So here it is. I have always liked the Ghostbusters but as of late, I have discovered a really passion for them! I read the story by HinataElyonToph called "Yes, of course they're serious" and really enjoyed it! It is a Ghostbusters I story with a girl OC. Mine is a Ghostbusters II story with a girl OC. If you see any grammar or other errors please let me know. Comments, questions and mild flames are always welcome.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Ghostbusters but I do own the OC Samantha aka Sam.

Who ya gonna call?

Moments before she had been taking in the sights and sounds of New York city, then she watched as all the cars that had been speeding along, suddenly slam on their brakes and swerve out of the way of something. She ran to the street to get a closer look at what had gone into the road, and it looked like a baby carriage! A bus that couldn't stop, almost hit the carriage, but the carriage stopped dead, avoiding the bus as it drove by; the driver blowing the horn. The carriage did not take off again and the woman, who had been chasing it, was able to pull her baby out to make sure he was alright.

"Oh, Oscar." The woman exclaimed as she held her son.

"Come to the party. It'll be fun, I promise."

She really didn't believe the lies coming from her sister's mouth but what she heard next made her agree to come.

"We're going to have a catered lunch and a huge marble cake. Oh, and the ghostbusters are coming." Her sister continued.


"Yeah, you know those guys who blew up a building while fighting ghosts? They do parties now." Her sister said as if it was the most natural thing in the world to blow up buildings and then preform at birthdays.

"Sure, I guess I can make it. What time?" She was really not interested in the party but more in meeting the ghostbusters. After what she had seen earlier that day, she had some questions.

Normally she loved kids...but just not these kids. It's amazing what a bit of money and power can do to adolescence. She had only been at her nephew's birthday party for twenty minutes but she was already totally appalled. The kids had not even eaten the cake yet but they were jumping around like they were on sugar highs, while listening to none of the adults. She had tried to intervene but had quickly given up and had retreated to a corner to hide till the ghostbusters came.

She had just arrived in New York the month before and had missed the commotion that had happened five years previous. Of course she had seen them on the news and had heard of all the law suits they had accrued after they blew up a building and the Stay Puft marshmallow man, but she still really wanted to hear a bit of it from them if she could...It just all seemed so ridiculous and far-fetched no matter what anyone said they had seen. But after seeing the baby carriage move on its own the day before, she wanted to believe that others had experienced events that didn't quite make sense.

A male voice, that had hit puberty long before, hit her ears and she knew they had finally arrived.

"How big are they?"

"Um, about four feet?"

Lifting up her head, she watched as as her sister showed in two of the ghostbusters. It was Ray and Winston, she smiled a bit and moved out of the shadows to get a closer view but not close enough to be noticed by the kids or the men.

Clapping her hands to get their attention, her sister tried to get the balls of energy to calm down for a moment. "Hey! Hey! OK, listen up! Listen up! Look who's here!" With a dramatic twist her sister held out her hands in the direction of the two men but it was met with less than excited yells.

She had to admit they tried their best as they came in crouching down to be at the kid's eye level, waving their hands and saying "Hi!" in a happy manner but it still was not enough.

She had to cover up a snort with her hands, this was not exactly what she had been expecting.

"Ah, I thought it was going to be He-Man." Exclaimed a little kid with a yellow hat on.

'Poor guys get no respect...' she thought as she slowly shook her head.

"Yeah!" Chorused in the rest of the kids. Still Winston tried to act cheerful, while Ray could not mask a slight curl to his lip as he surveyed the kids.

"Hey! I know! Why don't we all sit down and we'll have fun!"

As if breaking from a trance, Ray plastered back on the goof smile he had had on before and started to clap like a maniac.

Still the kids were not buying it.

One of the munchkins in a blue shirt approached the guys and she knew that nothing good was about to go down.

"You know, my dad says you guys are full of crap."

She felt a slight intake of breath but she still had to suppress a giggle. God, what was Ray going to do to that poor kid?

But Ray bit his lip and composed himself, as the mother of the kid called out in a scandalized voice, "Jason!"

"What?" He said turning to his mom, in a 'what did I do wrong' voice.

"Well, some people have trouble believing in the paranormal..." But Ray was cut off mid-sentence.

"No, he just says you guys are full of crap and that's why you went out of business."

Ray stared at the little hellion for a long second, before turning his head and a in a mechanical voice said to Winston, "Song."

Winston hit the button of the little stereo they had brought and their theme song started playing. She wasn't quite sure when they had gotten one, but it was pretty catchy. She watched with a grin as the two full grown men started dancing, twirling and clapping in front of the kids. 'You could never pay me enough to do that.' She thought with a shutter.

"Come on everybody!" Her sister started clapping and tried to get the kids to join in but...

Ghostbusters! They started to do a side march and sing along with the music, If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?

"HE-MAN!" The kids all replied, and it was followed by a chant of "He-Man! He-Man!"

Deflated they stopped dancing and just stared out at the kids, who started to break out into chaos again. 'So much for that.'

"And it don't look good..." They sang in a quiet voice, while turning to looking at each other with a 'why do we do this' expression on their faces.

"Let's go get a beer, alright?." Ray said.

"Yeah." Came Winston's quick reply.

'What? They weren't suppose to leave this fast!' She mentally shouted; she had to stop them. Luckily her sister stopped them before they could get away.

"At least stay for some cake," she said with a guilty expression, "Sorry about all that."

"It's okay, save the lives of millions but hey, who's bitter?" Winston said while turning off the music.

"Come on everybody! Cake time!"

This was met with a thunder of yells and a mass migration to the dinner table. As they all gathered around to sing happy birthday, she strategically placed herself near her target.

'Deep breathes.' She chanted internally as they finished singing happy birthday. She wasn't positive but it looked like the two ghostbusters had only mouthed the song, which made her like them even more.

As the cake got handed out she took a slice from Ray and blurted out, "Thanks! That was a courageous act you guys put on. I hope you normally get received better."

They both looked at each other and Ray said "Yeah, well, beggars can't be choosers I suppose."

"It helps pay the bills." Winston added after taking a bite of cake.

"Where are the others?"

"Who? Venkman and Egon? Off doing their own thing. I couldn't imagine either of them doing this sort of thing." Ray said.

"This can't be the only thing you do. Are you still fighting ghosts?"

At this Winston and Ray burst into laughter. She had figured this might be the reaction she was going to get, but it still surprised her.

"Ray, was it after the fourth or fifth lawsuit that they forbid us to ghostbust?"

"Actually, I believe it was the twentieth. Miss.-..."

"Just call me Sam. It's Samantha but I hate it."

"Sam, believe me, if we could actually do the job we're suppose to do, we would be, but this fair city has decided it to be otherwise."

Winston added an "Amen."

Sam figured it was now or never so she took the plunge, "I actually just got here a month ago. I heard all about what happened and it sounds so interesting! I would love to hear it from the horse's mouth, as they say." She wanted to add the part about seeing the baby carriage move on its own but she decided to leave it out till they had more time to talk.

"There really isn't much to tell. Venkman is more of the story weaver." Winston looked like he had once enjoyed telling the heroic tale but now it had all been ruined for him. Ray on the other hand, shared her enthusiasm.

"It's kind of a long story. Have some time later on in the week? You can come by my shop , it's called Ray's Occult and we'll give you a blow by blow account"

"Sure! I'd love too. What's the address?"

As Ray wrote down the address to his shop on a napkin, Winston went to go collect their money. "Thursday good for you?"

"Yep!" And with glee, Sam took one of the birthday hats off the table, and strung it onto Ray's head.

He looked like he wasn't quite sure what to make of it but he smiled and handed her the napkin.

"Come on Ray, let's get." Winston called, already halfway out the door.

Ray said a hasty "bye!", gave a short wave and was out the door too.

Sam couldn't wait till Thursday.

"Bye, Thank you."

"Call anytime." She heard Winston and Ray call back to her sister before the front door was shut.

"That's it. I've had it Ray. No more parties." Winston exclaimed as Ray counted the cash he had handed him.

"Here's your share." Ray said with a strange smile, as he handed Winston half the money.

"Hey, don't smile like that. It's disgusting picking up a girl at a kid's birthday party. I think Venkman has rubbed off on you more than we had thought."

Ray looked at Winston in surprise, "It's not a date. Peter is the one who has women asking him out."

"I think you've got that a bit mixed up. It's Venkmen who does the asking."

"Anyway," Winston continued while opening up the back of the Ecto-1, "I'm tired of taking abuse from over privileged nine year olds."

"I know it Z, but we can't quit now the holidays are coming up, it's our best season."

After pulling out the proton pack rack, Winston looked back at Ray with a look of pity and disgust.

"Ray," Winston said while pulling off the birthday party hat from Ray's head,"Man, face it. Ghostbusters doesn't exist. You know those kids won't even remember who we are."

As Winston helped him take off his proton pack, Ray answered. "Ungrateful little yuppie larva and after all we did for this city."

"Yeah, conjured up a hundred foot marshmallow man, blew up the top three floors off a top high rise, ended up getting sued by every state, county and city agency in New York ." Winston said with a flare as he took off his pack and Ray put it in the Ecto-1.

"Yeah, but what a ride." Ray said with a far away look and a head shake, and then he shoved the proton rack back into the car.