I would like to dedicate this chapter to EVERYONE who has read this story and followed Kid and Neko's journey until the end. Here's to you!


Neko sighed happily as she cuddled with kid on the balcony of their house.

As she looked into the bluish-black of the midnight sky, glowing with tiny sparkling white lights, she couldn't help but go over all that had happened to her since coming to the DWMA.

Memories of how she met all of her friends for the first time; Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, Crona, and all of the quirky but loveable staff.

She remembered the time that Lord Death had found her and Kid in the library after Kid's meltdown.

She remembered the first time Kid had asked her to dance, that memory was slightly tainted by the escape of Asura later that night.

The mime that she and Kid had to fight still gave her shivers if she thought about it for too long. She let her memories skip a few years; to her graduation.

She had graduated in second place- 0.01 percent of a point under Maka, much to Ox's horror and depression.

She smiled and hugged closer to Kid as she recollected the graduation dance that happened later that night, about how she and Kid had danced for nearly an hour before Kid had broke away from her without a single word and had left her, standing in the middle of the dance floor, confused, alone, feeling abandoned.

After a few minutes of waiting for him she started looking for her date, shortly after beginning her search she spotted him on the stage in front of her.

In front of everybody there he had gotten done on his knees and had requested her to marry him.

She, of course, said yes- much to Kid's and Lord Death's delight.

Her mind fast-forwarded another three years, to the present, and showed her how happy a pair of twenty-year-old people could be together.

Neko's breath shook slightly, under the weight of it all, causing Kid to tighten his hug around Neko and lay his head against hers as a way to try to comfort her.

Neko smiled at this and forced all of her memories out of her head, determined to focus on the present.

She looked up at the stars, all happy to just float around, flickering through space.

Her ears strained to hear anything, but when they couldn't, Neko simply let herself smile wider, hug Kid closer, and continued to watch the sky as she sat with Kid, cuddling happily in the






The End.