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Chapter 12

Brandon's POV

Tyler or Sky just looked at me. "Are you talking about Bloom?"

I nodded. "She went to Earth, but she said she was going to come back…to you."

Tyler shrugged. "She hasn't communicated with me for three years, Brandon. Do you really think she'd come back?"

"Yes. Bloom loves you dearly, I don't think she'd ever give up on you." I defended Bloom.

Tyler sighed. "I really like Malika and I want to get to know her better. Tomorrow, I bet she'll be there, right?"

I nodded, happy that I was getting married with the love of my life.

Stella's POV

After everyone was out, I wanted Malika to come in only.

She was confused but she stayed anyway. "Yes?"

I took a deep breath, and it hurt to say this but, "You have to go to Brandon's house! I don't know where it is, but I know you'll find out. Now, you have to go. And then, go to your father and tell him I am not in good shape for marriage, tomorrow."

Malika looked at me sadly. "Okay, I'll go right away." And with that, she left. Nurse Rollin came inside. "Princess Stella, we need to ask you a question."

I nodded and puffed my pillow.

"Have you, touched any kind of plant in the past three days?" She asked.

This was a weird question. I shook my head. "No, Malika waters all of my plants."

Nurse Rollin nodded. "Okay, has anyone touched you beside Malika in the past three days?"

I thought for a moment. I kissed Brandon, that's like touching, but I could never say that. "No, I don't think so. Maybe my mother, but that's more like a touch on the hair or forehead, what does this have anything to do with me being poisoned?"

Nurse Rollin closed her eyes, and opened them back. "According to our tests, you are poisoned by some kind of, ivy or something."

I just cried.

Malika's POV

Well, actually finding out Sir Brandon's address, wasn't hard as I thought it would be. I knocked on the door, hoping Sir Brandon would open up. Thankfully, he did. "Hello, do you remember me? I'm Malika Sudworth, Princess Stella's ser—best friend."

Sir Brandon smiled. "Yes, please, come in."

I smiled back and walked in. It was huge but not as big as the palace, so it wasn't something new for me. "Nice home." I complimented.

He dipped his head. "Thank you. So, is the Princess giving me a message?"

I got angry again. What am I? A messenger? "I wouldn't call it a message, Sir Brandon."


"Princess Stella is poisoned. She can't be married tomorrow." I said sternly. Sir Brandon gasped. "What? How? When? Where?"

"Calm down! The doctors did a test and the results are, from a plant. A poisonous one. We don't know when and where." I sighed.

Sir Brandon took a seat in shock.

"I will come back when I know the actual marriage date." I turned around to go but someone called my name.


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