The water tasted wonderful to Winnie. She decided it didn't taste like water at all, no, it tasted like sugar and honey and something warm and sweet that she couldn't detect. She wanted to drink it all, until the spring ran dry. The only thing stopping her was Jesse. She couldn't wait to see him, and she knew that soon her parents would find her bed empty and come looking. So, she parted with the lovely spring and set off into the woods. Where am I going? She asked herself. Jesse told me he would come for me… did that mean he was expecting me at the shack? Or was he going to come to my house? Should I try to find him? She shivered in the night air. Her parents would surely look for her in the woods, and eventually would find the shack, but Winnie was tired and cold. She settled on finding the shack.

As she made her way through the creaky old door and lit her lamp for light, she was shocked by all the memories the little house brought. She could picture the Tuck's sitting around the small, messy table eating flapjacks. She could see them huddled around Mae's music box, as she sung to them softly. She hummed the tune to herself, missing her somewhat second family. She hadn't seen them in forever. The croaking toad startled her back into reality.

"Yes, we're home. " She whispered to him softly.

She wandered about, flicking on lamps and looking around. What shall I do for sleeping arrangements? She wondered idly. She was tired and very much so hoped that the Tuck's wouldn't mind her stay. She settled on the couch for a bed, curling up into a ball. She knew she must get up fairly early and take the rowboat out on the lake. She couldn't risk anyone finding out her whereabouts, and the lake was almost deserted other than the wild life teeming around it. It was funny, the last time she stayed the night here, she had been frightened and anxious. She'd thought she'd been kidnapped. But now, she couldn't be more content. Thinking of reuniting with her love and second family, she happily drifted to sleep.