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Just Rewards

It was totally different from the time they had defeated Gozer. Where they had been ostracized before, they were being thanked by random people when they went out. Where they had been in debt before, they were quite well-off thanks to the Mayor actually paying the bill this time, with a nice tax break to boot. Plus with the award ceremony later that day, Sam didn't think her or the guys could have been happier.

Sam jumped up and down as she did the finally touches to her hair. She couldn't figure out if she was more nervous or excited. She normally hated being the center of attention but the Mayor was personally thanking and giving them a key to the city at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. She walked out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen. Ray and Egon were already there, sipping on coffee. Sam took Ray's cup out of his hands and went to take a sip. "Oh, wait. You don't like cream. Ew, I'll settle for a kiss."

With a quick peck on the cheek she handed Ray back his coffee and went to make her own. "So did you find out anything new?" Sam asked with her back to the two men as she put a large amount of creamer in her coffee.

"No, still much the same. Even with Vigo destroyed there is still an enormous amount of psychic energy loose in the city. The slime disappeared when Vigo did but it looks like its effects are long lasting." Egon said and Ray nodded his head in agreement.

They hadn't been too busy, but it hadn't been the uneasy calm they had had last time. Maybe that was one of the reasons why the Mayor actually paid them some respect...he was still afraid something might be on the horizon. Sam hadn't minded all the excitement but she was happy it had calmed down a bit, she didn't think any of them could have kept going at the same pace.

After they had defeated Vigo it had taken three days in front of the TV with Ray for Sam to even think of wanting to go out and face the world again. Especially since after they defeated Vigo they had had to send almost twelve hour straight putting the Statue of Liberty back...no easy feat. Looking back she still had no idea how they had managed to pull it off. Sam was pretty sure that was why the Mayor had put off the award ceremony for almost two weeks...everyone needed to recoup. Hell, even New York city had needed a small breather and that never happened.

Sam was surprised to see that Peter, Dana and Oscar, had arrived before them. Peter gave them a smile and then looked up at the statue, "Pretty impressive, huh?"

Spengler was feeling unusually talkative as he mused, "It was probably the first thing my grandparents saw when they came to this country."

Venkman, ever the serious man asked, "From where-Neptune?"

Egon calmed gave the correct answer. "They came from Ostrov in Eastern Poland."

Peter shrugged his shoulders. "Ostrov? I've been there. Good party town."

Sam smiled, happy to see the good mood everyone was in. Ray tighten his grip around Sam's waist as he joined in Egon's reminiscing. "My great-grandparents were Swiss. I still have the pictures they took of the statue from the boat when they arrived." Sam looked up at Ray. "I'd love to see those Ray." He gave her a happy nod.

"Oh, right, you told me that. They came to America seeking other kinds of cheese, as I recall. How about you, Winston?" Peter turned to face him.

Winston made a small frown. "My people weren't taking any pictures from those slave ships, man. And there wasn't any statue in Charleston Harbor to welcome them, either. What are you, Dana?"

Dana gave Peter a death glare before she answered Winston's question...however she was interrupted. "Miss Blue Blood? Her family's been here since the year 12."

Dana corrected Peter. "That's not true. It was 1620."

"Same difference."

Dana looked at Sam. "What about you?"

"Much the same as you. My family's been here since the Revolutionary War...although we fought on the wrong side. So we spent a few years in Canada."

"Ah, a rebel." Peter gave her a wink.

"What's your story, Pete?" Ray asked.

"Me? I'm a little of everything. Some Irish, some German, some French, Dutch-the women in my family slept around. And that's what made this country great." Peter finished by wiping away an imaginary tear.

Dana frowned. "That's a terrible thing to say." "So what? It's a free country." Venkman looked up to the Statue of Liberty and gave her a salute. "Thanks, Lib."

Sam followed the rest of them as they looked up at her. It truly was a magnificent sight. She wiped a tear that wasn't as imaginary as Peter's had been...it had been such a pain putting her back there.

"And for exceptional bravery in the face of incredible odds, I present the Ghostbusters with a key to this fair city in gratitude for all services rendered." Peter shook the Mayor's left hand as he accepted the key with his right.

The boys had almost had an all out fist fight over who would accept the key until Sam had suggested Rock, Paper, Scissors. Of course, when Venkman won they all blamed Sam and sulked in different corners of the lab for half the day. 'Men.' Sam thought while she rolled her eyes.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Louis and Janine were ecstatic to just be included in the ceremony. When Ray had called Louis "Part of the team" the small man had given Ray a huge hug. Through all her thoughts, Sam could feel the whipping wind and pulled her jacket a little closer. She didn't know if she would ever be able to get used to the climate difference between New York and Florida.

Suddenly the crowd began to burst out into cheers and started to chant "Ghostbusters!" No matter how many times she heard it, Sam doubted if it would ever be dull for any of them. Ray took his hand into Sam's and fist pumped their arms into the air. Sam laughed.

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