Title: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Summary: Blaine re-thinks his and Kurt's relationship due to doubts Sebastian has given him. However what happens when Kurt gets threatened and needs Blaine most of all?

Genre: err.. Love? May have some violence as I go along, don't worry there will be a warning, of course it depends on reviews as well :)

Rating: T to start off with, of course it depends on what reviews I get etc if I get any.

Pairings: Klaine haha

Spoilers: set after Glee 03x5 so whether or not spoilers are there *shrugs* its possible I guess.

A/N: Hey this is my first fan fic so don't hate me if it's bad. This is totally made up. It's possible that I'll include spoilers maybe not it just depends really. This will be losely based on what happens so you know. Anyway thanks and review if you want :)

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Glee obviously, If I did disaster would ensue, trust me.

"Now Kurt you're being completely unreasonable! The Warblers are my friends, and I miss them! You can't just tell me I have to stop seeing them, it's not fair!" Blaine exclaimed, throwing a hand behind him while the other gripped his coffee cup.

Kurt just crossed his arms defiantly, his stubbornness as strong as ever.

"Listen Blaine, I'm not telling you to stop seeing the Warblers, I'm telling you to stay away from Sebastian!" Kurt snapped back.

"Not that again Kurt, I already told you, he's just a friend, just like you're friends with Rachel or Mercedes I have Sebastian." Blaine explained.

"Yeah but you're also friends with Rachel and Mercedes and for me there's no chance of falling in love with them!" Kurt argued, leaning forward angrily in his seat.

"What makes you think I'll fall in love with Sebastian?" Blaine raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because you're so in love with love you fall for a guy after going out for one drink, or you instantly think you're attracted to someone after a drunk kiss! Not that a drunk kiss from you is anything special." Kurt sat back again looking away from an exasperated Blaine.

"God Kurt, really, do you want this sort of conversation?"

"Plus Sebastian isn't exactly, you know, bad to look at and compared to me... it took ages for you to even think about me in that way and it always feels like I'm the one chasing you." Kurt's voice became quieter, his anger falling to sounding worried.

"Oh Kurt," Blaine's hazel eyes softened as he reached across the table to gently take Kurt's hand in his. "Us being best friends from the start makes this a strong relationship. Besides, I wouldn't have transferred to be with you if I didn't love you. You're my first boyfriend Kurt, and likewise I'm yours, why would I throw that away so soon?"

Kurt nodded pulling his hand from Blaine's. "I don't know, I'm just scared that I may lose you too. There's the whole presidential campaign which I was certain I had in the bag but, now I'm not so sure. I doubt I can get to New York either, I mean I thought I was talented and then seeing all those other people well..."

Blaine tilted his head to one side, staring at his boyfriend who had his eyes cast down sorrowfully. "Now you listen to me Kurt," Blaine stood up, walking to the other side of the table and placing his hands on either side of Kurt's shoulders. "It was your talent, among other things, that I fell in love with. Kurt, when you sing it's like the whole world just fades away, it's beautiful and everything you say or do is just so god damn adorable I want to tell you I love you constantly, you are you Kurt, and I wouldn't have you any other way." Blaine smiled at the shocked expression on Kurt's face as he leant down to kiss his forehead affectionately.

"Why do I feel like the one whose younger here?" Kurt blushed, turning his head away.

"Because," Blaine lightly pulled Kurt's face towards him so that his crystal like eyes were looking at his. "You act so much like a child."

"Say's you." Kurt laughed playfully pushing Blaine away. "Come on, our coffees getting cold."

"And that's what happened." Blaine finished looking over at Sebastian. "I just don't know what to do I mean, I love Kurt and he made it seem like he believed me but, you can see it in his eyes, he really doesn't think that I was being serious."

Sebastian looked thoughtful, sipping his coffee before he answered. "I'm guessing he feels he doesn't trust you." Sebastian said, matter of fact.

"I was afraid you'd say that." Blaine sighed, leaning back.

Both Sebastian and Blaine were in the Warblers' common room. Despite Blaine no longer being a part of the school, the Warblers had told him he can come and visit anytime he wanted to. It was on one such visit that Blaine had met Sebastian whilst the Warblers put on a spectacular performance for Blaine. Sebastian had put on quite a show himself adding to 'Up town Girl' something a little more special. It was after a conversation the two had afterwards that Blaine had made friends with Sebastian. Since then Blaine had found himself coming to Sebastian, the only other gay teen he knew, whenever he was having 'Kurt' problems.

"I guess me being also gay has left Kurt feeling a little territorial. I mean, maybe you chose to be with Kurt because you thought he was the only other option?" Sebastian shrugged nonchalantly.

"If that were true I'd have been with him from the start. He's my best friend and I grew to love him, isn't that what happens with most relationships?" Blaine frowned.

"Yes but what if you preferred being friends. I'm not trying to make you doubt your relationship but sometimes it can be confusing. Didn't you say he was the one that loved you first? What if deep down you felt guilty about both of you being around each other constantly and how hard that must of been for Kurt? I'm just saying."

"I don't know, I transferred because I felt I couldn't stand being away from the person I love and I can see me being there is making Kurt happy, I mean, I'm happy right?"

"I guess you are." Sebastian smiled.

"Yeah, yeah you're right. Thanks." Blaine stood up. "It's good that I have you to talk to you know?"

"I'm glad." Sebastian seemed to glance at something before smiling again and standing up. He leant forward and gave Blaine a 'friend hug' which Blaine returned, Sebastian heartily patting him on the back. Sebastian then looked over at the door and smirked.

Blaine let go oblivious to Sebastian's real intention. Grinning and turning towards the door he noticed for the first time the figure leaning against the frame, their bag slung over one shoulder.

"Oh I, err, sorry to interrupt I was just here to talk to Nick and seeing as he's not here..." Kurt shifted awkwardly. "I'll just be going." Kurt then turned shakily and began to walk briskly down the hallway.

Blaine looked at Sebastian who had a face that showed he was just as shocked as he was that Kurt had been there. Blaine gave Sebastian an apologetic look before dashing out after Kurt shouting his name.

Sebastian grinned to himself. He grabbed an apple off one of the coffee tables and threw it in the air, nimbly catching it and biting down.

"Step one complete." He said smugly.

"Kurt! Kurt! Wait up! Please just slow down!" Blaine finally caught up with Kurt in the parking lot, grabbing his wrist and pulling him so that he had to stop. "Kurt." Blaine breathed, allowing oxygen to quickly fill his lungs. "What's wrong with you?"

Kurt was silent for a bit his free hand balled into a fist at his side, his nails digging into the palm of his hand. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?" He snapped, yanking his hand away from Blaine's grip and turning around to glare at him. "You told me you wouldn't fall in love with Sebastian and then I walk in to see you glued to him!"

"We were only hugging Kurt! Friends do hug you know!" Blaine found himself becoming just as angry as Kurt was.

"I can't believe you're being so stupid! Sebastian doesn't see you as a friend Blaine, he likes you!"

"We've only just met! Remember you and me? I didn't instantly decide that I'll date you and you were probably the same!"

"You didn't see his face, he's planning something and you're too naive to notice it. Before I know it you won't love me anymore." Kurt looked as if he were about to cry, but Blaine was still too agitated to care.

"Don't you trust me Kurt is that it? Don't you believe me when I say I love you? Do you think I only chose you because you were the only gay person I knew? Is that what you think?" Blaine threw his hands in the air, Kurt flinching as if every word were a piece of glass flying towards him.

"Is that what you think." Kurt trembled, more scared now than anything else. "That you're only with me because I'm the only option?"

"What? No, Kurt no, why would I even think that? You're my friend." Blaine reached out and grabbed Kurt's hand pulling him towards a bench and sitting them both down. "Maybe that's all we were meant to be."

"W-what?" Kurt stammered.

"I don't know, maybe we need to re-think this whole, going out thing. Maybe we were better off as just friends, you know?" Blaine looked at his feet, running one hand through his hair.

"Blaine, I don't understand." Kurt shook his head in disbelief.

"I think we need a break that's all, just to think this through, maybe this relationship was just too fast." Blaine looked up at Kurt. Kurt just sat there in silence looking extremely hurt and confused. Finally he swallowed.

"If that's what you want," Kurt choked, "Then I'll respect that."

"Kurt." Blaine said softly. He reached out to touch Kurt's knee but he stood up before he could.

"Just... Just leave me alone for a bit, okay?"

Blaine nodded, "I understand."

Kurt composed himself just long enough to look at Blaine and smile, "I think you're making the wrong decision but, I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school."

"Yeah, I'd like that." Blaine smiled back.

Kurt nodded a goodbye, walking away before Blaine could see a small tear escape and roll slowly down his cheek.

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