Hi! This is my FIRST FAN FICTION EVER! Now, I know what you think: "So what? You're going to say the same thing as most other people: 'Please go easy on me- This is my first fan fiction'" WRONG! (Fool!) I am different! I SAY: "Yes it's my first fan fiction: all the more reason for you to critique me- tell me what to improve on, what to change, I WANT TO BE BETTER!" (-Truth hurts sometimes, if you want to hear nothing but good things... you're sorta out of luck.)


Chapter 1: Prologue (Bad News in the Middle of the Night?)

Kid sat on his bed, trying to make his pajama bottoms symmetrical- the right leg seemed to be sinking a little bit more over his ankle then the left pajama leg. Hmm, still not right. He leaned down to adjust the pants again when he heard someone panting. Forgetting about his asymmetricalness he rushed to the window and looked down to see a tall, skinny, grey haired man running into the school carrying the body of someone.

Who's that? Is that Professor Stein? Why is he going into the school like that? I better go warn dad! Kid slipped on a t-shirt and left his room. Leaving the mansion he ran through the streets, across the courtyard, and into the school.

His bare feet pounded the cold, empty hallway floor as he ran down to the Death Room.

"Dad! There's someone who came in and they-" Kid was cut off, in the room stood Professor Stein with the person, who he could now make out to be a girl-though he still didn't recognize her, she looked to be about his age, his father stood over them both and was quietly talking with the man. They raised their heads when they heard him come in.

"Yes Kiddo?" Lord Death stepped in front of the scene, blocking his view.

"Well, I was just going to tell you about that." Kid pointed around his father to the man.

"Why don't you go back to bed?" Lord Death sounded friendly but Kid knew that it was an order- not a suggestion.

"Okay." Kid turned around and walked out of the room, his father shut the doors behind him.

Kid took three more steps, each slower than the last before turning around and propping his head against the door.

"So, what do you think?" Kid heard Stein say.

"I doubt she'll make it through the night. If she does, well… we can talk about it in the morning." Lord Death sounded as if he were trying to keep control of a situation that had already lost all control.

"Alright." The Professor sighed.

"Also, if you could make the funeral preparations for-" Lord Death stopped. Kid could hear the rustling of his cloak.

The doors suddenly flew open, Kid jumped backward and tripped over his feet, landing hard on his hands and tailbone. A giant hand reached down and grabbed a fistful of the front of Kid's t-shirt and lifted him off the ground.

"Kid, I already told you once to go to bed. If you don't listen this time I might need to ground you." Lord Death dropped his friendly voice and his past voice came into acknowledgement.

Kid knew his dad didn't mean to do anything but his hand was painfully pinching and grinding into his chest. He leaned away, trying to relieve some of the pain.

"Have I made myself clear?" Death growled.

"Uh huh!" Kid managed to grunt out- his was trying to hold his breath to keep from groaning at the pain that was infecting his breathing rhythm.

"Good, go back to the house. Now." Kid felt the hand let go, and the slight wind rush before hitting the floor.

"Yes father." Kid ignored the pain, which throbbed more painfully with each beat of his heart, picked himself off of the ground, turned quickly out of adrenaline and fear, and started hurrying down the hall.

"You get a good night's rest now, Kiddo." Lord Death, his voice now back to its high pitched friendliness, waved his hand before shutting the doors again.

Children, sometimes they're so hard to control. What curious things. He sighed before turning to face Dr. Stein again.

"As I was saying, if you could make the funeral preparations for the rest of the family that would be wonderful." Lord Death was looking down at the unconscious girl.

"Yeah, no problem." Stein looked up at the hunched figure in the spiky black cloak. "I'm sorry we couldn't get there sooner. I know that they were close friends of yours."

"It's fine. Life will go on." Lord Death nodded as if reassuring himself. "At least you got there in time to fight for her. One life might be saved." He nodded at the girl.

"Actually, when we got there she was fighting them." Stein informed.

"What?" Lord Death turned around and looked at him, shocked, before tilting his head back down to continue watching the girl. "A 15 year old girl was fighting a witch and a man that was powerful enough to soon become a kishin? Impossible."

"I never said she was winning. She was certainly fighting hard enough to keep them from killing her when we got there. Did you tell her we were coming?" Stein looked up at Lord Death.

Death shook his head. "No. But if she's powerful enough to fight like that maybe she could sense you."

"Yeah." Stein went to pick her up to leave.

"Where's her weapon?" Lord Death asked the question that had suddenly come across his mind.

"She doesn't have one." Stein smiled, "She fights with the same technique I do… she's just as strong too."

"Wow. Amazing. A 15 year old child, she's as old as Kid, yet she's almost as powerful as a level 3 meister?" Lord Death sighed. I guess I have another reaper child on my hands now.

"Her father went to school with you right?" Stein gazed at nothing.

"Yes, we were both reapers." Lord Death nodded, remembering. "There were, of course, eight of us to begin with, him and I included. We separated and went to live in different places I stayed here in Nevada and started a school. He moved to Michigan to settle down with his family. He married a wonderful woman, Ari. She was a meister like you." He sighed.

Stein seemed to hear how Death's voice was getting more depressed as he went on. "So the child is a grim reaper." He was trying to speed up the story, to prevent Death from feeling anymore pain.

"Yes. You see, Stein, if a reaper has a child then the child will often be a reaper also. This can be influenced by if the other person is a reaper or not- an example is the other daughter they had. She wasn't a reaper, much to their shock."

"What will you do? To explain how you now have two reapers going to the school." Stein frowned.

"I think that if you just start a rumor about another reaper coming to the school, word will get around quickly; just like it did with Kid." Lord Death nodded.

"Very well." Stein picked the girl back up.

"Be careful what you say though Stein- we don't want any problems. If possible try to explain to the students that the reason she doesn't have a weapon is because her soul wavelength doesn't work well with other things. Don't say it in such a way though, that they underestimate her- she's powerful. We don't want to catch the other students by surprise when she fights." Lord Death walked to a different standing point four feet away, tired of standing in one place so long.

"Yes, I understand, Lord Death." Stein nodded before starting to leave the room to head toward the medical ward.

"Stein, don't say anything about her family. Just say that she's from Michigan and be done with that subject." Death raised his voice to one of authority.

Stein nodded and disappeared between the two large doors.

If only I could have a moments rest- maybe I could handle things more easily. Thank goodness no students were around- I would have needed to maintain my "bouncy" attitude. Lord Death left the Death room and walked down the hall toward the doors. He entered the cool night air and drew in a deep breath before crossing the wide courtyard, walking down two flights of stairs, turning a couple corners and walking down a couple streets until he got to his house. Slowly he entered the house, and listened, he wasn't sure if Kid was still awake. When he heard nothing he crept down the carpeted hallway to his room, as he went to turn the knob he stopped. Maybe I should apologize to Kid. I think I scared him. Even if I didn't I probably haven't helped his recovery from that mission I sent him on. Lord Death turned around and quietly opened Kid's door.

Kid lay, sound asleep in bed- the t-shirt was off now and Death could see the stitches across his shoulder that were put there after he got back from the Pyramid of Anubis, there was also a bruise starting to form where he had grabbed Kid's shirt, I caused that, he thought bitterly.

Lord Death sighed and quietly shut the door, crossed the hallway and entered his own in order to try to get as much sleep as possible in the five hours he had.