists19, I want to inform all of you that I will be rewriting this story due to the fact that I am not happy with the way it is going. I know this is sudden but I feel it is the right thing to do.
First and foremost I am unhappy with the lack of humor that was in the first few chapters. Also I feel my portrayal of Naruto was not a very good one. I made him too serious and he doesn't have the charm that makes him Naruto.
Another point is the lack of interaction between Naruto and his friends, I been focusing more on the Bleach side of things and there not that much interaction with Naruto side. I feel it become more of a bleach story and less of a Naruto story. Also I feel that the Zanpakuto thing is going nowhere I just don't see him needing one. With the recent events in the manga and the powers he possesses, I feel a Zanpakuto would be not used at all. So That part would be removed unless you feel you want him to have one.

The finally there is the pairing. I am still very happy with Nemu and Isane in the pairing but that is about it. I can't help but feel as the relationship with Orihime is forced on my part and doesn't seem to work for this story. Also I feel adding a girl from Naruto would make the story work better as well and I will be adding a Naruto girl instead of Orihime. She will still be in the story but I see her as more of a sister to Naruto then a love interest. I would like to get your opinions on this if possible.

Thank you all for reading this first version on this story and I will be posting the first chapter of the new story today the name will be Lieutenants Love Ninja. I am leaving the original up so everyone can read it and still enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you all for reading and supporting this story and all my stories.