My dreams about the good doctor, which always involve a wonderful adventure (ending in either bliss or grief), bring back that old face of his.

(only having that familiar smile for the night)

"When did you learn to cook, Miss Lane?"

The family table, brought about early on in these serial dreams of mine (seeing him when I shut my over worked eyes), was filled to the brim with every favorite food I could think of.

(and a whole lot of cakes)

"Stay around for more than five seconds, doc, and you'll find out."

When those lonely words had left my lips I knew right away that the end to this fantasy was coming faster then I wanted.

(dreaming of a time when I never had to wake up)

"Waking up is quite a horrible thing, isn't it?"

I tried with all my might to keep that smile of his with me until the very end, wanting his hand on my cheek to be warm, but it faded away with the rest of him.

"It's even worse than the freaking master."

He was there when I opened my eyes, a faint picture in my head of what he used to be, and his new smile took away my grief.

(like it does every single night as it pulls me faster each time)

"I was dreaming of him again, doc, are you jealous?"

It would be years from now, when a new face would form for the twelfth time, when he would tell me that it was my smile that made his darkness turn to light.

(a time where the name Lois Lane would be in his heart instead of Rose Tyler)

"Extremely, Miss Lane."