Origins: Bumblebee

Epilogue: Meeting Bulkhead: A New Beginning

He was never coming back to Bionic, Bumblebee decided. Taking a risk he threw a quick glance over his shoulder and saw that the police bots were still gaining on him. He cursed and sped up, putting a little more distance between him and his pursuers. Doing his best to doge the blasts that they were firing at him Bumblebee ran past a small, outdoor café then skidded to a stop. Turning around he ran back to the sole patron, a big green bot, and downed his cube of energon. "Thanks," he said cheerfully then disappeared further down the street. Bumblebee scowled when he realized that he had come to a dead end. Mentally preparing himself for a fight he headed back to the café and arrived just in time to see the big green bot sending the police bots in the wrong direction before leaving himself. Bumblebee blinked in surprise; he certainly had not been expecting that.

It took Bumblebee a couple of hours but by the time that the next day had rolled around he knew everything that there was to know about Bulkhead. He had graduated from the Autobot Academy not that long ago and was their foremost expert on space bridges. Armed with that knowledge he headed for the docks where his target should be loading his ship. Standing directly behind him Bumblebee said, "Hey," then chuckled when the green bot dropped a box on his pede and began hopping on one pede while holding the other one close.


"You're a little clumsy, aren't you?" Bumblebee sounded amused.

"Just a little," the big bot admitted.

Bumblebee winced as the clumsy bot tripped and crashed into a stack of boxes, all of them falling over. "I'd say a lot actually." He walked over and looked down at the bot. "Why did you lie yesterday?" he asked curiously.

"I don't know," the bot shrugged.

Bumblebee nodded in understanding. "Well thanks anyway." He extended a servo. "My name's Bumblebee by the way."

"Bulkhead," came the reply as he took hold of Bumblebee's servo and stood up.

Bumblebee looked at Bulkhead then suddenly grinned. "You know, Bulkhead, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

"Maybe," a rather wary looking Bulkhead agreed. "Just maybe."

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