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Marceline rubbed her aching head, she had fallen at least four stories underground. Luckily Marceline had landed on a couple old mattresses. Marceline looked up and was about to fly but the hole where she fell from had been covered by rumble.

"Shit." Marceline grumbled and got up.

She was in some kind of underground tunnel, the walls had old stone bricks that had molded with age and vines looped around them. Marceline grabbed her nose and waved her hand through the air.

"Glob it smells like Jake's cooking!"

Marceline levitated and kept walking down the hallway. As she kept going she started to see pictures on the wall… probably from the earlier times with the settlers. Marceline stopped when she saw this old painting of a little girl in an old Victorian dress. She had short black hair and bright red eyes. Marceline slowly walked away, it seemed the little girl's eyes followed her as she left. 'Probably from the Victorian era.' Marceline thought and she kept walking down the hallway. She just came upon more paintings and then crumbled statues… cat statues. A fishy smell no joke, it smelled like real fish… raw fish… smelly fishy fish fish fish!

Marceline's eyes gave tears from the smell. "Ugh it REAKS here!"

Marceline just pressed on until she came into some kind of cellar… filled with cats. Well there were live cats that filled the room and meowed like crazy. Then there were cat statues that lined the walls and a huge blue fire in the shape of a star blazed in the center of the room… and a huge green cat's eye jewel floated in the center. Marceline gasped as a cat creature stood under the gem.

Marceline yelped as she felt a sharp pain on her ankle. "What the fudge monkeys?"

"Intruder! You have interrupted the seecred (sacred) ritual of CATS ONLY!"

"What in the world." Marceline looked around and tried to find her attacker but found no one. Something crawled up her dress and Marceline felt tiny paws on her head and pulled at her raven locks.

"You will die!"

Marceline grabbed her attacker off fro her head… a tiny cat? "Aw hi cutie."

"The names Me-Mow." The tiny white stripped cat with pink eyes squeezed out from her fist and Marceline scratched the cat's chin with her pinky. "I just wanna gobble you up."

Me-Mow pulled her golden dagger from her throat and cut Marceline's finger in one swift motion. "Get back you beast!"

Marceline only cackled and put Me-Mow in her chest pocket (the big kinds in the middle of a dress).

"Let me go you monster!"

Marceline shushed the cat by shoving a tiny cherry in Me-Mow's mouth and she purred with pleasure. Marceline floated to the ceiling and watched as the cat creature grab the glowing jewel in its large black paws and roared so hard that it rumbled the room. Marceline was speechless.

"She's praying to our cat goddess Bastet for more immortality."

"Huh?" Marceline stared at the tiny cat who just gave an exasperated sigh and did a paw palm.

"That werecat is our leader… she's using our crystal of power to ask our goddess Basket for more power."

Me-Mow crawled on the vampire's head and cradled herself in Marceline's hair. The cat creature went over to an old wooden bowl filled with red liquid. The smell of iron infiltrated Marceline's nose and her mouse began to water. 'Blood' she thought, Marceline had been off that stuff for years and she sworn once she started to date Finn she'd never go back. Marceline flinched as the werecat gulped down the thick red liquid down its throat and caked the fur around its mouth.

"See?" Me-Mow pointed. "That blood has been blessessessed? Blesseest? Bleeesed? (Blessed)" Marceline gave a tiny laugh as Me-Mow tried to say the word blessed. A tiny drop of drool fell from Marceline's lips and gently landed on the werecat's head. The werecat immediately looked up and found the sneaky vampire.

"Uh oh." Me-Mow snickered from Marceline's head. "Looks like you're in trouble Count Chocula."

The werecat growled and snapped at Marceline, missing her by merely inches. "Well move it vampire or we're both doomed!"

Marceline raised an eyebrow. "We?"

"Eh we'd make a pretty good team."

Marceline flew around the room as the werecat clawed at her. Marceline hissed and Me-Mow leapt from Marceline's hair pulled her dagger out and slashed the werecat repeatedly. The werecat was about to kill Me-Mow but Marceline grabbed the tiny cat before it could. Marceline hissed and threw some bricks at the werecat and it fell unconscious. Me-Mow and Marceline fist bumped (more like a paw and pinky bump) when they heard clapping. Me-Mow leapt on Marceline's shoulder and hissed. Miranda, Scorpia, and Viper emerged from the shadows. Miranda smirked and was clapping. Marceline's ruby eyes widened when she saw what was clutched in Scorpia's claw.

"Marshal!" Marceline watched as her brother squirmed around.

"Thanks for taking out the cat for me Mar Mar." Miranda flew and pinched Marceline's cheeks. "What's wrong?" Miranda picked up Me-Mow. "Cat got your tongue?" Miranda flicked Me-Mow off to the corner. Miranda flew and grabbed the gem. Cats made from shadows swirled around Miranda but vanished in thin air. The cats that had been in the room were now shaking or the brave ones were hissing with fury, the hair on their backs standing straight up. The gemstone glowed in Miranda's hands and she cackled as the gem went inside her.

"One down, four more to go." Miranda snapped her fingers. "Scorpia drop him."

Scorpia threw Marshal to the concrete wall and Marceline rushed to her brother's side. Marshal stared at Fiona in pure shock… and hurt. Marceline had never seen her rough and tough brother look so… sad. Marceline knew it hurt the Fiona; no Miranda now had betrayed Marshal.

"Fiona." Marshal wobbled to his feet. "How could you do this?"

For a short second everyone they could have sworn Miranda's face falter and the old Fiona emerged… but then she just zapped Marshal.

"I-I'm sorry Marshal." Miranda's hair covered her eyes. "But the old Fiona is gone… and there's a new face in evil and her name is Miranda!"

Miranda threw her hands in the air and souls screamed and zoomed out from her hands. The cats hissed while Scorpia and Viper hissed with excitement.

"Tata losers." Miranda stuck her tongue out and made her thumb and pointer finger form a giant 'L' and put it on her forehead. Her eyes flickered to Marshal in sort of an apologetic way but she looked away and flew through the ceiling.

"Yeah Losers!" Viper hissed and Scorpia slapped her with her claw and they left. The other cats left. Marshal struggled to get up and Marceline helped him get up.

"We have to save Fiona." He said breathlessly.

Marceline smoothed her brother's spiky hair. "You need to rest."

Suddenly a huge gush of light came from Marceline's stomach.

"What the glob?" Marshal and Me-Mow were pushed to the wall.

Marceline rose into the air… only to fall down again.

"What was that?" The vampires yelled in unison.

"It was magic kiddies." Me-Mow huffed.

"I'm pretty sure I'm older than you pipsqueak." Marshal picked Me-Mow up by her back and Me-Mow thrashed around.

"We'll see whose laughing when you're blind!"

Marshal rolled his eyes. "Tsh yeah right." Marshal flicked Me-Mow and she landed on Marceline's shoulder. "So far I don't like him."

"Try having him for a brother."

The werecat started to move. Everyone got prepared for a fight but… the werecat melted away… and laid there was the little girl Marceline saw from the painting.

"Can someone please explain this to me?" Marshal yelled and Me-Mow shrugged.

*With Finn*

Bubblegum dragged me into the hallway with the baby.

"Listen Finn I don't have a job yet you're gonna need to take the baby with you."

"Bubblegum I can't what with Beemo, Neptr, and Marceline-"

Bubblegum glared. "Finn I am the mother of your first child so we come first in your life. If I had my way we'd be together and you wouldn't be with that vampire."

Finn just gave a sigh… he only wanted what was best for the baby. Finn agreed. "So what are we going to name him?"

"Something that has to do with candy."

Finn rolled his eyes, of course. Finn's son might end up being called… Cinnamon. Finn shuttered at the thought.

Bubblegum tapped her chin. "How about… Blowpop? Prince Blowpop that sounds nice."

Finn smiled. "That sounds nice I guess."

Bubblegum smiled to herself and Finn smiled too… this was how it should be Bubblegum thought. Bubblegum should be with Finn… as a family. But alas it would never be that way… Finn didn't love her anymore. After signing some papers and junk Finn left with Blowpop in his arms. He had to let all of this junk out of his head… not for Bubblegum but for Blowpop. A shadow zoomed above Finn's head and he pulled his sword out ready for anything.


Finn growled at the old coop. "ICE KING! You're not stealing princess again are you?"

Ice King nervously scratched the back of his head. "Nooooo. First of all Finn I collect princesses because I hope someday one will love me-"

"They won't."

"QUIET BOY! Ahem well I hope one will love me blah blah blah so since you're done with Bubblegum… can I have her?"

Finn was taken back. "What?"

"Come on Finn." Ice King wrapped his cold arm around Finn's shoulder. "Throw me a bone here! You have all the princesses you could ask for yet you stay with that gross vampire-"

Rage blared through Finn and he held his sword against the old fart's neck. "Marceline is not gross I love her… besides the princess's were way too desperate."

"So why did you love Bubblegum?"

Finn drew his sword back… Ice King had asked the very question Finn wondered himself. Why did he love Bubblegum when he dated her? Finn walked over to a giant mushroom and sat on it, still holding Blowpop and Ice King sat on a low tree branch.

"I really don't know." Finn started, looking back at his life. "I guess it was because she was the only princess who looked as close to human as possible."

"So it was her looks huh?" Ice King peeled the bark off the tree. "Been there done that I guess that's why I like her."

"It wasn't just that." True it wasn't just that… or at least Finn thought. Had there really been another reason to why he had liked her? It wasn't her voice because it was annoying, they didn't have anything in common… so why? Why had all those wasted years was he with her? "I don't know why I was with her…"

"I think I know why." Ice King floated off his branch and wandered over to Finn. "Now Finn when you were with her did you ever feel mislead? Or perhaps did people maybe expect you'd be with her? Or… was she just the only girl you really knew?"

Finn's jaw lay open… who knew such a crazy old wizard was so wise? Ice King read Finn like a book. Finn looked deep inside himself… Ice King was right, horribly horribly right. But what did he mean by that last part? Ice King looked at the troubled boy and gave a comforting smile… that showed his fangs. Finn was like a son to him… a son that beat him up everyday.

"What do you mean she was the only girl I knew?"

Ice King sighed… he thought Finn was smarter than this. "Finn you'd saved people your whole life especially princesses. Princess Bubblegum… she wasn't the closest princess to you right?"

Finn did have a soft spot for Pb. "But what the stuff does that have to do with anything?"

"Think about it Finn." Ice King said… the boy was probably in denial. "When you were younger did you ever really hang out with any other girls? Better yet… did you even know any other girls?"

Finn thought back on when he was younger, when he first moved in the tree house with Jake.


Finn and Jake smiled up at the tree, it was perfect for their new home. The tree house already was carved out to have rooms and it seemed abandoned so it was a really sweet find! Finn was only ten years old at the time and as he loaded the furniture inside he heard a horn blow. Finn and Jake turned out towards the grass fields as a candy carriage pulled by four gummy horses. Finn and Jake watched in awe as the carriage pulled up to the tree house and stopped. A long rainbow unicorn came flying out with a short peppermint man.

"Hear yee hear yee! New comers are welcomed by the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum!"

A pretty pink girl stepped out from the carriage gracefully; she had to be at least fourteen years old. She looked beautiful… she looked almost human but she was pink.

"Welcome!" Princess Bubblegum announced to no one. "We are so happy some new people have moved in after… never mind. Now who might you two be?"

Jake was flirting with the unicorn thing but stopped and noticed Finn's blush at the sight of the princess.

"I'm Jake the magic dog!" Jake stretched around grabbed Finn and brought him in front of Princess Bubblegum. "I'm with Finn here, a human!"

Princess Bubblegum gasped, a real life human… so rare. "How intriguing!"

"Y-yeah I'm Finn. Me and my buddy Jake are heroes round these parks."

Princess Bubblegum gave one of her signature innocent smiles 'Heroes,' she thought to herself 'Just what we need!'

"Well I hope we can see more of each other hero." Princess Bubblegum smirked and scratched the bottom of Finn's chin. Princess Bubblegum gave a wink at Finn (making Peppermint Butler glare) and got back in the carriage with the unicorn and they rode off to their kingdom.

Jake stretched his arm around Finn's shoulder. "She totally digs you!"

"Shut up man!"

*End of Flashback*

Finn looked back on all the memories he had with the pink girl… she practically played him his whole life.

"She was basically the only girl around that wasn't weird or wanted to marry me all the time." Finn said and thought about all the princesses that constantly kissed him or put themselves in danger on purpose just so he'd show up.

Ice King nodded. "I hear ya Finn. All the other princesses are just so… you know what I mean. So have you ever felt mislead when you were around her?"

"All the time" Finn scoffed. "She'd always be like 'Thank you my noblest hero' and sometimes even kiss me! Like in the wizard competition but that was because she had to… why'd she offer a kiss like that anyway?"

Ice King just shrugged. "Everyone's gotta make a living Finn."

"Touché. But she'd sometimes kiss me by choice which was the part I never got! And after she'd kiss me she'd brush it off like it was nothing… but it meant something to me. The time that hurt me the most was when she turned thirteen again. Things were great… she liked me liked me and I actually had a shot with her. Then when she had to turn eighteen again because she was too young to rule the kingdom and that it was UNNACEPTABLE we glued the extra pieces of candy to her. She said I only had to hug her but… somehow we ended up kissing. Then when she got what she wanted she threw me away like a candy wrapper. I even pulled up the nerves to ask her if she wanted to 'hug' some more and she just says and I quote 'That was like five years ago, you need to move on.' I mean what the glob was that about?" Finn ranted.

"She puts the tease in cocktease." Ice King moved his neck back and forth.

"I mean… I just thought we had something special." Finn whimpered, looking back on his life. "I remember when we even started dating."


Finn came home from a great day of adventuring with a trophy of battle scars and he had a real beaut on his chest. Finn had turned into a strapping young man, he was tall, muscular, and his voice flowed like sugar. Finn was nineteen. He had basically gotten over Bubblegum after she shot him down time after time. Besides he liked hanging out with a certain new vampire friend of his. Jake was off on a romantic rendezvous with Lady Rainicorn so Finn was walking home alone. Finn entered the seemingly empty tree house that was pitch black. Finn turned on the light switch only to scream in terror at the shadow in the corner.

"WHAT THE NUT oh it's just you Princess." Finn gave a weak smile at Princess Bubblegum who sat on his couch. "So um how'd you get in my house?"

"Finn we need to talk."

"That doesn't answer my question."

Bubblegum ignored Finn again and sat him down on the couch beside her. The princess was twenty years old… but still had that baby face.

"I haven't seen you in awhile Finn." She scooted closer to the boy. "What have you been doing lately?"

"Um hanging out and adventuring?" Finn scooted away, feeling uncomfortable.

Bubblegum huffed and scooted even closer. "Finn is it me? Is there someone else you like to hang out with more?" she knew the answer already.

"Um I've just been a little bust is all." Talk about too close for comfort. Finn scooted away even more.

"Why don't you come to my castle tonight?" Bubblegum wrapped her arms around Finn's muscular arm.

"Sorry." Finn slipped his arm away from the princess. "I'm jamming with Marcie later."

"Marceline." Princess Bubblegum spat at her name. "Marceline this Marceline that what's so great about her? Why not hang out with me Finn?"

Finn scooted away from the angry princess but she scooted closer to the blushing human. Finn was oblivious to the pink girl's advances but she would have none of that and with one swift movement she grabbed Finn's head and pulled him down into a deep kiss. After awhile of making out they decided they would date.

*End of flashback*

"That sucks." Ice King patted Finn's shoulder. "You should have a guys night… you know just hanging out with your bros and what not."

"Your right man! I just gotta keep my head up!" Finn jumped up, suddenly happy. For once this old fart actually did something right!

"YEAH FINN YOU'RE A TOUGH GUY!" Ice King cheered.





"Yeah wait what?"

"Sorry." Ice King looked at the ground. "That was a motivational speech my coach Patrick Star makes me do to make me happy."

"Okay… I'm gonna go home now." And with that Finn ran for his life. When Finn was gone Ice King pulled out a picture he had found on the internet… that was his date for tonight! Thank you for internet dating!

Ice King smooched the picture. "Hmm Velma Dinkley Huh? Well I'm not a fan of Scooby snacks but Awoo! She is hot!"

Ice King flew into the sky. He had to get ready for his date you know!

*With Peppermint Butler*

"Why are you making me do this?" Bebe whispered into the phone.

"You have a job to do agent Honey Badger! Unless you don't want the money and keep you precious hotel." The person on the other end growled.

"No please I need this money or else I can't keep the hotel… Okay I'll do what you want."

Bebe hung up the phone and walked out of the office. Peppermint Butler walked through the dance floor and tons of candy citizens bumped into him. The music blasted through the speakers and bounced off the walls. Peppermint Butler looked up and saw Kitty at the mike, Nurse Poundcake on drums, lollypop girl on bass, and LaCienega (Chocoberry) on electric guitar. Kitty opened her sugary blue lips and began to sing.

It took too long
It took too long
It took to long for you to call back
And normally I would just forget that
Except for the fact it was my birthday
My stupid birthday

Kitty swung her blue hips to the beat and twirled in a circle as Peppermint Butler mad his way to the front of the stage. The candy people jumped and danced as Kitty sang. The spot lights zoomed around the band but Peppermint thought Kitty shined brightest. Kitty looked through the crowd until she saw Peppermint Butler and smiled… then she looked through the crowd and saw her jerk boyfriend Chet (the chocolate covered peanut from the episode "Slumber Party Panic") at the bar with his friends glaring at Kitty. Kitty glared back… she would scream how mad she was to the world… or at least this crowd of people.


Kitty had put up with Chet for far too long, no she had enough. Chet had such a strong hold on her but now she'd finally break away. She played along, put on fake smiles, and covered her bruises and scars with blue makeup for far too long! Kitty had already dumped his stuff in an alleyway.


Kitty knew Chet would go back to her, he always would and that's just how it was. Well Chet would maybe just have to find out just how it feels when she would really be gone. The candy people cheered and Kitty looked in the crowd again until she saw her sister in a doorway, her eyes were filled with fear. Bebe feared her sister was taking this too far; Chet wasn't the kind of guy who'd be okay with this. But Kitty was too far in to go back.

You're not livin' till you're livin'
Livin' with me
You're not winnin' till you're winnin'
Winnin' me
You're not gettin' till you're gettin'
Gettin' to me
You're not livin' till you're livin'
living for me

Chet would miss Kitty and she'd make sure of that. Peppermint Butler looked at Kitty's eyes… her beautiful blue eyes… filled with anger and determination? He followed her eyes until he saw a chocolate covered peanut in the back of the room. The tension between the two seemed thick as blood. Peppermint Butler shuttered when he looked into the cold eyes of the peanut boy. He also saw Bebe in the back as well… she didn't look happy either.


Kitty remembered all the good times she had with Chet… wow that was short. Kitty had written this song with her sister. Bebe joked and said that Kitty should sing this at her show tonight… but Kitty was deadly serious. Kitty smirked as she saw the look on Chet's face.

We got along
We got along
We got along until you did that
Now all I want is just my stuff back
Do you get that?
Let me repeat that
I want my stuff back

Kitty wanted her stuff back from Chet… all those things she had left at his place. Jerk was keeping them which were basically the only reason why Kitty always went back. Some of that stuff was fudge important to her! Kitty wanted to break up with Chet from the beginning but he would never give her stuff back. But now it was finally time to let go.


Kitty really didn't care how Chet would give her stuff back as long as they got back. If Chet would even dare go to her house she wouldn't be there. She didn't need him anymore… she was finally her own person.

You'renotlivin' tillyou'relivin'
' withme
'renotwinnin' tillyou'rewinnin'
' me
'renotgettin' tillyou'regettin'
' tome
'renotlivin' tillyou'relivin'

He took her for granted! He never had appreciated her! Too bad he'd never know how important she was to him before it's too late, far too late. Kitty was so much better than any girl Chet could possibly get. She wasn't a toy… she wasn't someone you could just play with then throw away oh no sir. He'd never find a girl like Kitty in his life. He'd miss her oh would he miss her.

You can try, you can try
You know I know it'd be a lie
Without me you're gonna die
So you better think clearly, clearly
Before you nearly, nearly
Mess up the situation that your gonna miss dearly, dearly

Peppermint Butler watched as Chet leapt from his barstool, his face overflowing with rage. Chet grabbed a bottle from the bar and banged it against the table and peanut butter (blood) trickled down his hand. One of his gang members grabbed his shoulder and shook his head. Chet began to calm down. Everyone seemed completely oblivious to what was going on except Kitty, Bebe, Chet, Chet's gang, and Peppermint Butler. Kitty gave a sinister smile at Chet and leapt off the stage and landed on a nearby table Peppermint Butler was close to. The crowd went wild as Kitty sang and danced on the table.

You're not livin' till you're livin'
Livin' with me
You're not winnin' till you're winnin'
Winnin' me
You're not gettin' till you're gettin'
Gettin' to me
You're not livin' till you're livin'
living for me

Kitty mustered up the courage to throw her arm out and point at Chet, her eyes met his. The crowd didn't even look at Chet their eyes were on Kitty, just as Peppermint's were. Bebe growled as she saw how hard Peppermint Butler was looking at Kitty. "Alright sis." Bebe poured herself a root beer float. "If it's a war you want it's a war you'll get!"

This is the potential breakup song
Our album needs just one
Oh baby please
Please tell me

Kitty danced some more and the crowd began to dance some more and shook her hips in front of Peppermint Butler's face turning his face a whole shade of red darker. Chet glared as he saw the white and red man look up and down at Kitty. Kitty smirked and did a stage dive, landing in Peppermint Butler's arms.

This is the potential make-up song
please just admit you're wrong
Which will it be?
Which will it be?

Kitty looked straight at Chet, her face dead serious. The song had ended and the crowd was done cheering but Kitty was still in Peppermint Butler's arms. Kitty looked at Peppermint Butler and kissed the startled man. Chet had enough he called his gang and they left. Peppermint Butler at first was shocked… but she tasted so sugary sweet that he brought the kiss deeper. Kitty smiled as the taste of mint invaded her mouth. A shattering sound came from the back and everyone hushed as they saw the broken glass in Bebe's hand. Peppermint and Kitty broke away and walked over to Bebe who put on a forced smile.

"Like the show Bebe?" Kitty smirked at her sister.

Bebe just rolled her eyes. "You hit some notes wrong."

"I thought it was great." Peppermint could feel the tension between the sisters as they glared at one another. Pink vs. Blue.

"Well see you stripes I gotta dash… like rainbows." Kitty winked and walked outside the hotel. She only got ten feet away before a sack went over her head and she was taken away.

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