This is my very first Krypto The Superdog fic ever

Characters: Krypto, Streaky, Kevin, Melanie, Bathound, BrainyBarker, Mammoth Mutt, Bull Dog, Paw Pooch, Tail Terrier, Tusky Husky, Andrea, Hot Dog, Stretch-O-Mutt, Mechanikat, Snooky Wookums, The Joker's Hyenas

Pairings: Krypto/Tusky, HotDog/Paw Pooch, Bull Dog/Tail Terrier, Stretch-O-Mutt-Drooly

Genes: Adventure, Romance, Western, Drama, Comedy

Rated: M

It was a sunny day Metropolis and Kevin was at his house in the backyard feeling sad while Krypto was saving the world with Bathound.
"In the city, the Hyenas were up to no good again, they were stealing Jewels and Bub was going one by one.

"Hurry up, Bub we have to get these jewels to the Joker before the two mutts get here" Lou said but was too late then Krypro and Bathound burst though the window.
"The only thing you'll me getting is a one way ticket to jail" Krypto said.

Bob and Lou gasped as the two came in, their eyes widened and both mouth's were dropped and the bag full of jewels dropped to the floor.
"Oh no, it's super dog" said Bud With a worried face giving his buddy a sign that it was time to leave.
"And Bat hound" said Lou right after his possible lover.

"Bud grab the jewels and go, I'm deal with superdog" said Lou.
Bud nodded, put the handle of the bag in his mouth and started to run.
"Bat hound, go after Bob, I'll take care of Lou" Krypto said.

"Got It" He said to his partner before chasing Bud down, he pressed a button on his collar to activate his bat-arang, it caught Bud when he was almost at the exit.
Meanwhile Krypto was chasing Lou, he tried to run away but he was surround by Bat hound and him.

Lou was starting to get scared as they closed in on him, they walked even closer until-
"I Surrender" said Lou giving up.
"Good choice" said Krypto.

He picked him up by the collar and he flew the hyena off but stopped for a moment.
"I got this Bat hound" Krypro said to his partner and friend.
"Fine, I got some crimes to spoil anyway" He said.
He went off after as well as Bathound.

Krypto was at the Metropolis jail, it was about 10 miles and when he arrived, he went on top of the jail and dropped him in.
One police officer came out of the building and thanked him then the Lab went down and licked his cheek then he took off to Kevin's house.

Back at Kevin's house, Kevin was setting on the steps sighing.
Melanie was so sad that she was drawing Krypto in the sandbox, he was a little ride to her, she got up from the sandbox and began walking over to Kevin and started to hug his leg.

"I miss Kippo" She said pressing her face against his leg.
Kevin held and put Melanie on his lap and patted her head.
"Don't worry, Melanie he'll be back soon" He said looking up at the sky.

By then Krypto showed up, Kevin and Melanie was happy to see him, he landed on the ground panting but was happy to be home again.
Kevin quickly stood up and went to hug Krypto.
"Oh Krypto, I missed you" He said while his arms were wrapped around his neck.
"I missed you too" Krypto said wagging his tail.

Melanie also walked over to Krypto and hugged his neck while giggling cause she was happy.
Krypto closed his eyes not wanting this moment to end but it was sadly but short until Bulldog came wearing his jetpack and he faced him.
"Krypto, Brainy wants to talk to you about sleeping over for 2 days" He said bring some wonderful new to him.

"I don't know Bulldog, I just got back from saving the world with Bat hound" He said facing him and looking back at his owner and sister.
By his looks, he understood that he's gonna need some time alone.
"Okay, I'll give you some time to think about this" He said smiling, it's not like he wasn't in any rush.

"Thanks, I'll fly to the ship once I decided" He said also smiling.
"Okay, See you lata" He said before flying off into space.
Krypto then laid on the ground sighing.

"What's wrong, Krypto" said Kevin getting on his knees and put a hand on his head.
"I don't know if I want to go" He said looking down see that he just got back.
"It's okay, we'll be okay" He said.

"And what about Bat hound" The Lab said thinking about what is he going tob do without a partner
"I'll tell him for you" He replied to his dog.

"Thanks Kevin" said Krypto knowing that he's the one person he can trust in the world.
After 3 hours had passed, he made a decision, it may break his heart but it was for the best to get to know his teammates better.
Kevin was setting on the steps while Melanie was playing in the sandbox.
Krypto sat up and went over to Kevin after hard thinking.

"So krypto, have you decided?" He said looking up at him.
"Yes, I'm going" He said in a depressing tone.
"Oh, Your going huh" he said in a sad tone.

"Awww, cheer up Kevin, It's only two days" He said nuzzling his cheek.
"Kippo" Melanie said as she got up and walked to him then put both hands on his chest.
"Can I at least have a hug before you go?" He said putting out his hands.

"Sure" He said as he is going to miss them dearly and Kevin went to hug him then Melanie came too.
"I'll miss you, Krypto" He said trying to hold back his tears.
"Same here" He said holding back his.

Once they were done hugging, Krypto pulled away.
"Well, I'm off and don't worry it's only two days" He reminded the two and he flew off into outer space then Kevin waved goodbye to him.

Once he went into Outter space, he went to the ship and Brainy heard a knock, she pressed a button and the microphone came down, she talked into it.
"Who is it? She said.
"It's Krypto, I'm here for the sleep over" He said very excited and Brainy opened the door to let him in then he walked in and everyone greeted him.
"Krypto, I so glad you came" said Bulldog.

Well, I couldn't just let my closest friends down" Krypto joked.
"Well, since Krypto will my staying for the next two days, I want you all treat him live he lives here, understood" She ordered.
"Yes Brainy" Everyone said.

"One more thing I forgot to say, someone will have to sleep with Krypto cause he doesn't have a room to sleep in" She said.
"How bout me Brainy, I'm willing to share eh" He said offering, this was his chance to get close to him cause he has been hiding closed doors that he was gay
"Are you sure, Tusky" said Brainy and everyone but Krypto was looking at him.
"Yes" Tusky said.

"Okay then, now everyone off to your rooms" She said giving another order.
Everyone went to their rooms and walked down the halls but while they were walking, they were talking...mostly Tusky and Krypto.

"Uh, superdog, we haven't seem to spend a lot time together, but maybe you can tell me bout yourself eh" He said starting the conversation.
"Well, first of all I'm from Krypton but it got destroyed but my former owner Superman...well his dad put me in a spaceship when I was a pup, now I'm grown up with my new owner, Kevin and after a while I met you guys, What about you?" He explained his story.

"There's not much I can say, all I can remember is that I was born in Siberia" He said.
"Well, it seems love have something in common already" Bulldog whispered into Tail Terrier ear.
They smiled at each other all the way too their rooms, the others went to their room as well.

"Ladies first" Tusky said as he stepped aside to let Krypto in. Krypto, not realizing what Tusky had said, started walking in.
An afterthought struck him and made him look back at Tusky who was chuckling.
"Then why am I going in first!" He said getting mad but playful.

Krypto whipped around and started pushing Tusky into the room with his head.
"YOU should be first!" He said struggling to keep his ground.

Krypto was pushing into him really hard but Tusky grinned and cleverly jumped out of the way, letting Krypto stumble into the room first...sliding on his stomach.
After picking himself up from the floor, he shook himself off and looked back at the laughing Tusky.

Ha! Ha! Very funny!" He said fake laughing then lunged after his friend, who led him on in a chase around the room.
When he got close enough, Krypto leaped into the air and tackled Tusky to the ground.

They struggled over each other in laughter and Krypto found himself peering over Tusky, who had given up.
Tuskey chuckled in exhaustion as they lay there panting but little did he know that Krypto then lifted his head up and nuzzled him and it sent shivers up his spine.

He felt his face get warm as he looked at Krypto, looking face to face with him, Tusky's eyes widened in anxiousness, then closed when he lowered his face down to Kyrpto's.
He roughly nuzzled him under his chin and licked his neck in several places, he felt Tusky tighten his muscles and he stopped.
"What are you doin'?"He asked curiously.

"Uh-" He pushed himself off of Tusky and felt his face flush.
"Don't stop there," He said noticing how soft his fur was.
He picking himself up and slowly walked towards his friend then licked the side of Kyrpto's muzzle and felt him relax.
Tusky just kept walking towards Krypto until he softly laid himself on the ground to let the blue dog straddle him.

Tusky began to lick Krypto's chest and worked his way up to his neck making the Lab place a paw on other male's back and rubbed it down
Soon after they got up, Krypto powered down, turned around and bent his front down.

Tusky always knew he was gay himself but he never have known that Krypto was gay too then Krypto finally caught his attention by motioning and went behind him
The blue male put his furry arms around the Lab's waist and slowly mounted over his love, and entered him.
At first, pain had just entered into Krypto's lower back and Tusky felt his body tense up, so the blue male went a little slower that time, because he didn't want to hurt his first lover.
This was the beginning and he didn't want it to end, Krypto loved the feeling of Tusky body heat coming from the inside!and the heat was moving between of Tusky's legs.
Krypto also loved the feeling of Tusky rocking him back and fourth and the movement inside his body.
Tusky was determined to give Krypto the best roommate ever.

After a while, Tusky and Krypto's faces were flushed in a deep maroon and both of their climaxes were approaching them.
"Ok Krypto... you ready for this?" He asked, taking deep him a warning.
Krypto nodded, taking breaths as well.

"I guess so, Tusky." He said nervously see that this was his very first time.
Tusky then took one last deep breath before he gave one big throb into the white male, he spilled out into Krypto and his release drenched the floor beneath them.

Krypto felt Tusky's warm splurge flow through his body, it was very pure and warm Making him shuddered softly with delight and he released as well, practically staining the bed for life, luckily the bed was on the floor.
About a few moments later, Tusky and Krypto stopped releasing and the husky slid out of Krypto slowly and laid down gently on their sides panting and faces flushed red in heat.
Kyrpto's back hips were all sticky and wet, as for Tusky's were then after a while, he rose his head up and spoke.
"Tusky... do you know what?" He turned to his found lover.

"Yes...?" He smiled, pricking his ears up to the sweet sound he was hoping to hear. "
"That... was the best roommate welcome I have EVER received." He grinned in a sweet sounding reply.
Tusky smiled and licked his nose but that wasn't a roommate welcome.
"It wasn't...then what was it?" He said scooting closer.

"It was love, I love you...I always have and I always will" He said leaning over and licked his ear.
Krypto also leaned over and gave the blue male little gifts well, it wasn't much, but it kept the bond the two males had now, strong.

They both kissed deeply, roughly kissing their muzzles, ears, chin, and other places.
Then they cleaned their back hips, licking off the sticky splurge.
"I love you so much, Krypto."He said in a sweet tone.

"Me too, Tusky... me too." He replied back.
After a while, they stopped kissing, and both walked over to the bed and got in, Tuskey got in first then Krypto.
Krypto was already sleeping until he felt a soft touch wrapped around him, he opened one eye to see Tusky's paws around him, Tusky himself was fast asleep.

Krypto thought about this, he had never had a mate before therefore he didn't know what was feels like but thanks to Tusky he now knew.
With Tusky's paws wrapped around him, he cuddled up and he closed his eyes then a smile came to his face.
After a while, Krypto went to sleep in Tusky's bed, dreaming on their now and forever relationship.

Streaky came, he looked around but no sign of Krypto anywhere.
"Ha Kevin, where's Krypto?" He said hoping onto the fence.
Kevin looked up at the him.

"Oh hi, Streak...sorry Krypto just left and he won't be back for two days" He said.
"Oh, well do ya have any food?" He said smelling it.

"Sorry...Streaky but you not allowed in the house" He said urging his mom that a dog was enough.
"It's okay I'll get some from Andrea" He responded.

Just then Andrea came outside with some cat food and Streaky came down from the fence and rushed to his owner, he began to cuddle on her leg.
Andrea giggled and sat the bowl down on front of him.
"Alright, Streaky eat up" She said as he began to eat.

"Thanks Andrea, I needed this" He said before continuing.
"No problem, Streaky" She said patting his head.

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