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**Warning the Jacob in this chapter has Dom-ish tendencies that may be offensive to some readers. Things get a bit physical between Bella and Jacob , so if that may bother you, then you may not want to read this chapter.**

Jacob:The name means "heel-grabber",or"he who supplants"

Supplants:to take the place of and serve as a substitute for especially by reason of superior excellence or power

Jacob met Bella for the first time at a BBQ in his parent's backyard when he was seven and she was five. It was love at first sight for him. He kept it to himself though because at that age it was wrong to like girls and if his best friends Quil and Embry found out they would've teased him and told everyone at school.

Even though Jacob was only seven, he was a good problem solver. Once he had his mind set on fixing a problem, he wouldn't rest until he came up with a solution. Jacob liked Bella and he wanted to be able to spend time with her. However, they were always harassed by his nosey sisters, or his two best friends. He decided that if he could get her to like boy stuff then it would be okay to have her around.

Bella had very little female influence in her life, with the exception of Sarah Black. Her father was raising her, so it was easy for Jacob to make his plan work. His sisters were already in their pre-teens so they were too old for Bella to be friends with, so when she came over to visit, Bella spent all her time with Jacob and his friends.

They taught her how to climb trees, skip rocks, and catch frogs, anything that wasn't girly. Bella's tomboyish ways were a blessing in disguise for Charlie; it made raising a girl alone so much easier.

As the years went on Jacob and Bella became inseparable. When Jacob's mother was tragically killed in a car accident when he was twelve, Bella stood by his side. She held his hand as his mother's coffin was slowly lowered into the ground.

Jacob was there for Bella when her mother didn't show up for her thirteenth birthday party like she promised. When the party was over and all of her friends had left, Jacob held Bella in his arms as she cried.

When Bella turned fourteen, by court order she was forced to visit her mother in Phoenix for the summer. She left Forks looking like one of the boys, but when she came back two weeks before school started, she was hot! She was a girl!

Everything about her appearance was different. She now wore her hair down in various ways. Sometimes she wore it straight, curly, or wavy. Gone were her baggy t-shirts and jeans. They were replaced with form fitting shirts, dresses, and skinny jeans. She even wore make-up.

The biggest change though was her body. She was no longer skinny and shapeless but now she had breasts. Jacob wanted to call and thank Bella's mother for forcing her to take swimming and tennis lessons while she was in Phoenix this summer. He loved the end result because now had ass and legs for days.

Even though, up until now, Jacob and Bella had never been nothing more than friends, all the boys on the rez knew that Bella was off limits. Not just because her father openly threatened all the boys in Forks and La Push. He told them that if they even looked at Bella sideways he would beat the shit out of them, and then shoot them.

Another reason was because Jacob had made it known that she belonged to him. He was an even-tempered boy but Bella was an exception. She was his possession, and no one dared crossed the line with her. Paul made the mistake once by kissing Bella on the lips and trying to stick his tongue down her throat while she stood under some mistletoe that was hung in the Black's living room. It took Sam, Quil and Embry to get Jacob off Paul and he had a black eye for about a week.

Eventually, Jacob and Bella's relationship did progress into more than just friendship. They fell in love and believed that they would spend the rest of their lives together.

They had sex for the first time when Bella was sixteen and Jacob was eighteen. Everything was perfect in their young lives until the night of the Cullen's graduation party.

The Cullens moved from Alaska to Washington Bella's first year of high school. Carlisle and Esme Cullen were unable to have biological children of their own so they adopted. Alice and Emmett were twins and the same age as Bella. Edward was already in his first year of college at Harvard so he wasn't seen too often.

The Cullen graduation party was expected to be an epic event.

All the young adults from Forks and La Push were invited. Bella wasn't much of a party person, but all of her friends were going. More importantly, Jacob wanted to go so she went.

They had been at the party for a few hours when Mike Newton cornered Bella. He'd been drinking and stumbling around the party. Basically, acting like a complete idiot. Jacob had left Bella with Leah and Angela so they could talk while he hung out with Quil, Sam and Embry. Paul enjoyed getting under Jacob's skin, so he stood next to Jacob and directed his attention across the room.

Mike Newton was standing so close to Bella that she was pressed up against the wall.

Jacob frowned and said, "What the hell is he doing?"

Paul snickered, shook his head and said, "Stupid fuck. He should have waited until afteryou went to New York before he tried to get his bid in."

Jacob looked at Paul and said, "What are you talking about?"

Paul folds his arms across his chest and leans against the wall as he studied Jacob before he spoke.

"You are about to go away to college in New York for two years and you are leaving Bella here. The guys in La Push may believe in "TheBroCode",but the guys in Forks don't give a fuck about that. I hear them talk about Bella all the time. How nice and tight her ass is…how good it would feel to have those long legs of hers wrapped around their waists as they fuck the shit out of her…"

Jacob was beyond hearing what Paul was saying. He started to see red as Mike Newton lowered his head and whispered something in Bella's ear. Jacob was halfway across the room before Sam and Embry caught up with him. They reminded him about where he was, and He couldn't start a fight in the Cullen's home. Their words barely registered, all Jacob was focused on now was getting his girl away from the drunken bastard that was hovering over her.

Once Jacob was directly behind Mike, he grabbed him by the back of his shirt and yanked him away from Bella. Mike flew backward and would have hit the ground if it weren't for Embry and Sam catching him.

Jacob grabbed Bella by her wrist, pulled her away from the wall and snarled, "We're leaving now!"

Jacob dragged Bella through the crowd of people in the direction of the front door. He stopped long enough to allow Bella to let Alice know they were leaving and then he continued to pull her in the direction of his car. Once they got to his car, he unlocked the door and practically shoved her inside. Jacob got in on his side and before his door was all the way closed, he was already pulling out of his parking space and heading for the highway.

In all the years that Bella had known Jacob, he'd never been rough with her or directed his anger toward her. Her wrist was hurting slightly from when Jacob had dragged her to his car. She tried to calm him down by telling him that Mike was drunk and didn't mean anything by what he was doing. Jacob didn't respond, he kept his head forward and continued to drive.

Bella wondered if Jacob was mad at her. Did he think that she was flirting with Mike and she wanted him all over her like that? Bella panicked when she realized that they weren't headed to La Push like they had planned to go after the party, but instead, they were heading toward her house.

Bella turned toward Jake and asked, "Hey, I thought we were going to your house after the party?"

The muscles in Jacob's jaw started to twitch as he fought to keep control over his anger. Without looking at Bella Jacob said, "I changed my mind. I'm taking you home."

Dread squeezed Bella's chest at the coldness of his tone. She didn't say another word as they drove to her house.

Jacob pulled into her driveway, turned off the ignition, and said, "Is Charlie still staying in La Push tonight?"



Jacob got out of the car and slammed the door shut. Bella took a couple of deep breaths and slowly got out of the car and followed him up her front steps to the front door. She unlocked the door and walked inside. Jacob followed her inside and shut the door.

Bella started to walk down the hallway toward the living room, but Jacob grabbed her by her arm and pulled her toward him. He turned her around and pressed her against the front door. Jacob came up behind her, placed a hand on both sides of her, and said,

"You are mine. I don't give a fuck how far away I am from you, nobody touches you but me!"

Jacob stepped closer and pressed himself against Bella's back. He took one of his hands and raised up her skirt so that her ass was exposed to him and he squeezed her butt cheek and said, "Your ass belongs to me."

He ran his hand up and down the back of her leg a few times before he turned her around and stared into her eyes. She looked frightened but aroused at the same time. As Jacob continued to stare into Bella's eyes, he ran the tip of his thumbs across her nipples through her shirt and felt how they immediately hardened at his touch. Bella's head fell aback against the door as she closed her eyes and moaned.

Jacob grabbed her nipples between his fingers and squeezed. Bella gasped as her eyes shot open in shock. He squeezed her nipples again but this time a little harder.

He growled, "These belong to me."

Jacob ran his hand across her stomach and past her bunched up skirt. He shoved his hand into her panties. He then slid his finger up... and down her folds. Bella had her eyes closed and her breathing had picked up.

With his other hand, Jacob grabbed Bella's jaw and said, "Open your eyes and look at me."

Bella opened her eyes, and Jacob slid his finger into her wet opening and said,

"This pussy will only get wet for me."

Bella groaned and started to shiver as she bucked her hips against his hand.

He snatched his hand out of her panties and crashed his lips to hers. Jacob lifted Bella up and she wrapped her legs around him as he made his way down the hallway into the living room. He dropped her onto the couch like a doll. Then immediately bent down and grabbed the waistband of her panties. She watched as he pulled them down her legs. They dropped to the floor. He then tapped her on her leg and said,

"Turn over onto your knees and hold onto the armrest of the couch."

Bella quickly did as she was told. She was panting heavily and her body was shaking with anticipation. He quickly placed his hands on her hips, positioned himself behind her, and slid his hard throbbing cock into her wet folds. They both groaned at the same time; and Jacob increased his pace. He was now sliding in and out of her with fervor.

Bella had always loved the sex between her and Jacob. He was a very attentive lover and there never had been a time between them that she wasn't satisfied, but the dominance that Jacob was portraying right now made everything so intense.

Jacob grabbed a fist full of Bella's hair as he continued to pound in and out of her.

He yanked her head back and said, "Who does this pussy belong to?"

Bella moaned out her answer, "J-Ja-Jake!...y-you, only you!"

"That's right, you belong to me! Only I can make you feel like this!"

Jacob let go of Bella's hair and he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up so that her back was against his chest. He never stopped thrusting into her as he shifted her into another position. He held her against him with one hand, and with the other, he fingered her tiny bundle of nerves.

It didn't take long for Bella to cry out Jacob's name as she orgasmed and as she slumped against him he whispered in her ear, "Don't get too comfortable because I'm not done with you yet."


The next morning Jacob woke up with a smile on his face until he turned toward Bella and saw the various bruises, and bite marks he'd left all over her body. He was horrified that he'd lost control like that and had been so rough with her.

What made the situation worse was that Bella tried her hardest to convince Jacob that she'd liked how he'd taken her and claimed her as his own. What Jacob had done to her was mind blowing and the best sex they'd had. Unfortunately, Jacob could be stubborn and he refused to believe that she really liked it.

As the summer went on, Jacob avoided having sex with Bella. The fear of loosing control was always just under the surface and Jacob would die if he ever truly hurt her. Bella was frustrated and horny. She began to think that something must be wrong with her to cause him to not want her anymore.

Two weeks before Jacob left to go college in New York he met Bella at First Beach and broke up with her. He told her that it wouldn't be fair to expect her to try and have a long distance relationship with him. They were young and this was the time in their lives when they needed to experience what it's like to see other people.

Bella cried and pleaded for Jacob to change his mind. She told him that she loved him and there would never be anyone else she'd ever want but him. It broke Jacob's heart to leave Bella crying and begging him to change his mind. He wanted to be honest with her and tell her the truth about why he was really breaking up with her but he was ashamed. He couldn't tell her that since the night of the Cullen party Jacob couldn't stop fantasizing about other ways he could dominate her body and make her scream for him.

That night Jacob stole a case of beer out of Billy's refrigerator in their garage and got drunk off his ass. When he didn't come home, Billy became concerned and called around looking for him. Sam promised Billy that he would go and search for him.

Sam found Jacob passed out on the cliffs over looking First Beach. Once he got Jacob to wake up, he told Sam everything. Sam didn't react the way Jacob thought he would. He didn't' seem disgusted for what Jacob did to Bella but instead, he seem more interested in the types of fantasies that he had. He gave Jacob a card for a friend he knew in New York and promised Jacob that if he went to see him he'd be able to help him with what he'd been going through.

After the first two weeks in New York, Jacob pulled out the card that Sam had given him and he called Jason Pate. It took almost a month after his meeting with Jason for Jacob to come to grips with what he'd learned was a part of who he was.

Soon after, he accepted a VIP invitation to a munch being hosted by Jason Pate and Rosalie Hale. That party was the jump-start for Jacob Black becoming a Dom.

I posted this chapter because I felt it was important see the type of bond that Jacob and Bella had before he became a Dom. It's going to explain a lot of her stupid behavior in the up coming chapters and why Paul reacts to Jacob the way he does.

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