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The sky was grey and over-cast, plunging the city into gloom. As far as the eye could see, everything was grey, bleak and heavy with fore-boding. The clouds swirled and twisted, blotting out any warmth and sunlight with their battles. Buildings were empty and the plaza where Sweden stood was devoid of life, apart from one figure. The man stood with his back towards Sweden, blue shirt and trousers dancing slightly in the cold wind. Despite the gloom and his bad eyes, Sweden knew the figure's clothes were blue. The wind whipped at his face and stung his cheeks, his glasses offering little protection. He felt cold despite wearing his thick winter coat, gloves and thick boots; numbingly cold that spread to his bones.

The figure tilted his head upwards, but his face was hidden by his hat. Sweden heard the figure sigh. The feeling of fore-boding grew stronger and Sweden's heart twisted. Yet he refused to show his trepidation or anxiety. He was strong, he was hard like steel, he was unbreakable. Words on the wind reached his ears.

"I know what's going on Sve."


"You and Den, I know. I know everything."


"That's all you have to say?"

"Will you tell Fin?"

"I should. I should fly over there in a rage and tell him what you and Denmark get up to every week at the gym. I should pretend to be outraged that you two are fucking again, despite your promises and assurances that you would never do so as long as you lived."

"Please don't Nor."

Norway's blue eyes swung towards Sweden, piercing blue that almost made him shiver. He tried to return the stare, but could not meet Norway's accusations. His gaze fell to the ground. Quiet words found his ears again, muffled by the wind.

"I won't, because I don't really care. But you'd had better end this affair with Denmark before I decide to feel spiteful."

The wind blew harshly from behind Norway, hitting Sweden in the face with a slap and threatening to pull his coat from his shoulders. Still, he did not move. Norway's eyes narrowed at him, as if peering into his soul. He stood, arms folded and looming as only Norway could. Sweden was reminded of the old days, when Norway was just as brutal as he and Denmark. As Sweden turned to leave, he heard his final warning.

"Don't let him ruin you again Sve."

"I know Nor... I know..."

Sweden sighed as the memory repeated in his mind. Hot water pounded against his skin, finding its way into his many cuts and scratches. He leaned his head forwards against the slick tiles, letting the water stream down his face and wash away the sweat. His wounds stung as the water hit, causing him to wince but he suffered it. It was a form of punishment for losing control and succumbing to those urges he tried so hard to repress whenever Denmark was around.

There had been at yet another meeting this day and Sweden had managed to escape for some air, only to find Norway had followed him. After their exchange, Denmark had found Sweden and had started a conversation with his fists. Eventually, the other nations managed to pull them apart, but not before Sweden had given Denmark a black eye and many bloody cuts. With his anger stoked, Sweden had left for the gym and spent many hours on the various equipment.

Now he was alone in the gym shower, moisture hanging in the air and his head much clearer. Emotions that had previously been rattling inside his head lay dormant for now, although one kept creeping towards the surface.

"Don't let him ruin you again."

Sweden knew Norway meant well, he knew enough of the nation to look past the coldness and see the true meaning of his words. Norway was a close friend and knew full well what life had been like living with Denmark. Yet... his words stung more than they should have.

Because they were true.

A hand suddenly grabbed Sweden's neck and pinned him against the shower tiles. The coldness of the tiles stung his cheeks and hot breath tickled his neck. Another hand appeared next to his face. In the steaming cubicle, he could barely see the features of his attacker. He grit his teeth and tried to push back, but the man pinned him to the wall with his body. Water streamed into Sweden's face, making his poor vision even worse. The slippery tiles gave little purchase and he was forced up onto his tiptoes. He felt his attacker smirk against his skin and he shuddered.

"Miss me Sverige?"


"See you next week," Denmark said, with a smirk as he stepped into his underwear.

"No you won't," Sweden replied, groping for a towel he had placed nearby. Sweden felt dirty, despite washing twice. Denmark's touch always made him feel soiled. He heard Denmark laugh.

"You'll be here."

"I mean it Den, this is over. Norway knows." Sweden wrapped his towel around his waist and stepped out slowly, his vision still impaired.

Denmark hesitated for a moment, before shrugging and tugging a shirt over his head, careful to avoid his bruised eye. "So what? Nor doesn't care who I fuck so long as I go back to him." He turned and fixed Sweden with a stare. "I get it Sverige, you're feeling guilty about Fin, that's all."

"This. Is. Over." Sweden stated.

Denmark snorted as he tugged on his trousers and slipped into his shoes. "Very well Sverige. Just remember, when you get bored and you want a real man, come find me."

"Fuck you Den."

"Later Sve," Denmark replied with a wink, sauntering from the gym locker room.

Sweden was left alone with a heavy heart and a bitter taste.


After dinner, Sweden found himself sitting on the sofa with Fin snuggled against his side watching a very boring documentary on whales. He wasn't really paying attention to the television; he was stroking Fin's soft hair, watching him from the corner of his eye. Finland was drifting in and out of sleep, yawning and snuggling closer to Sweden's chest. He was so beautiful, so angelic... there wasn't a time when Sweden didn't think Finland was beautiful. Hanatamago lay at the bottom of the sofa, also drifting in and out of sleep. Sweden glanced at his watch. It was late, maybe they should all go to-

Suddenly the door bell rang a loud chime that echoed throughout the house. Sweden frowned, who would be calling this late at night? At side his, Fin yawned and sat up rubbing his eyes.

"Who could that be?" he mumbled sleepily, which Sweden found adorably cute.

"I'll get it, stay here," he said, not wanting to disturb such a pretty sight. With a slight wince, Sweden stood and made his way to the door, his mind racing. Who would be calling this late at night? Maybe someone had broken down and needed to use their telephone? But they were off the main road and their house was the only one this far down the track. Whoever it was had deliberately sought them out.

He opened the door and his heart sank.

Standing with a large coat and scarf wrapped around his neck was Denmark, his hair sticking up at different angles and his hands shoved into his pockets. Despite the black eye, he wore his usual smirk as he stood on the doorstep. The fact that he was here violated their unspoken arrangement; Denmark would never turn up at Sweden's house and Sweden wouldn't tell Norway what was going on again. Those were the rules, even if Norway knew. Denmark always pushed boundaries, he was never satisfied.

Sweden glared at him. "What are you doing here?"

"Is that any way to talk to me Sverige?" Denmark asked, feigning hurt as he raised a hand to clutch his heart.

"You know you're not welcome here," Sweden spat as he stepped forwards, ready to throw Denmark from his doorstep.

"Careful Sverige, Fin doesn't like it when you're mean," Denmark warned with a smirk as Fin came to the door.

"Oh Denmark. Is everything alright?" Fin asked as Sweden struggled to contain his anger.

"Yeah everything's OK Fin. I just need a copy of some papers and I thought while I'm around, I'd drop by to see if you had some."

"I might do, what are you after?"

"The world meeting next month, I'm missing item six on the agenda, you wouldn't have a spare would you?"

"Let me check, I think I might have an extra," Fin muttered as he turned and walked towards the living room.

Sweden was left alone with a gloating Denmark. His anger from before returned tenfold.

"You're not supposed to come here Den, you know that!" Sweden hissed.

"You don't want me here?" Denmark asked, feigning his innocence again. "After everything that we've done together?" He sniffed and pretended to wipe away a tear.

Sweden swung at him with a fist, his rage boiling over but Denmark dodged effortlessly, twisting his body away.

"Get the fuck away from my family Den!" Sweden spat, which made Denmark laugh.

"I just wanted to see what you've traded me for," Denmark replied, eyes wandering over the structure of Sweden and Finland's house. "Very cosy looking home, almost the perfect family setting. I expect to see kids playing around the hearth... how fake. You traded adventures and battles for this? Guess Fin has you by the balls eh Sverige?"

Sweden narrowed his eyes at Denmark and clenched his fist. "You're the fake one Den. Still looking into the past and wanting to re-live your supposed 'glory days'? We live in the 21st century now, no one's fighting anymore, just you who can't seem to understand that the world's changed and left you behind."

Denmark narrowed his eyes and smirked as he leered closer to Sweden's face. "The world has changed Sve, but we're still the same. I know you; I know what you were like all those years ago, same as me and Norge, out conquering and taking anything we wanted. We were feared by everyone and that reputation still exists today. You seriously expect me to believe this is what you are now?" He gestured towards the front room with a wave of his hand. "Cosy fires, hot chocolates and snuggles? Please. We're warriors; we live for passion, violence and bloodshed. Sooner you stop kidding yourself, the soon-"

Sweden slammed his mouth against Denmark's silencing his words. Teeth clacked together, sending jolts of pain along his jaw. He ignored the pain and roughly grabbed the back of Denmark's hair, preventing him from pulling away. Denmark was surprised for a moment, before harshly pushing back, grabbing hold of Sweden's neck with a cold hand. They kissed violently for several moments until Sweden wrenched free. A train of spittle and blood connected their mouths, which snapped and landed against Denmark's chin. He wiped it away with the back of his hand, smirking in his usual annoying way.

Eyes glared at each other, neither one wanting to admit defeat. Footsteps sounded from the house and Fin appeared, his nose in a set of papers. The atmosphere was thick as Denmark's lips curled into a sneer but somehow Fin didn't pick up on it.

"Here Den, the document you needed," Fin said cheerfully, arm outstretched.

"Thanks Fin, knew I could rely on ya," Denmark replied, the sneer turning into a small smile as he took the papers. He folded them up and put them under his arm.

"Oh, what happened to your lip?" Fin asked, his voice laced with concern.

Sweden's heart twisted and flipped in his chest. Denmark only needed to mutter a few words and it would be over. Fin would know everything; the life they had built together would end, the family he had built would be snatched away. He would lose everything because of Denmark. He would never know happiness because he couldn't give up this demon. Norway's words returned to haunt him... Denmark would ruin him... and he allowed it to happen...

"Cracked 'cause of the cold. It's always doing that this time of year," Denmark lied with ease. His eyes bored into Sweden's and the corner of his mouth curled upwards.

You owe me, that look said. Sweden bristled.

"Oh, would you like some Vaseline?"

"Nah its OK Fin, I'll be off. See you later." With a wave, Denmark turned and walked towards his car. Fin waved as he got in, started the engine and zoomed off, tyres screeching on the tarmac. Sweden stared at the fading silhouette, a mixture of relief and trepidation twirling in his gut.

"He's always so reckless," Fin muttered as he pushed the door closed. "I wonder why he was in the area so late? What do you-"

Finland's words were cut off as Sweden slammed him against the door, lips crushing against the smaller man, hands holding him tightly by the waist. Finland squeaked in surprise, giving Sweden access to his mouth. He darted his tongue inside, tasting faint traces of their dinner. Finland's body melted into his arms and the smaller man returned the kiss in his usual shy yet understanding way.

Another shade of blond, Sweden thought as he ravished Finland's mouth. A different colour of eye. One soft, the other harsh and brutal. But I don't care about that. I need them both...

...and I hate it.