Chapter 14: Meet E.T.

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Ash was in a good mood. Then again, who wouldn't be after advancing to the finals? Milestones like these called for celebration.

"Anyone up for hot fudge sundaes?" Ash asked his buddies. He was met with complete silence. "Uh guys?"

"Um Boss! Don't we have to pick up the others?" Meowth asked with a confused look.

Ash pressed his index fingers sheepishly. "Um, brain fart?"

"No. You're just being the same old Ashy-man you were before." Everyone snickered at Gary's remark except for Ash, who simply shrugged it off.

Upon arriving at the Pokémon Center, Ash whispered into Brock's ear. Brock nodded and ran up to the front desk.

"Hey Nurse Joy! Want to play my Poke Flute?" Brock asked Nurse Joy with a lecherous grin. Ash and Dawn were giggling.

"What's going on?" Misty asked Dawn.

"You'll see." Dawn replied.

"Eeek! Pervert!" Nurse Joy detached her right hand to reveal a bazooka on her right arm. She then launched mustard gas at the poor doctor.

"Waaah! I didn't know Nurse Joy was a fembot!" Brock ran and clung to Lucy for dear life.

"That was a cruel joke Ash." Lucy scolded as she comforted Brock.

"Well, Brock had to learn some way or another." Ash replied as he walked to the desk.

"Touche." Lucy responded.

"What's a fembot Brock?" Dawn asked.

"It's a robot in women's clothing." Zane answered. "Ash and I designed and built Joy-bot a year ago as a prank. She only takes 1 hour to assemble."

"The Nurse Joy in Metru Nui has a nice aroma, much different from the Nurse Joys back in Unova." Cilan commented.

"Cilan please don't go into evaluation mode." said Iris.

"How is Emboar Joy-bot?" Ash asked the robotic nurse.

"He's doing very well. In fact, he fully recovered from his concussion." Joy-bot then pointed to his 5 Unova Pokémon used in the previous battle.

"Are you up for hot fudge sundaes?" Ash's Pokémon roared in approval before joining him in a group hug.

Joy-bot then suddenly zoomed out of the Pokémon Center and spontaneously exploded just outside the entrance, causing everyone to laugh.

Ash scratched his head sheepishly. "Sorry Zane. I forgot to remove Joy-bot's self-destruct mechanism."

"It's no big deal Ash. Nobody got hurt." Zane replied.

"Now we can have hot fudge sundaes boss." Meowth added.

"So where are we going?" Nate asked.

"Tom and Willie's. Tobias recommended this place. It's only 15 minutes away." Ash replied.

Everyone except Zane, Misty, and Jade followed Ash.

"Aren't you coming along Zane?" Ash asked his brother.

"I'll meet up with you guys later. I'm going to watch Toba spar with Exploud in preparation for the semi-finals."

15 minutes later

We find our heroes at a mom-and-pop ice cream parlor called Tom and Willie's. Ash rewarded all 6 of his Pokémon with hot fudge sundaes for their efforts. Meowth, Scraggy, Samurott, Excalibur (Leavanny), Serperior, and Emboar were eating hot fudge sundaes with gusto.

"Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Yay!" Dawn, Kei, Lucy, Iris, and Maylene were cheering Pikachu on as the mouse chugged his 5th quart of ketchup. Brendan and May were playing Pac-Man, while Max and Nate dueled each other in Galaga. Brock and Cilan were chatting about cooking.

Meanwhile, Paul and Gary were arguing over who was the better rival, and Ash was trying to stop the argument.

"I've known Ashy-man longer than you have!" Gary exclaimed.

"So what? I've had a better win-loss record against Ashy-man than you did." Paul retorted.

"You're still not good enough to shit in Ashy-man's toilet, so quit living in the past."

"You're no better. You saw the battle a few hours ago. He'd take a peon like you to the woodshed at this point."

"This is coming from a guy who Ashy-man curb-stomped last week."

"Oh…. Um… Uh… Shut up!"

Ash was losing his patience. "Will you two cut it out? You're disturbing some of the guests over there." He pointed to a blue-eyed male wearing a Batman necklace.

"Um.. Sorry about that." Gary felt very sheepish.

"No apologies needed." The male offered a hand towards Gary. "The name's Ethan."

"Gary Oak." Gary shook hands with Ethan.

"Aren't you the one that's battling my brother Zane?" Ash asked Ethan as he shook hands with him.

"Yes I am. I simply wish that we switched places. Tobias would have been the easier opponent." Ethan replied.

Back in Mossdeep City

"Achoo. Aww shit. I got snot all over my beard." The Detroit-born PBI agent had just rescued his girlfriend Jessie and defused a bomb at Mossdeep Aeronautical University about 5 minutes before it exploded. He was currently sitting on his Barcalounger playing Mario Kart Double Dash on his Gamecube with Rex (Slowking) and Kilauea (Blaziken) to relieve his stress. He got up to wash his face.

"Oh Tobi! Look what I found in the laundry!" Jessie pulled out another used Diglett Bag.

"Oh shitballs." Tobi muttered.

"Oh shitballs is right. You know what that means!" Jessie pulled out a baseball bat.

Tobi's eyes widened. "No no no! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! Anything but the baseball bat!"

BAM! The baseball bat split in half upon impact.

"Oww! Mah spleen!" Tobi roared in pain.

Back in Metru Nui

'I wonder what Tobias is up to right now.' Ash thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by an explosion followed by a loud roar.

"Fire! Rogue dragon on the loose! Everyone, get out!" The shout came from Tom, one of the owners.

Ash recalled Excalibur and Serperior and turned to his Pokémon. "Meowth, gather as much sand as you can. Pikachu, you do the same. Emboar and Samurott; you know what to do." Ash ordered calmly. Emboar and Samurott nodded and launched water out of their mouths and onto the flames. Meowth, Pikachu, and Scraggy went off to gather sand. Ash summoned Crawdaunt, and Floatzel to provide backup for Emboar.

"Since when did Emboar learn Water Gun?" Tom asked Ash.

"The move is called Scald." Ash replied before rushing out to help his other Pokémon gather more sand.

Meanwhile, Ethan summoned Leo, his Lucario, and Scarlet, his Dragonite, to give Ash's Pokémon a hand. Both of Ethan's Pokémon released Water Pulses to douse the flames. Dawn sent out Piplup while Lucy summoned her Milotic. Meowth, Pikachu, Snorlax, Scraggy, Infernape, and Ash smothered the rest of the flames by dumping sand on it.

"Wait! Isn't that Toba?" Dawn asked Ash while pointing to a black Charizard. Ash's eyes widened.

"What the hell is he doing?' Ash thought in bewilderment. A shout of "incoming" interrupted his thoughts.

Zane and Misty suddenly appeared with tranquilizers in their hands. They stuck the tranquilizer into Toba's tail, thus knocking him out. Zane then apologized to Tom and paid him a $2000 check to cover the damage to the ice-cream parlor before heading to the Pokémon Center.

One hour later

Cilan, Brock, and Ash were studying a shiny nail that was found in Toba's foot.

"It appears to me that this poison made Toba go berserk." Cilan stated.

"The toxin in the blood matches the toxin on the nail. Where did it come from?" Ash asked.

"It's probably from a poison wild mushroom." Brock responded. "They're very common in Metru Nui. I do wonder who would do such a thing."

Somewhere in the jungle of Metru Nui, two villians had shit-eating grins on their faces.

To be continued…

I know. It's a short chapter and I apologize for the cliffhanger. I'll upload Chapter 15 some time in 2013.

Hint on the villains: both of them abandoned a Fire-type Pokémon that would eventually become powerhouses on Ash's teams.

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