A Man with a past

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Personal Notes: I noticed only one other Amaro fics on here so I decided I'd write one my self. Enjoy and Review! Unless noted part 1 of the chapters are the Olivia's POV and Part 2 is Amaro's

Chapter 1 Part 1 : Announcements

" You don't know where you're goin' but you wanna talk." - Coldplay- Talk

I wasn't to tired for the first time in a while since Elliot left. As hard as is it had to except it- but it was harder to hide the real reason he left. Because IAB had determined the shot was clean- but something else wasn't.

I walked up to my desk at exactly 7:00 am- coffee in hand. Sitting down on the old cheap gray chair- I looked around- Munch was already there- reading a book called "The secret hidden Bush files." At least something was constant. Fin was at his desk texting on his Iphone 4S- he was so excited about buying that- Fin was secretly kind of a Techie. He wouldn't admit to any one though.

Not much was pressing case wise so I thought I would take this time to catch up on paper work.

After about and hour and a half paper work Cragen walked out his office- happier than usual I thought but still haggard.

"Everybody-we're getting a new member of the precinct and I hope you welcome him. He's a transfer from Bronx Homicide. Detective Nick Amaro, Welcome to the squad!" A holler of welcomes filled the room.

Everything was spinning- I could never forget that name. How can you forget your first and only truly going somewhere requited love. You can't. I ran out of the room into the bathroom and started to cry. What the hell- him why him? Anyone else but him. I pounded on the bathroom walls. And sobbed.

I don't how long what was but the next thing I know Munch burst in the room.

"What the hell happened in there- you cried like this guy murdered your mother. Get a hold of your god damn self! Your a cop and a damn good one- what the hell did he do to you." Munch screemed.

" SHUT UP! First off and second its what we did to each other. We dated from 11th grade- through college and then through academy. I hadn't seen him in a long time and some emotions came back. God damn you John." I said softly so people wouldn't here.

I cleaned up my face and went out to the room. I motioned Amaro into the back room. I need to talk to you- I told him.

"Listen I'm sorry I reacted that way. It... I,, it..itsjustthatihave... a lot emotions regarding you, well you and me." I said pointing quickly at him then me.

He then reached in and kissed me- in a way only one other person had kissed me before. In the way that made your heart stir and tears well up to your eyes. I started to kiss back. I then flung my arms around his shoulders and resaw my self as young and in the academy- no regrets and no worries. I had been waiting for this to happen.