Foster Forever

Winnie's 17th birthday. The day she had been dreading since six years ago, in august. When she met the Tucks, when she met Jesse. She had a choice to make, one that would affect her forever. "what am I going to do?" asked Winnie to herself . Live forever with Jesse, that sounded nice, but… what if it wasn't true? What if the water Jesse had given her wasn't magical? She wasn't about to test it on herself! She would never jump off a cliff or anything if she didn't know if it worked! What if the Tucks were just crazy? She would never be able to find them anyways… But forever! With Jesse! The best thing she could ever imagine, having a family who loved her for her, who wouldn't try to change her, someone she could love… no arranged marriages. That would be heaven! She could at least try… "Yes," she thought. "I must try."

Feeling guilty that she would soon leave her family behind, she got as many hugs and kisses as she could from her parents and grandmother. "Winifred? Are you ok?" asked Winnie's grandmother. "You seem rather upset…" at this, Winnie did her best at a smile and replied "Yes, grandmother. It's my birthday! How could I be upset?" and as she said this, with a heavy heart, she went upstairs to her bedroom to pack.

Winnie was in her bedroom, she had one bag and in it were a few things she had to have with her, most of them being old family photos and small items as such. She had poured her water bottle on the toad… so before she left she must go back to the spring to get more. She also brought a small blanket, some of her less fancy cloths and some money. She would need to catch many trains if she were to find the Tucks. Winnie sat in her too-small rocking chair from when she was a child, knowing it would be the last time she would ever see her room, her house, her family.

The large clock struck midnight and Winnie leapt from her bed. She walked slowly down the stairs and out the front door. She almost stepped out of the gate… when she saw something small move in the grass. "A toad!" Winnie thought as she bent down and scooped the little creature up. "Hello." she whispered. "I didn't think I'd see you again! You can be my traveling companion! You and me." And with that Winnie stepped out of the gate… entering a whole new world.

Meanwhile... Jesse, was writing a letter. It might not sound interesting- until you read it.

Dear Momma,

Have you seen Winnie Foster at all? Today was her 17th birthday you know. I have no clue as to where she is or if she has even tasted the water yet. I think I'll go look'n for her. I'll start with her town, if she's anywhere near by... but don't worry, I know to keep a low profile since it's only been a few years since the whole escaping thing. How would you and pops over there like to join me? Im leaving tonight so if you don't hear back from me I'll be by our old shack near the lake.

I love you,

and so Jesse hopped on a train and left, just like that. He left his new home for the old one and was praying the whole way there that Winnie Foster hadn't backed out on her promise.