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Their lives didn't change after the attack on Avalon. Tam had decided to stay behind in Orik and visit whenever his duties as Captain of Sentries let him.

Laurel's mind changed from Tam to David though, and even though she knew Chelsea may never forgive her, she went up to David's front door and knocked.

She hadn't knocked in what seemed like forever. She just came in, but this time was different.

The sound of her knock vibrated through the foyer even though she hadn't knocked that hard.

"Come in!" David's voice called from a distance.

Her hand fell on the cold brass door-handle and she turned it, resulting in a click of the metal retracting from it's place. She pushed the door open and stepped in, closing the door firmly behind her.

When she turned her head, David was in front of her, leaning on the doorway to the kitchen rather amused.

"What happened to coming in?" he asked, his eyes glinting with the amusement his posture showed as well.

"Uh,...I don't know," Laurel shrugged meekly.

David laughed, then said, "You wanna hang out in the Living Room?"

She nodded and walked behind David to the couch, where he took his normal spot in the right corner. She wanted to laugh at the normality of the whole situation, when it wasn't at all what they normally had a conversation about.

She met his eyes then said, "I chose." very quietly. David looked at her with an expectant gaze. Laurel retraced her words in her mind, making sure she wouldn't sound like an idiot when the words, "I chose the scientific, fun to be around, human guy." left her mouth.

David broke out into a broad smile, then his face turned to a humorous grin as he said, "Welcome to the Dark Side."

They both laughed at this, then their gaze turned intense as their eyes met. They both leaned in and their lips met a satisfying kiss that would start their lives together.


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"Laurel?" David called into the darkness. He didn't get a reply, only a soft crying sound coming from the corner of the room. Laurel was in the corner of the room, rocking herself and crying over her own decision.

"Here" she said, trying to contain the crying to a minimum.

"What's wrong?" David asked, coming closer.

She took a deep breath, and when she let it she was in David's arms as he gently rubbed her back in circles, trying to calm her down.

"I made a decision" he told him. She let her head pick up from the middle of his chest and looked intensely into his eyes.
He sighed, then said, "What did you decide?"

"I decided" she said slowly, then quickly adding, "if it's okay with you," then more slowly, "that I'd like to be with you"

He smiled widely, then looking down at her said, "I'd like that too". He put a hand on her cheek and wiped away her tears.

She kissed his lips lightly. Then, David pulled her closer and depend the kiss, letting the sweet taste of her surround the inside of his mouth and overwhelm him with joy.

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