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"Kurt?" Mercedes asked as Kurt subconsciously played with the glass fairy hanging up inside his locker.

"What is it Mercedes?" Kurt sing-songed, currently in a blissful haze.

"I've always wondered something... about your locker."


"Well the first time you met Blaine it was almost the next day you had a photo of him up in your locker and I'm still wondering how you found it. Did he give it to you, or had you instantly fallen in love with Blaine and stolen it?"

Kurt stopped playing with the inside of his locker and frowned. "That is a bit strange come to think of it. I'm pretty sure normal people don't do that. I guess one day I opened my locker and there it was." He shrugged, closing the door shut behind him.

"And there's another thing that's been bothering me." Mercedes added as her and Kurt began their walk to class. "When you first met Blaine he instantly became your mentor so I instantly thought he was older or at least the same age. But he's actually younger but still sort of acts like a mentor and acts slightly more mature then you. I just don't get it."

"Maybe it's because I'm taller?" Kurt suggested.

"What has that got to do with anything?" Mercedes quirked an eyebrow.

"It doesn't. But I see your point, I guess that's just the way things go I suppose. Like I hang out with the girls, he with the guys. I like scarves, he likes football, I play with swords, he dances on furniture, and it's just life."

"Hmm, I see." Mercedes nodded in understanding just as Puck rounded the corner.

"Hummel, your friends are like crazy man!" Puck announced. "I had that Nowacki guy for chem, and the first thing he says was that he originally taught at Hogwarts and is now our new potions master. So not cool, until he made this like, purple explosion."

"Erm okay..." Kurt murmured as Finn appeared.

"Just had Nathan for gym, we played stuck in the mud."

"Isn't that a kid's game?" Mercedes quirked a sceptical eyebrow.

"Not the way we played it." Puck smirked.

"I can't believe him!" Rachel cried, storming down the hallway with Blaine in tow.

"What's wrong with you?" Kurt asked, instantly sorry he asked.

"Aaron criticised my acting! Huh, what does he know anyway?" Rachel huffed.

"He told her she was over acting." Blaine explained.

"What is he, two years older than me? How dare he?"

Kurt and Blaine gave each other knowing looks. "Well so far Aaron's list of achievements are." Blaine began.

"He's performed in the West End on several occasions." Kurt continued.

"Been in several films."

"Graduate of the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts."

"And is a professional dancer." Blaine finished.

"So!" Rachel snapped.

"Rachel, didn't you hear me? West End." Kurt emphasized.

"That's the UK equivalent of Broadway." Blaine offered helpfully.

"I-I know what it is." Rachel stammered.

Kurt just gave her a smug smile before heading towards the canteen, everyone else following close behind. As they all sat at their regular table, Blaine spoke up.

"Anyone have Dior yet?"

"Oh I have!" Mercedes announced. "He had us analysing poetry but when everyone complained that it was too hard he told us 'pick your favourite song, tell me why you like it, what techniques they used and why' so we did and then he goes, 'congratulations class, you have just analysed a poem."

"Well I had Jacob for maths." Kurt said. "Like with Dior, we complained it was too hard and that we might as well be learning rocket science, and do you know what he did?"

"Hummel we weren't there." Puck rolled his eyes.

Kurt just glared at him, ignoring his comment. "He taught us the maths behind rocket science and we actually understood."

"Okay, wow."


Nowacki climbed up onto the table, Nathan following him close behind along with Dior. Aaron instantly slapped his forehead, while Jacob didn't seem to be paying attention.

Nowacki took the megaphone away from a very surprised looking Sue and started pressing buttons.


Nathan instantly yanked the megaphone out of Nowacki's grip and wacked him round the head with it. "YOU OWE ME SOME NEW EARDRUMS YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR AN EXISTENCE!" Nathan yelled down the megaphone.

Dior, naturally, wanted a go. "WAR, HUH, YEAH, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR."

Sue gave up, taking her megaphone from Dior and pushing the boys off the table, Aaron managing to catch Dior and Nathan while Jacob just blinked when Nowacki landed on the floor next to him. Sue then stormed out of the room while the new teachers were surrounded by students.

"Looks like they're popular." Quinn remarked, having turned up during the megaphone incident.

"I don't like them." Rachel sulked.

"That's because Aaron doesn't kiss your ass like everyone else." Puck pointed out.

Quinn grinned. "Okay, these guys sound better and better."

"Heard you had a hard week." Justin said as Kurt took on his shift at the Lima Bean.

"You have no idea." Kurt sighed, carrying a big cardboard box out front that was filled with coffee beans. "I suppose my new teachers got you up to speed with Karofsky huh?"

"Yeah." Justin looked down, knowing how much this meant to Kurt.

"And now Finn and Rachel are going ahead with their marriage, Blaine was really stroppy and is now friends with Sebastian again." Kurt scoffed loudly, dropping the box down and dusting his hands off.

"And what about you?" Justin inquired, getting out new coffee cups.

"I still can't trust the guy any farther than I can throw him." Kurt frowned, hands on hips and staring at the contents of the box as if it had called him a particularly nasty name. "I mean, it was Blaine who went all, 'anger management needed' on Mr Schue over that twit. Sebastian blinded him, and blackmailed Rachel. I don't suppose Blaine even thought about the way Sebastian picks on me and now he's talking to him again."

"Well you know Blaine, can't be mad for too long." Justin shrugged.

"It's a shame he has a short fuse. You know he shouted at me when I followed him out on stage. Of course I just rolled my eyes and looked really unimpressed." Kurt leaned back against one of the counters, sighing. "I'm acting really selfish aren't I?"

Justin leant back next to Kurt, dragging him into a quick side hug and lightly patting him on the shoulder before pulling away. "You know what you need?"

Kurt looked up at Justin expectantly. "What?"

"A horror movie night with the guys and I, you can bring Blaine too if you want." Justin beamed.

"I-I don't particularly like horrors, I mean, what's the point in scaring yourself half to death so you can't sleep at night?" Kurt wrinkled up his nose in disgust as Justin laughed.

"Trust me; with the guys horror films aren't that scary."

"I don't know..."

"It's the best way to feel better. Come on it'll be fun."

Kurt was quiet for the moment, contemplating Justin's offer. "I'll see what Blaine wants to do."

"That's the spirit!"

Kurt and Blaine arrived at round ten am Saturday morning, Kurt nervously looking behind him as Puck barged through to ring the door bell.

"Man, this place is huge." Puck stated.

"That's because it's a student house; there are six of them after all." Blaine shrugged.

"Isn't it expensive though?" Finn frowned. He and Puck had decided to invite themselves along to this horror movie marathon after Kurt had made the mistake of asking Blaine while he was playing on the PS3 with Finn and Puck. Of course, Kurt had to finish the game for them before they even noticed his presence.

Kurt shook his head, "Nah, they all pay for it. When they leave, Justin will just move back into his usual apartment. Apparently they couldn't stand him being in a different house."

Puck wrinkled his nose. "Riiight."

The door abruptly opened and Aaron was revealed behind it along with a wall of sound. "Hey, err, students?"

"Yo, Mr. B, how's it going?" Finn beamed.

"Please, call me Aaron outside of class; Mr. B makes me feel like I need to be in a park feeding pigeons." Aaron scoffed, he stepped back to let everyone in.

"Sorry, they kind of wanted to come too." Blaine whispered to Aaron. "No isn't in their vocabulary."

"No, among many other words." Kurt added, rolling his eyes when he saw Finn take an interest in a tiny statue of an elephant then promptly broke the tusk. He looked guiltily at Aaron.

"Don't worry about it; that belongs to Jacob so I couldn't really care less."

"Where is everyone?" Puck asked. They could hear them perfectly well but there was no sign of the other teachers.

"Watching the washing machine." Aaron said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Erm, why?" Kurt questioned as they followed Aaron out into the kitchen.

"Because we can't start this bloody movie marathon until the washing is finished because Aaron doesn't want us to forget and leave it in overnight." Nathan called out grumpily. "What the hell are you doing?"

The group of guys surrounding the washing machine turned to stare at Nowacki who was busy smelling a pack of sticky notes.

Nowacki stopped, blushing. "The packet said floral scent."

"It's says fluorescent, not floral scent you complete spak." Dior rolled his eyes. "One minute left guys!"

"It was saying that ten minutes ago!" Justin moaned, running a hand over his face.

"Wait, no it's done!" Jacob cried out, yanking the door open and promptly pulling the clothes out. The group of guys attacked the pile, hanging the clothes on every available space.

Blaine blinked; pretty sure they were all going at super speed before they disappeared off into the lounge.

"We're done Aaron!" they all called at the same time.

Aaron sighed, staring at the mess they had made. "Well, it'll have to do I suppose."

"Dude..." Puck whistled as he and Finn joined them in the sitting room followed by Kurt and Blaine.

Duvets and blankets had been left out along with a giant pile of movies. Nowacki had left to make popcorn and there were also salad serving bowls filled to the brim with jelly beans, M&M's, Reece's pieces, jelly babies, Rowntree's Fruit Pastels and one dedicated to Cadbury chocolate. Kurt's eyes widened, as Blaine only smiled.

"How many packets did you buy?" Finn cried, staring down at the bowls.

"A few," Nathan shrugged.

"Give or take fifteen." Dior elaborated. "But the Cadbury's and Rowntree's we brought with us. The Cadbury here uses sour cream in the chocolate which tastes weird. Not that I'm insulting you're chocolate or anything, we're just not used to it."

"Yeah, we used our entire supply for this." Jacob said. "So you guys better feel special."

Blaine laughed just as Nowacki walked in with the popcorn.

"It's err, slightly burned at the bottom but it should be okay..."

"I should have known not to send the guy who burns water." Nathan shook his head, collapsing onto the couch whilst Jacob and Nowacki joined him, Finn and Puck taking the two armchairs while Aaron and Justin joined Kurt and Blaine on the floor.

"So, what are we watching first?" Finn asked.

"Dead silence. I love the old theatre in this, it is like, so epically cool." Dior answered. He had the case already opened and was inserting the disk.

"Dude, is that the one with the puppets and that old lady?" Puck grabbed a handful of popcorn as the bowl was passed his way.

"Dude, this has to last." Finn complained.

As the film adverts began, Blaine grabbed one of the blankets and pulled it over him and Kurt while Kurt reached across to grab a pillow. It was a fluffy dark purple, with horns and big eyes. It had attached to it a pair of bat wings.

"I love that pillow; it's so adorable because it hugs you back." Nowacki beamed. Nathan stared at him as if he were insane. "What, it's true."

"Scared already?" Blaine whispered as the title screen appeared.

"N-no." Kurt then watched the picture, seeing a rather nice looking old lady in the middle of the screen. "Hey this doesn't seem so bad." The old lady began to change, revealing jagged teeth and sallow skin, the picture moving forward as her mouth opened in a scream. "Oh My God!" Kurt shrieked, pulling the pillow in front of his face and effectively jumping into Blaine's lap.

"Dude, the film hasn't even started yet." Puck rolled his eyes.

"You know, I'd like to be a bee keeper but I don't like bees." Nowacki said randomly.

"Shut up, it's playing!" Nathan hissed.

The beginning wasn't too bad for Kurt, the usual happy couple who get sent a creepy doll. Just your average everyday life, Kurt tried to tell himself. When the rain started up, Kurt just told himself, its just rain. Then the sounds slowed down and there was silence. Kurt didn't know what happened next, he was too busy burying his face into Blaine's chest, now fully sat in his lap. "Tell me when it's over." He whimpered.

"It's over!" Puck called.

Kurt regretted looking instantly as Mary Shaw appeared. He squealed, bringing the covers up over his head and curling up into Blaine. He felt the rumble of Blaine's chest as he openly laughed, curling his arms around Kurt comfortingly.

Throughout the film Kurt was mumbling, 'don't look, you'll scream, don't scream, don't scream waaaa!'

Blaine found this all very amusing while the rest of the guys commented over the movie.

"Well if he didn't scream the first time, why would she go after him again, it's just so stupid." Justin said.

"I know right? What a cow." Puck agreed, stuffing his face again.

"Maybe she didn't recognise him? I mean, he was like, five at the time. Now he's sixty." Jacob suggested.

"If he hadn't gone into the basement in the first place then it wouldn't have happened, I mean, that's where his dad turned her into a puppet after all." Dior said.

"First rule of horror movies; stay away from the basement." Finn noted.

"Look it's the raven of death!" Nowacki pointed out.

"Uh oh, look out, it's a graveyard." Blaine teased Kurt.

"Shut up Blaine, it's not funny." Kurt snapped.

Afterwards they watched the Amityville horror, the original and the remake.

"I'm sorry, but you'd so realise that the house is evil." Nowacki shook his head.

"I'd leave the dog." Aaron admitted.

"Dude, you are so heartless!" Finn gasped.

"I'm British; I don't care."

"I'm British and I care!" Justin countered. "Don't worry Finn, I'd save the dog."

"In the remake he kills the dog." Jacob pointed out.

"I think Aaron directed that one." Blaine chuckled as Aaron glared at him. "You alright Kurt?"

Kurt looked up at Blaine and smiled. "This isn't as scary as the other one."

"Just you wait, once we've seen Shaun of the Dead for a laugh, we're putting in the Creep, the ring, the Grudge, Alien, sixth sense, which isn't all that scary but has a really clever story line. It by Stephen King, that film scared my Geography teacher for life; he can't even look at a clown. My bloody Valentine, Drag me to Hell, House of Wax even though I think the acting is naff." Nowacki listed.

"No saw movies then?" Puck piped up.

"Nah, Aaron doesn't like mindless gore with little plot." Justin sighed with disappointment.

"I'm sorry, but who comes up with that stuff? Seriously?" Aaron defended.

Throughout the rest of the night, people had given up on eating anything and threw everything at each other instead. Blaine gladly joined in, reaching over Kurt who tried to not watch the TV screen. How can these people watch things like this? They were just barbaric!

It wasn't until eleven that the last set of the credits were rolling. Finn yawned, checking his phone then instantly bolting upright. "Damn, Burt told us to be back by eight!"

"Great, that'll look bad on us, us being teachers and all that." Nowacki pointed out.

"Well looks like we better go." Blaine tried to move but was pinned down by Kurt, asleep against him, his head tucked neatly under Blaine's chin. "Erm, a little help guys?"

"Just wake him up." Puck said.

Blaine looked down at Kurt's sleeping form, his chest slowly rising and falling. He lightly nuzzled his cheek into Blaine's chest and hummed. "I don't want to." Blaine pouted.

Finn laughed, bending down to scoop Kurt up into his arms. Kurt stirred momentarily, before settling back down again.

Blaine pulled himself up onto his own feet, pulling popcorn and chocolate out of his hair. He even found a jelly baby caught in one of his curls.

"I'm guessing my plan worked then." Justin said to Blaine, a smug grin on his face.

Blaine returned the sentiments. "Yeah, we've all been pretty depressed lately, I've been frustrated and angry but Kurt's been miserable. He may hate horror movies but this took his mind off of everything."

"Yeah boy!" Nathan shouted loudly.

"Shhh, Kurt's asleep." Jacob whispered.

They followed Puck, Finn still holding Kurt and Blaine to the door.

"Dude, it may not be badass, or like, the same as a joint bank robbery or something, but invite us along again sometime yeah?" Puck asked.

"Sure thing." Justin smiled.

"Just as long as you invite us to this bank robbery thing." Nowacki said.

Kurt had woken up to a fully darkened room. Blaine was probably sleeping downstairs on the couch seeing as after the whole alcohol thing, Burt wouldn't let Blaine in the same bed. Finn and Puck were most likely crashed out in the basement.

It was quiet, too quiet. For a while Kurt refused to move, scrunching up his eyes and telling himself it wasn't real, it was just a movie, make believe, that's all. That didn't stop him from running to open a window so that he could hear the sound of traffic before plummeting back into bed. He curled up the bottom of his duvet and tucked it under his feet so nothing could pull him out of bed. He then reached across to turn on his bedside lamp; a wrong move seeing as several shadows were instantly cast into the corners of the room.

Someone got up to use the bathroom and a door banged shut. Kurt jumped, diving under the covers.

Blaine couldn't sleep. He wasn't scared, obviously, just thinking. His hands were linked behind his head, the covers reaching his waist. A lot had happened, what with Karofsky and Sebastian. Kurt was still complaining about Finn and Rachel's wedding to be. At least Blaine had made peace terms with Sebastian. Kurt might not like it, obviously, still scowling at Sebastian, willing him to burst into flames probably. Blaine couldn't help but laugh at that. Say anything you want about Kurt, but Blaine loved all his little quirks.

There was a thump sound. Then a pause. Another thump, then another pause. Blaine sat up, curious as this carried on for a while. A figure came shuffling into the room, a thick duvet draped over them, forming a hood and a teddy bear clutched to their chest.

"Um..." Kurt looked away.

"Can't sleep?" Blaine said with an amused smile. He couldn't remember Kurt ever needing to cuddle a teddy before.

Kurt nodded his head.

"Scared?" Blaine asked. Kurt blushed, frowning and looking away.

Blaine chuckled. "Come here." He opened his arms and Kurt moved forward, his feet never leaving the carpet as the duvet trailed behind him. Blaine pulled Kurt down next to him, grabbing Kurt's duvet and wrapping it round the both of them. He then shuffled backwards, tucking his knees up with him before getting Kurt to lay down, his back to Blaine's chest. Blaine then wrapped his arms around him, kissing the back of Kurt's neck.

Kurt turned over, connecting his lips with Blaine's, pulling back and smiling. "Night. Love you."

"Night. Love you too." He gave Kurt an Eskimo kiss before Kurt turned back around and wiggled back into Blaine's embrace, falling back to sleep again.

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