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Chapter 5

Normal POV

The early morning sunlight rays broke through the transparent white curtains in Feliciano's room without retaliation; covering the un-made bed with a soft canary sheet. Blue jays sung their good morning symphonies that rung through the dead silent air. Ludwig's chest contracted up and down slowly; sleep was able to hit him like a ton of bricks the night prior. But even so, it only took another half an hour or so for sky blue orbs to peak out of lazy eyelids as the mentioned broke away from the hazy sleep barrier. Ever since he was only a small country, Germany was never able to give into the true pull of deep slumber; as in, the type that left you sleeping in till 1 in the afternoon. After all, being up at such ridiculous hours allowed the stoic blonde to finish up his agenda for that particular day.

Ludwig's POV

My eyes fluttered heavily as I attempted to break from the ever-enticing pull of unconsciousness. Even though waking up at hours like this was normally second nature to me, I found myself having a difficult time just getting my mind to pull to the surface. I was able to sit up (slowly, but I managed to do it) and stretch my limbs even though they were screaming profanities at me from last night activities. After a moment or two, I had finally noticed the same lightly tanned arms from last night laced around my waist like a vice. My gaze traveled up the slim arms only to stop at the thing that sent warmth into the pit of my stomach and a smile upon my lips; a petite, sun-kissed, boyish face was demonstrating the true bliss of deep slumber as the owner slept soundly. Copper locks were strewn about and highlighted brilliantly from the golden veil that came from way beyond the curtains. Flawless peach skin was stretched over light muscle on a slim body; the skin's perfection was only interrupted by a love-bite or red mark every few inches of skin. I felt the skin of my face redden and heat up immediately as my mind back tracked through the events of last night, until I suddenly felt sticky. Really, sticky; as in sticky enough to make me cringe because I was so uncomfortable. Scrubbing my face with my hand, I got up carefully in order not to wake the angelic boy sleeping beside me; I quietly untangled the arms around my hips then stood up slowly. I had hardly even twitched before the movement snapped the arms back to life; clamping around my waist to prevent any further movement. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I noticed how my tongue had turned into cotton.

What was I supposed to say to him in a situation like this?

Moments came and went but no sound reverberated in my ears as awkward silence began to consume me, turning painful seconds into unbearable minutes. I wasn't even positively sure if Feliciano was actually awake or even conscious for that matter, most likely not. When I figured that he wasn't, I decided to take a gamble and make sure.


"Hmm? Si, Ludwig?"

I turned my head only to be met with wide amber eyes swirling with joy pointed in my direction, and soft pink lips that I had claimed as mine last night were quirked into a fun-loving smile that I always secretly adored.

Is he going to understand?

I swallowed the lump in my throat and adverted my face when I remembered how contorted in lust and pleasure that beautiful face was last night.

Had zis all just been und mistake?

I finally decided to muster up all the courage I could possible gather and mumble gently.

"…Feliciano, I must tell you something—"

Suddenly, I felt the small Italian's slim arms leave my waist as he sighed a soft 've' then shifted, causing the bedsprings to squeak slightly from the change.

"No, Germany I think I need to tell YOU something."

The honey-coated voice that I was accustomed to hearing seemed deprived of its normal playfulness; being replaced only by determination. I turned my whole body and started straight at the adorable boy in front of me; silently assuring him that all of my undivided attention was on what he had to say. Italy had moved into a sitting position with his knees bent; so he was hugging them into his chest and his chin rested atop his right forearm, his features seemed to be set in a perplexed was as he stared out towards the window, the light from outside was shading his skin in a lighter tone. I sat on the edge of the bed as carefully as I could; not wanting to break Feli from his thoughts. He waited minutes before he spoke, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Ve~… You know Ludwig, last night was destined to happen… And I couldn't be happier that it happened earlier than I had expected."

I felt my eyebrows rise up so high that I was sure they had disappeared above my hairline. My mouth nearly hung open enough to unhinge my jaw, but I had caught myself before that happened and regained some of my composure. Before I had the words to even respond, Feli continued.

"Germany… When we had that little spat, it felt as if my heart was going to rip into shreds, ve~…"

Italy had tried to give a smile, but it turned out into more of a pained grin, molten amber eyes glinting with grief and adverting to the side, the look had my heart flying straight down past my stomach, but nonetheless, I patiently waited for him to continue.

"—But it's just that I knew, I wanted, and still do, for you to accept my love Germany. Ever since the day we met, I haven't been able to keep my mind away from you, and wishing that one day you'd hold me in your big strong arms ve~!... But I never dared say anything, in case you decided that you hated me…"

"Italy, I would ne—" I tired softly, but the smaller man only raised his finger to his lips to hush me, effectively doing so.

"Shh. One moment Ludi." I could only nod dumbly.

"Ve~, but anyways. That's why I attempted to drink myself stupid yesterday you see, but I have an extremely high tolerance for alcohol, so I hardly even got a buzz!"

I was truly shocked when I thought about the monotonous amounts of alcohol the copper-head had consumed yesterday, but Italy only cocked his head to the side slightly in thought as he muttered.

"I was hoping that if I acted drunk around you, then perhaps you wouldn't push me away as easily. I know it wasn't smart, or it wouldn't have guaranteed your love in return, but I just need to know now… If you love me too ve? Because that's a whole different thing, si?"

He finally had turned to stare at me; amber orbs were glazed over with unshed tears, and his fear of rejection had caused dark, slim eyebrows to angle awkwardly. As much as I wanted to take the boy into my arms and kiss him breathless, his confession to me had my heart thumping almost painfully against my ribs, and my cheeks flaring without mercy. My tongue had turned into cotton in the short span of time, proving that speech was much harder than expected. Feliciano waited for my response anxiously, playing with soft copper strands haphazardly. I licked my suddenly chalk dry lips, before I began so quietly, that I wasn't even sure I had actually spoken:

"Feliciano Vargas, I love you too, und I always have..."

The smaller man only cocked his head further to the side, giving him an even more child-like appearance. A confused look gracing his features as he finally retorted.

"Huh? Ve, Germany? I can't hear anything you say when you whisper like that. Did I say something wrong? What did I—eep!"

It was finally my opportunity to silence the blabbering Italian up. I grabbed one of his wrists and pulled him into my chest, holding him tightly while I growled softly into a small ear.

"Du narr, I said I love you too. Ich liebe dich, und ich habe immer." Heat slowly took over my cheeks as my voice softened.

"—and I always have."

I only heard a surprised gasp and a sound between a squeal and a giggle. Feliciano pulled back only far enough to look into my eyes as he began babbling at what seemed to be a million miles an hour.

"Ve~! Really? I never thought you would return my feelings for you Ludwig! I mean, fratello always says that I'm annoying, and you're so serious—"

Normal POV

Ludwig chuckled softly before kissing Feliciano firmly yet genuinely to quiet the younger nation. The small Italian made no attempt to break away or move, but only melted into the kiss intensely.

Their first, true, genuine kiss.

Ludwig eventually hoisted Feliciano up so he had his legs wrapped securely around the German's strong waist, while Germany's arms locked around Feli's hips to carry him, their lips never leaving each other's in the process. Both men moaned softly in appreciation as their tongues finally met, immediately coming together for an intricate and slow dance. The blonde slowly made his way over to the shower with Italy still clung onto him. Only when Germany had to get the copper-head and himself into the steaming bliss of the hot shower, did the two pull their mouths away; a nearly invisible silver string of saliva connecting their lips. Germany peppered light kisses on the Italian's neck as he gently rubbed at a tight pink pucker, causing Feli to whimper lightly in anticipation. After leaving a sufficient mark on the crook between neck and shoulder, the blonde decided to enter two fingers into the velvet like heat, shivering slightly as Feliciano moaned into his ear after giving it a harsh nip. When Ludwig was finished scissoring the small Italian's tight entrance, he slowly guided his aching member towards its favorite destination, the copper-head only tangled slim fingers into soaking, pale blonde locks. A low moan escaping the latter's throat when he felt is most personal space being filled to the brim by his lover and prostate being rubbed straight on, while Germany shuddered at the tight, encasing heat. Both took a few moments for Feliciano to feel accustomed to the large intrusion, amber meeting cerulean simultaneously as permission to go. This sent Ludwig thrusting into his lover gently as his grip on peachy hips tightened only slightly. Feliciano cried out softly as the larger of the two began bucking his hips into the warm cavern with more abandon, bodies slicking together from the sweat and the showerhead's assault. The foggy room was being filled not only by the steam, but also the slurred words, moans, whimpers and occasional slap of skin on skin. Feliciano gripped onto broad shoulders for dear life as his hips began grinding on their own accord, causing Ludwig to grunt in his approval. The copper-heads panting and whimpering only became more defined as he felt a red-hot coil burning an inferno within the pits of his abdomen, his rhythm becoming more spastic with each thrust that he was dealt. With one final (and deadly accurate) thrust against his prostate, Feliciano felt his release hitting him like a tidal wave; his vision being blurred with white, fuzzy static. His orgasms caused his walls to spasm and tighten ruthlessly around Germany's already engorged and throbbing member, which sent Germany into his own euphoria.

"A-ahh! L-ludwig!"

"Nngghh, Feliciano!"

By this point, both nations were panting and relishing in the afterglow of their simultaneous release. Ludwig finally putting the small Italian back onto the slick tile floor carefully, but his hold never faltering. Feliciano looked up shyly at the panting German; wet, unkept hair, and chest heaving slowly. This made Feli giggle softly. Germany normally would've frowned and reprimanded the smaller nation, asking him what was so damn funny, but this time, he only gave a rare soft smile to the giggling Italian. Crystal blue locked with molten amber, as the silence was finally broken.

"Sono tua ora, Ludwig…"

"Wie ich jetzt dein, Feliciano…"

Two pairs of lips met in a soft kiss under the steaming water, nothing beyond that small space mattering anymore to the two owners, and nothing ever will.

Ich liebe dich.

Ti amo.

I love you.


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