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The end had come.

Arthur Pendragon knew and accepted that.

The battle lost, everyone dead.

Except the man kneeling by his side, trying to prevent Arthur from bleeding to death.

"Leave it." Arthur said faintly.

"No, no, no, I can't, I…" Merlin said, before breaking off in tears.

"It'll be a relief." Arthur said, "Living without protecting me."

"No." Merlin said.


"I can't see you die." he said, choking.

Arthur paused sadly for a few minutes, before saying, "Then don't look."

Merlin closed his eyes, and slapped Arthur lightly in the face, before turning away.

Arthur closed his eyes, trying to keep everything in his mind.

Guinevere, before… Before. Merlin, calling Arthur some stupid name he had invented. Gwaine, laughing. Morgana, teasing him, so long ago. Uther. Igraine. Gaius. Percival, Elyan, Leon.

And the other one. The one that wouldn't…couldn't be mentioned. The one that had, in his way, brought about the war. The one who had essentially killed all the knights. The one that had almost gotten Gwen killed. Sir Lancelot du Lac.

No, couldn't think of him, that wouldn't help.

"Merlin?" Arthur tried to say. His voice wasn't working. No. No, that wouldn't do. He had to see Merlin's face again, just one last time, the world couldn't be so cruel, no.

Merlin didn't turn. His mind was filled with pain. The pain was so vicious. He didn't notice anything else.

He turned around, about to apologize to Arthur.

Arthur didn't seem to be breathing.

How odd, Merlin thought, before the shock set in.

"NO!" he screamed, shaking Arthur, "No, you prat, you utter ass! No, no, you are not doing this to me. Please. Please."

It was too late for the world to hear his cries for help.

A broken man and a dead one lay in the middle of a war-torn field, surrounded by the bodies of those they loved.

The broken one got up, after hours and hours of unbearable agony. Days, maybe.

It was time to move on.

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