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Chapter 12- Faith in Friends

The grotesque face of the Orc cackled gleefully as he taunted her with his knife.

"Where's the Ring? You know you want to tell me, or you just want this!" he snarled as he cut a light gash on Alex's abdomen.

She whimpered in pain.

"Please! I don't know anything! I'm just a traveler who slipped and fell into the river during the storm!" she pleaded.

He curled his lip, "Oh really? Then how did you get this?" he said, pushing with light pressure against her wounds.

She screamed in pain.

"Please, please don't hurt me anymore! I'll do anything!" she sobbed desperately. It had been the same torture for several hours now, and the Orc still didn't get what he wanted. He growled, wanting to just throttle her and watch her suffer.

"Oh, don't worry my sweet, I won't do anything to you…" he crooned as he cut into the wound that the Wraiths inflicted on her.

"NOOO, PLEASE STOP!" she screamed, writhing in agony. Tears streamed down her dirtied face, and her vision went black.

Several hours later

"Oi, wake up." Grunted another Orc.

Alexandra groaned, pain once again filling her mind as she was torn away from blissful unconsciousness.

The Orc lifted her face up roughly, and forced her eyes open.

"Alright, alright, I'm awake!" she snapped. Mentally, she smirked. It seemed that she still had some fight in her.

The Orc shrugged, "You'll be begging me to knock you out later."

A tendril of fear wormed her way into her mind.

"W…what do you mean….?"

The Orc threw away a silk cover covering, and revealed a pitch black stone.

"Look into it." He commanded, though it was totally unnecessary. Alexandra's eyes were fixed upon it against her own will; it was as if it took over her mind.

I see you….

She gasped; the voice was so full of evil that she wanted to cover her ears.

Where is the Ring…ring….ring….

His voice echoed ominously through her brain, causing her to cringe.

I don't know!


This time, she shrieked in agony as a pounding headache latched onto her temples, and she struggled to release the chains that encircled her wrists.

Her terrified face reflected back at her on the glassy surface of the stone. Deep within the depts., a single, flaming eye emerged.

You shall die alone here. Your companions already left you for dead. And let me assure you, they never cared for you. Do not let yourself be deceived by their charms….

NO, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! FUCK YOU! she screamed in her head.

Instead, the voice began to laugh. It echoed and bounced off the corners of her mind, and the colors in the stone began to swirl, creating a scene.

Alexandra gasped. It was her unit!

But, it seemed as if they were in agony. They were searching for something, calling out for someone. She listened more closely… They were calling out her name!

"I'M HERE! HELP ME!" she screamed, but they did not respond.

One by one, she watched as they were tortured killed by some unknown source. Sobbing, she begged the voice to stop.

Please, stop….

You can end this….


Tell me who bears the Ring, and where it is….

I can't do that…. Alexandra's resolve was weakening…. She was so tired, so sick of the pain that she wanted to die….

Oh, but you can…. Just say the Ring bearer's name, and you shall have your wildest dreams come true…. The voice sounded so soothing…. So alluring….




It had been several hours since Aragorn had found the Orc tracks, but it felt like they weren't getting any closer to Alexandra at all. The night was old, sunrise was just hours away.

A while ago, Alexandra's blood spots had stopped. It seemed as if there was one Orc that had the brains to figure out that they were leaving an obvious trail with the prisoner.

"Aragorn…." Began Legolas.

"Yes? What do you want?" snapped Aragorn. He was frustrated that they could only follow the tracks in order to find her. But seeing Legolas' face, he quickly apologized.

"I am sorry mellon nin…. It is just that, I fear for her life."

Legolas nodded understandingly. He rested a comforting hand on his best friends shoulder.

"Alexandra is a trained soldier, she will hang on." He looked steadily into Aragorn's eyes.

Aragorn smiled crookedly, and continued walking with his eyes glued to the forest floor.

He stiffened, and looked up.

"They marched over here…" he said, pointing to a dent in a ground, and looked up.

"And set up camp over there!"

There was a thin stream of smoke rising above the treetops, about half a league away. They started running towards the camp, and in a short time, they found themselves looking down a small valley.

Somewhere, they could hear the terrified cries of a girl, begging for them to stop. Legolas clenched his hands, and gritted his teeth.

"Aragorn, there are only ten Orcs here, we must help her!" he whispered. But Aragorn shook his head.

"They are still alert, wait until dawn. Their guard will drop, and then we make our move."

Legolas did not want to wait, he could feel, deep down, that Alexandra was just clinging to life. A pang of fear shot through his heart at what they were doing to her.

The hours ticked by slowly, and the night was quiet except for occasional grunts from the Orcs, and screams of Alexandra. Legolas' Elven ears could make out some words in Alexandra's screams.

"Aragorn, they are trying to find out where the Ring is."

Aragorn paled, "How did news get out? No one was supposed to know!"

Legolas just shook his head, and looked with disgust at the Orc camp.


Alexandra was spent. Hours of interrogation mixed with endless pain had left her broken. She could barely talk now, so heavy was the fog of pain that hovered in her mind. She moaned as her blindfold was taken off, and forced to open her eyes. She stared unwillingly into the stone, and heard with dread, the voice and saw the flaming eye.

You have lasted longer than I had expected….

Well sorry for disappointing you bitch,snapped Alexandra. Her broken body didn't hold enough strength to be defiant, but somewhere in her mind, hardened by rigorous training and discipline, still remained valiantly in her mind.

Well, well, well, seems like we haven't crushed that temper, have we? You mortals are always so foolish. Can't you see that resisting will be your downfall?

Will you just shut the fuck up and get to the point? I'm tired of your games, and my friends will find me.

Oh, but they won't. Give up hope, as they had given up on you.


In response, the eye stared into her mind, making her shriek with pain. Mental torture was almost the most affective torture, you can break them without having to exert too much force, and they won't die easily.

You are alone…. And the only one who can help is me. Now tell me, where is the Ring…..

Sobbing, Alexandra shook her head. She was weak… so weak now, but she would never betray her friends. Tears traced a path down her face, and her breaths came in quick gasps.


And with those words, Sauron unleashed all his fury for man, and all his madness that he had contained playing games with this silly girl. He decided to kill her, she wasn't going to talk after all.


"Wait…." Breathed Aragorn. For the last ten minutes, they had been treading closer and closer to the outskirts of the camp. All ten of the Orcs were clustered around a small fire. Some were sleeping, otherwise were on their watch. But dawn approached, making them relax their guard. They knew it as the time when people's spirits were at their lowest ebb- when a sentry would become drowsy and careless. The first hint of gray in the sky, the first sign of predawn light signaling the pending end of the dark hours, would give a false sense of relaxation and security. When the light came, the hours of danger were over.

That was the way people's minds worked—even trained warriors. But these Orcs weren't trained, and weren't even alert during the night. That would be a fatal mistake, for creeping behind them, was a man and Elf, all looking for revenge.

One Orc was more cautious than others, and saw them out of the corner of his eye.

"OI, THERE'S A MAN AND ELF HERE!" he roared, only to fall down with an arrow buried deep in his chest.

In less than ten seconds, Legolas had shot down five Orcs, and Aragorn had finished off three.

"Legolas! Find Alexandra!" Aragorn yelled.

Legolas nodded, and sprinted off.


The Orc looked up suspiciously as the sound of steel against iron screeched above. Alexandra pulled her lips into a spiteful smile.

"They're here now, you'll die"

The Orc snarled, "But you won't live to see it."

And with that, the Orc raised his knife to plunge into her heart.


The Orc looked in surprise at the arrow buried in his chest. Slowly, he keeled over, and Alexandra breathed a sigh of relief. She still couldn't see anything with the damned blindfold, but she sense someone coming nearer. She panicked, what if the person who killed the Orc was going to hurt her?

As she felt him touch her, she shrieked, and tried to kick him, but the sound of his voice broke through her mind.

"Daro i Alexandra!"

"Legolas…." She breathed.

She felt her bonds cut off, and her blindfold removed. She looked at Legolas' face, and realized how she had missed him. But there was another thing that lurked in her mind.

"I… didn't tell….. I didn't tell…" she whispered, clutching his hand.

'Didn't tell what?" he asked gently, squeezing her hand.

"The Ring…. Frodo…. Eye…" was all she could manage. Darkness was surrounding her now, and her grip on Legolas' hand loosened.

"I didn't tell…. I didn't tell!" she said, panicky, looking at Legolas.

"Sssssh, I know, I know. You are so strong…." Legolas said comfortingly, stroking her hair.

Alexandra relaxed slowly, resting her head on Legolas' chest. She was tired…. Oh so tired….

"Alexandra! Stay with me!"

She couldn't keep up her tenuous hold on consciousness, and drifted off.


"Legolas! Have you found her?" yelled Aragorn as he ran down into the tunnel.

He knelt by Legolas' side, and felt Alexandra's pulse. It was faint, but steady, he shook his head in amazement.

But his look changed into anger as he looked at the many cuts and wounds on her body.

"Come, we need to get to Lothlorien as soon as possible! I fear her life depends on it."

Legolas nodded mutely, and picked her lifeless body up gently.

"First, you need to fix up the minor injuries Aragorn, she is bleeding heavily." Legolas said, looking worriedly at Alexandra's pale face.

"I know, but we need to get of this filthy camp." said Aragorn, casting a disgusted glance at the dead Orc.


Alexandra's sleep was disturbed. She was still haunted by that voice…. It seemed as if it would never leave her.

This is not the end….


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