This is a GerIta fanfic, as in Germany Italy. Some yummy lemon later on in the series can be found. So Hetalia BOY LOVE. Don't like it? Well please stay away then. Thanks ^^

Hello everyone! This is Dani speaking, and to be honest, this is my very first fanfic. I've read a lot of them and I just try and base my stuff (writing style) off of them, so I'd really be appreciative for criticism and suggestions on what you guys think I should do better. I'll be posting new chapters whenever I can, and hopefully they'll be longer than this one. Enough of my babbling enjoy!

Chapter 1

Ludwig's POV

My head was throbbing, pounding in fact. My shoulders were completely slumped back while I scrubbed my face in my hand; this was going to be such a long night. I could bare distinguish what I was doing presently, I remembered only when the seemingly infinite pile of paperwork mocked me from it's monstrous black and white heap on top of my dark cherry wood desk. The small lamp and random pens that were also perched on top were in danger of toppling onto the floor because of said papers. I groaned inwardly, my chest heaving causing me to emit a large, low sigh that came from deep within my chest that filled the eerily quiet office space. That is, until the phone on my stand began ringing obnoxiously, almost as if it was trying to double the force of my headache. I picked up the receiver and held it to my ear.

"Ja?" I sighed into the phone.

"Honhonhonhon" came the unmistakable (and extremely unsettling) laugh of none other than Francis, with all of his unholy accent bleeding through his already slaughtered speech.

"Allo, Germany~!" I squirmed in my chair uncomfortably.

"Vat is it, France?" I groaned tiredly, but went on anyways. "You know busy I am this week." And surprisingly, that wasn't a lie either.

"Oh mon ami Germany!" he cooed enthusiastically, I only rolled my cerulean eyes.

"Of course I know that silly~"

"Then vat do you need, Francis?" I was slightly taken aback by the venom that seeped through my words, but at this point, I didn't really care anymore.

"Awwwh, Ludi I was just 'ondering 'ow you were do—"

I didn't even let him finish his sentence. "Don't give me zat crap France, you only call me when zere's something you need, so I'll say it once more, vat do you want from me?"

As soon as I uttered those words, my body twitched as I could practically feel the Cheshire smile creep it's way onto the blonde Frenchman's features, it scared me to death, and made me swallow the large knot that had formed itself in my throat, quite audibly mind you.

"Hnn. Very well zen, it's come to my attention that your debt is extremely overdue, mon cher."

I froze, had I really forgotten my debt money was due today?

"…Allo? Germany?... Ludwig?"

Not to brag, but I do know how to think quick, but in situations like these, perhaps too quick.

"Oh ja, I—'ave– and I—do"


"Oh no—line—getting cut o—so—sorry"

"Ludwig I called your office phone."

"Dead— line—never works—going—auf wierdersehen!"

I quickly slammed the receiver down, ending the call abruptly with the annoying frog, as I slumped back into my chair.

"Damn, now zat damn frenchie is on mein ass about money too?.."


"—and what about zat paper work? I'll never get done with zis!" I paced the dimly lit room, completely unaware of the voice calling me from near.

"Ohh, Germanyyyyy!"

"How am I going to ever do zis before ze end of ze week?" I growled angrily.


Before I was able to process anything, I was suddenly knocked onto the hardwood floor from my chair, my face now pressing onto it, hard.

"Oh Ludi! I haven't seen you in days! Why haven't you called me over?—"

I took a strained glance sideways at the small, amber eyed Italian, having his signature curl poke at my face in the process. I twitched ever so slightly as his mouth moved a million hours an hour.

"—and the tomato sauce goes right ontop~! But only a drizzle of course!—"

I finally succeeded in calming my raging migraine, so I decided to try and stop Italy.

"Italy?" I muttered weakly.

"—But then I told Romano that I thought I looked so much better in blue!—"

"Italy" I tried again with a bit more force.

"—I just don't understand why France and Britain like kidnapping me so much in the first place!—"

"Italy!.." I had strained my voice slightly, had I really been working that hard lately? But amazingly, the younger man in front of me just kept on talking.

"—and so I told him things like that don't belong inside of—"

"FELICIANO!" Finally reaching the max volume I didn't know my voice even had, I had finally gotten the attention of Italy, he flinched visibly, but even then I could control myself anymore.

"Don't you understand zat I am very busy? No, of course you don't because you are ze most oblivious person I know! Und another thing, could you PLEASE just shut up when I ask? Honestly al zis work hurts mein head enough and your insistent babbling doubles the intensity of it! Why can't you just leave me ALONE?"

By this time, my cheeks were completely flushed and my heart wouldn't stop thumping. My throat was utterly raw and burned, causing me to wince in pain. After I had caught my breath, I looked up only to have ice flow through my veins, my heart dropping to my stomach; amber-gold eyes were glazed over wit tears and a cute face was contorted in pain, the sight nearly killing me alone.

"F-Feli?.. Vait, you know I just—"

His voice cracked. "N-no.. I understand, I get that kinda thing a lot, ve.. I.. –" at this point, his voice had cracked into two, and I felt as if I was punched in the gut repeatedly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you hated me..!"

With that, Italy stood up, turned on his heal and sprinted out of my office, his loud chocked up sobs filling the new contagiously quiet office space. I couldn't even take in the face that I had actually done something so disgusting, so awful. All I wanted was some quiet and alone time to finish up my work, and I ended up hurting one that I cared for the most. My throat decided to tighten painfully as I heard the front door slam closed. And I know now for sure, there is no way I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. What have I done? Why didn't I try to stop him..?