Miyako was staring at the lottery ticket that she was holding in her hand, and she was starting to get annoyed at the way Ken seemed entertained by the whole situation. She had heard about an American company that had started a lottery with an insane amount of prize money in Japan, and Miyako was honestly excited about the fact that her family's convenience store was selling tickets for said lottery. She had dragged Ken over to the store on their way to her apartment, but she eventually became irritated when he chuckled at the way that she had picked a lottery ticket that she had felt was 'lucky'.

"What's so funny?" Miyako asked as she looked over at Ken and away from her lottery ticket for the first time since she had picked it out, annoyance clear in her voice.

Ken's amused appearance became a simple smiling one as he looked fondly at his girlfriend. He would have never pegged her as the type of person who believed in luck, and decided that he would try to stop Miyako from buying the ticket that she was holding on to since it would just be a waste of money. He glanced over at the bored looking cashier, who today was Momoe, and Ken figured that since Miyako's sister was doing nothing to stop her from throwing money into a scratch-and-lose, he chuckled at his own 'witticism', lottery scheme, that the burden of doing so fell on his shoulders.

He then proceeded to debate with Miyako on the wisdom of gambling, and the statistics showing that she would most likely lose than anything else. The chances of her winning were miniscule at best, and after much reluctance, Ken finally got his girlfriend to agree with him. He was glad that Miyako trusted him enough to listen to what he had to say, and felt a tiny pride bubble inside him when he saw her set the lottery ticket on the counter in front of her older sister. Though to be fair she did seem to get a tiny bit mad at his next announcement.

"Only insane people play the lottery."

As if on cue a young woman entered the Inoue's convenience store, and immediately walked up to Momoe and began chatting with her. After a moment the young woman, one Motomiya Jun, stared at the lottery ticket that Miyako had set back down on the counter for Momoe to put away. Jun looked up at her friend as she pulled some money out of her purse to pay for said ticket, and immediately began scratching to see if she won.

Ken sent a smug look at his girlfriend, who scowled at him in return, since he saw Daisuke's slightly crazy older sister as proof that he was right about the lottery. Although his look faltered and his face paled when Jun's eyes widened and screamed.

Even into their adulthood, even after years of loving marriage that produced them many children, Miyako never let Ken forget that he had cost her over 1.5 billion yen, or twenty million American dollars to be exact. Needless to say, the future Ishida Jun lived quite the comfortable life.