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A chart linking twelve constellations to twelve divisions of the year, used as the astrologer's main tool for analyzing character and predicting the future.
- - -

This was their moment, their chance. Now or never, live in the moment, the now. Momentarily happening and fleeting.

The stars were aligned, the calendar was set, and this was the time, down to the minute, that they were supposed to come together. They were different; two different astrological signs, two different ways of living, two different sets of belief.

This was the biggest opportunity for a scientific trial in her life—of her life—and the biggest gamble he could make. If she treated them like science, they'd break, and he'd shatter. If he put everything he had into the pot and won her, she'd resent him.

If they both jumped, they could fall or fly. If only one leapt, one would be left behind. But, if neither of them jumped, if they both stayed on the platform at this station, the train would pass and another may never come.

A bull's-eye or a hit and a miss.

A line going at an angle first from one way, then sharply the opposite way, then back the original way, and so on, like the outline of a saw's teeth.
- - -

He wanted to zag, to change and straighten the direction of their line, but she wasn't ready. She continued to zig, by herself, and he was forced to zag.

Then he left their shared line and found someone else to travel along the plane with.

He zigs, she zags; he zags, she zigs. When he alters his course to chase after hers, to walk in a line parallel to or overlapping hers, she goes in the opposite direction.

Sometimes he thinks she's running, changing her line to lead away from his the second she catches wind he's heading towards her. Other times he thinks that she was trying to search him out, but so was he—they were on the same page, had the same idea, but didn't wait for each other or communicate.

A gentle, mild breeze.
- - -

They needed a push, a collective push that skates them in the same direction at the same time. Some people thought they needed to be set back on parallel tracks to allow them time to choose when they'd intersect; other people thought they needed to be shoved into a collision.

Their closest friends and family generally tried to facilitate a collision, but then someone new popped up on the plane. He was younger, but still a fountain of knowledge. He didn't push or shove, or even interfere, but he made a difference. He channeled the distance between the two and built a sail.

His last parting breath was the zephyr that propelled them further.

The point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given point or observer; the highest point or state; a culmination.
- - -

It all lead to the apogee of their lines merging and turning a new direction together. The stars were once more aligned and the future became the truth. They lived in the moment, didn't look at the possibility from every angle with a scientific lens, didn't fear being hurt, or hurting the other.

They came together, and together they were one.

Ardor, fervor.


Passion, fire, glow, warmth.

Exuberance, ebullience.

Vitality, animation, spirit.

Buoyancy, bounce, zest.


. . .


. . .