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Chapter 3: This is really short.

Tallahassee burst out laughing. "That was the best dang thing I've ever seen!" He leaned over the seat and smirked. "Yep, that's a dead one." He then grabbed the zombie's arm and pulled it over to the backseat.

Little Rock made a face and scooted towards the window. "Man! That smells!" Tallahassee pushed open the door of the Caddy and shoved the dead zombie onto the highway.

"Woowee!" He shouted as the body tumbled down the road.

Wichita rolled her eyes and turned back to Salem. "Wichita. That's my sister Little Rock. This is my- um, this is Columbus. And you know Tal."

Columbus glanced and Wichita for a few seconds before returning his eyes to the road. "So what happened to your foot?" he asked.

Salem smiled and hitched a thumb at Tallahassee. "This smart guy over here shot it 'cause he thought I was a zombie."

Columbus whirled around and glared at Tallahassee. "Oh, so now you can get away with shooting somebody, but when I did it, I was sentenced to being shunned for eternity."

Tallahassee glared back. "Now, I didn't get much of that, but what I did understand was 'Shooting somebody' and 'getting away with it'. And I didn't get away with it. Somebody has to carry this girl around, and it sure ain't gonna be you. And for the record, you didn't just shoot somebody, you killed them. And that somebody just happened to be Bill Murray. So you lose."

Salem leaned forward in her seat and stared at Columbus. "You shot Bill Murray? Man, Tallahassee's got you beat. I would take getting shot in the foot to killing a legend any day." Columbus rolled his eyes and settled back into his seat.

Tallahassee turned and looked at Salem intently. "I like you."

Salem smiled. "I think I like you guys, too."

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