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Adventure time baby mama

Marceline sat with her boyfriend, his blonde hair tickled her nose. His hat lay in her hand as she stroked his hair and she was sprawled on top of him. She had known him since he was a teenager and they had been best friends through and through. Soon Marceline developed feelings for the human boy… but unfortunately the love was unrequited. But he soon realized he truly loved the rocking vampire queen. He was her king, her hero, her adventurer, her lover, her human. Finn the human. They had moved in together and lived in Marceline's house (since Rainicorn moved into his tree house with Jake) and then they moved into that haunted house (the one from the episode called the creeps). They had been together as a couple for almost a year now and things were going great. Beemo and Neptor moved in with them along with Marceline's ghost poodle Schwabl (who is a girl poodle and is a real character). They were about to kiss when the phone rang.

"Ugh" Finn groaned. Finn had matured over the years. His shaggy blonde hair grew back and covered his face; he had gotten taller and very muscular. He got tanned and started to where darker colors. He was now 20 years old while his hot vampire queen was 21. "Who is it?" Finn asked agitated that his kiss with Marceline was interrupted. When he heard the sobbing voice on the other end he took the phone into another room.

"What do you want Princess Bubblegum?" Finn growled at his ex girlfriend. He knew Marceline and her didn't get along so he wanted to make this quick.

"Finn, Finn baby please come back to me." She cried. Here was the girl who shattered his heart many times and used his love for her to her own gain… wanting him back. Finn had to thank her though, without her those years of heartbreak she caused, he never would have fell even more in love with Marceline. "I love you so very much!" Finn practically hissed on the other end of the phone. Those were the words he had always wanted to hear… and now when he found his true love does she tell him. "It's too late Bubblegum." Finn growled he had stopped calling her by her nickname since they'd broke up. Bubblegum kept crying and saying things in German… which Finn couldn't understand.

"Who is it Finn?" Marceline asked, she was on the steps of the house… in reality she knew who he was talking too (super hearing) but she couldn't understand what they were saying.

"No one Marceline." Finn gave a fake forced smile for his girlfriend and she went back upstairs. "Now you listen to me Bubblegum, nothing you could ever say would make me come back to you-"

"I'm pregnant!"

"What?" Finn was taken back by the words that (thankfully in English) came out of her mouth. Finn's flabbergasted expression turned to anger and he punched the wall closest to him. "Slamacow!" Bubblegum cried some more and stated it was indeed Finn's child.

"Why didn't you tell me this Bubblegum? Why did you wait months to tell me?"

"I-I was scared you'd get mad." Bubblegum stuttered at the other end, scared of the man on the other end.

"B-but this is a good thing Finn! This is a reason for you to come back! You can become king of the candy kingdom, we'll take care of our child, get married, all you have to do is leave that monster-"

"Don't you ever call Marceline that you hear me?" Finn was enraged; almost everyone was scared of his Marceline and always asked him why he was with her… always talking about her behind her back. It had really gotten to Marceline and upset her enough not to even hold Finn's hand in public. "Marceline is not a monster! She's the beautiful woman I love now and I will never get back together with you!" Marceline watched the conversation go down from on top of the second floor with Beemo. Finn seemed to calm down. "All right… okay… I'll be over… there in about an hour." Finn then hung up the phone, more like slammed it down.

"Finn… is everything alright weenie?" Marceline asked… she had never seen Finn this upset before.

"Yeah" Finn breathed in heavily, trying to calm down. "I just need to go over… to go the Candy Kingdom."

"Uh um I-I better go… walk Schwabl." Beemo started to back away nervously… trying to get the heck outta there.

"The Candy Kingdom?" Marceline wasn't too happy about that but she didn't want to seem like the paranoid girlfriend so she just nodded.

"I'll be back soon Marcie." Finn put on his raincoat (it was midnight and raining), kissed her cheek and left.

"Bye Finn." Marceline gave a tiny wave, even though Finn was gone. Then she flew to the phone and called her closest friends. In about an hour they came over, Penny (who is a humanoid and married Donny and has two boys and pregnant… must be tough), "Guardian" Angel (who's real name is Eru, the one who tried to eat Finn… but they got over that), Fiona (a human girl who reminded Marceline a lot of Finn and who had married Marceline's older brother Marshal lee), and Lsp (surprisingly liked Marceline better than Bubblegum), Lady Rainicorn, ghost princess, and raggedy princess, Jungle princess and the Donut witch crashed the party.

"What's up girl?" Penny hugged Marceline and "accidently" picked up a Venus fly trap and put it in her bag… earning her glares from the other girls "Whoops my bad ya'll." Penny blushed and reluctantly put the plant down… only to steal a piece of chocolate.

"What did you call The-Emergency-Girl-Time for Marce?" Fiona asked and plopped her pregnant self on a chair.

Marceline started to go off in a great definition that she heard Finn and Bubblegum talking and she heard the sentence "I'm pregnant! It's yours Finn!" from Bubblegum.

"Oh my glob… LIKE DRAMA BOMB!" Lsp shouted and flailed her arms around wildly.

"Oooooh I'm sorry Shug." Eru put her arm around Marceline while lady Rainicorn said some pity junk and hugged Marceline as well. Beemo peered his computer head from the kitchen and watched the women talk, holding his remote controller like a little teddy bear. Marceline (sensing someone there) turned around and glared at Beemo.

"Bad computer! What are you doing up after bedtime baby?" Marceline marched up to Beemo, hands on her hips.

"Yeah you should be in bed, AND DON'T COME BACK DOWN!" Everyone just rolled their eyes at the donut witch's mood swings.

"Come here Sugar." Eru flew over to Beemo, picked him up, and cradled him like a little baby. Beemo yawned and put his tiny robot thumb in his mouth.

"!" Everyone cooed at the cute little Beemo. Neptor bumped into Marceline repeatedly.

"I'm cute too Mama!" He cried, begging for attention.

"Oh come here Cutie." Marceline picked Neptor up. "I didn't forget about you." Neptor smiled and leapt out of Marceline's arms and zoomed around the room and everyone laughed. Eru put the sleeping Beemo in a little blanket and Fiona grabbed Neptor's Pie throwing appendage and she and Eru led Marceline's "Robot children" upstairs to their bedroom.

*With Finn*

Finn walked through the rain and stopped when he saw the place he thought he'd never return to, the Candy Kingdom. Candy bubbles filled the air and one popped near Finn's eyes. He walked into the castle, ignoring the friendly hellos of the candy people. Cupcake man walked in front of him, blocking his way into the castle.

"Hello Finn, how have you been?"

"Cut the poo Cupcake, I know you just wanna know about Lady Rainicorn."

"Alas, you know me well Finn. So is she still with that humph mutt of yours?" Cupcake growled, spitting at the thought of Jake's name.

"Aren't you with Chocolate covered strawberry now, Cupcake?"

Cupcake man rolled his chocolate sprinkled eyes. "Yes I am with LaCienega, but I could get rid of her if Lady wanted to maybe-"

"She is married to Jake for three years now." Finn cut him off, anxious to leave.

"I was not invited?" Cupcake man seemed offended and gasped.

"Why would you be?"

"Touché Finn, touché." Cupcake man gave Finn a smirk and stepped out of his way but not before saying one more thing, just to irk Finn.

"It seems you are a baby daddy now huh? More like a deadbeat dad."

Finn growled at Cupcake man and just left him there, laughing triumphantly. Finn stepped through the candy castle doors (not without glares from the guards and stepped into the castle. A huge picture of Finn and Bubblegum hung on the wall and Finn bit back the erge to spit on it. Peppermint butler led Finn upstairs to where the Princess was. Peppermint butler always hated Finn, it's why he led Finn to the underworld when he killed his beloved Princess Bubblegum's princess plant. Peppermint butler served as Princess Bubblegum's guard for years and had known her forever… but her eyes always admired the human boy more than him. When Princess Bubblegum and Finn started dating it broke his heart. Then when Princess Bubblegum broke up with Finn (which Peppermint butler was happy about) Finn abandoned the kingdom when they needed help… and so they had to keep a barrier around the kingdom (which opened for Finn) and things went into chaos. When Princess Bubblegum found out she was pregnant she at first thought it would bring the hero back… but it didn't. Finn had abandoned Princess Bubblegum, the kingdom, everyone there. Peppermint Butler wanted to fight Finn but he knew it would anger the princess, make the citizens angry (they wanted Finn back to protect them, they really didn't like him also because he left the princess), and the most important reason… Peppermint butler was no match for Finn. Also Peppermint Butler hated Marceline (he has red line after all) because she could suck the red out of him, she was dating Finn, she was Princess Bubblegum's greatest enemy, and she stole Finn away from Princess Bubblegum. So Peppermint Butler kept quiet and led Finn to the Princess's room… where she wasn't alone. Princess Bubblegum sad on her bed (her belly bigger than ever), Cotton Candy princess (yeah she's real) sat on a chair, comforting the crying Princess and glared at Finn. Wildberry Princess on the other side of Bubblegum, giving Finn the cold shoulder. Tiny Princess sat behind Bubblegum, combing through her Bubble gummy locks that were now tangled and looked as if they hadn't been combed in months. Then sat on the other side of the room were Princess Bubblegum's angry relatives. One was Lemongrab (her uncle) who paced the room and kept saying over and over to himself "this is unacceptable, completely unacceptable, and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!" Next to him was Prince Gumball, who was Princess Bubblegum's twin brother, who was Prince of the Candy Kingdom in the land of Aah. Prince Gumball didn't like Finn, he reminded him of Fiona. Prince Gumball was always in love with Fiona but she never loved him… she always loved that rebel vampire! Now that rebel vampire's sister stole his twin sister love away too! Then in the corner sat a fat man with a puffy Bubblegum beard and had a gold candy wrapper gold crown who Finn recognized from a picture to be the bubblegum twin's father, the king of Candy, Candy King.

"H-hi Finn." Princess Bubblegum stuttered.

"Hello Bubblegum… what's up?" Finn didn't know what else to say.


"Calm down uncle Lemongrab-" Bubblegum started to say but her father put his finger to his lips.

"Hush Bubblegum! Now at first I come to your kingdom, ensuring your father everything is fine but then I see you are thirteen! Then you guys pranked me for days but oh I put up with it but now, now, you are pregnant? Bye the miscreant who is now with the very monster's sister who stole the love of you brother? UN-UN- oh what's the word?"

"Unacceptable?" Finn rolled his eyes and everyone gave him a glare.

"How dare you give me the word I was looking for! Why I out to-" Lemongrab was about to fight Finn but Gumball held him back. Gumball gave Finn a smile "You remind me of Fiona." Then Gumball's face went angry "I hate Fiona. Isn't it just dandy the same monster who stole away my love's sister took my sister's love?" Gumball started to circle Finn "It's a good thing I found another, my dear sweet Cotton Candy Princess." Cotton Candy Princess blew a kiss at Gumball and winked. "But be that as it may, I didn't get to kiss Fiona, not even date her. But you manage to knock my sister up? And here you just abandon her when she needs you aid. You disgust me." Gumball stepped back as Candy King jiggled his way out of the small chair (which stuck to his fat butt so Peppermint Butler had to get it off him). He shuffled his way to Finn and eyed him up and down with disgust.

"Finn the Human, do you know how much trouble you have caused?" Candy King bellowed, his fat cheeks slapping against his mouth. "My son's kingdom must be conjoined with my daughter's as well as mine. I will need to know every affair my twin's have. I will rule over the conjoined kingdoms for four more years and then Prince Gumball will take over when I pass on. Princess Bubblegum will still be royal but you shall be stripped of your Princess title." This caused everyone to gasp. "Lemongrab why are you gasping I talked this over with you like twenty minutes ago? Lemongrab your sour kingdom shall be moved so it is close to the Candy Kingdom-"

"But my Kingdom is in the dessert for a reason!" He shouted. "My lemon camels and citizens cannot stand this weather!"

"Well then shall I strip you of your royalty as well?" Candy King looked down his squeamish little brother.

"N-no your highness."

"Now everybody stop interrupting me it is very annoying. Now Cottoncandy Princess will gain Princess Bubblegum's royalty status and as planned will marry my son, Prince Gumball. Since she rules over a small kingdom hers will be conjoined as well. Now after Prince Gumball's rain comes to an end Princess, erhem I mean Bubblegum's child shall rule. Now as for you Finn, as I understand you are will that monstrosity you shall still take care of the kingdom as well as the child my daughter is carrying. I ban anyone who is not a citizen from the candy kingdom from entering, with the exception of Finn, Jake, and Bubblegum's ex handmaiden Lady Rainicorn, other royalty, but absolutely no monsters, especially vampires. No citizen is aloud to ever leave the Candy Kingdom."

"Father aren't you being a little rash?" Gumball put his hand on his father's shoulder but it was smacked away. "SHALL I STRIP YOU OF YOU STATUS AS WELL PRINCE?" Candy King yelled at his son who just bowed his head in shame. "Now as for Princess Bubblegum-."

"Father it isn't Finn's fault… I said I used the pill but I-I didn't!" Bubblegum began to cry and her father nodded. "I thought it would bring Finn back, I broke up with him, and I didn't tell him I was pregnant until now." Her father nodded and held his hand up as a sign for her to be quiet. "Now I strip you of your Princess status." Bubblegum nodded and bent over and her father yanked her crown off, hit her over the head with it, and then placed it on a pillow that Peppermint Butler held. Bubblegum led Finn out of the room, so he wouldn't have any more scolding from them. She led him just to the end of the Kingdom.

"Bubblegum I-"

"I give endless apologies Finn. But right now I must return to the Kingdom and… get my stuff out of the castle and move out." Bubblegum looked back to her beloved castle and then at Finn. Finn used to love her pink eyes… but now he couldn't help but have pity on her.

"I'll come over tomarrow to help you."

Bubblegum's face instantly lit up and she hugged Finn and refused to let go. "Oh thank you ever so much Finn! I owe you all my gratitude." Finn gently pushed Bubblegum off him, gave a tiny wave and left. Princess Bubblegum waited until Finn was out of sight then she smirked and gave a tiny cackle.

"Has the trap been set?"

"Yes, everything has been going according to plan." Bubblegum spoke to the shadow behind her.

"Good, good."

Bubblegum and the mysterious person laugher filled the night as Finn ran back to his beloved.